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You must choose the best lingerie dropshipping suppliers to run a successful online lingerie store. But, selecting genuine suppliers can prove to be a difficult task when starting your business. 

Your initial step requires knowing the difference between a bad and a good lingerie supplier. Of course, you can always check their location, pricing, service quality, and processing times. 

But, picking the best dropshipping suppliers in the lingerie industry can be challenging.

So, this article will give you a detailed guide to the lingerie dropshipping business. It includes its profitability and best products. Moreover, mentioning the benefits accrued when you run it as a dropshipping business is also essential. Finally, we will list the best suppliers based on the mentioned characteristics. lingerie suppliers

Is Dropshipping Lingerie A Profitable Business?

You will make good profits in the lingerie dropshipping market despite the competition. That’s due to the following factors.

1) A Consistent Demand for Lingerie

Nowadays, many women believe in attaining financial independence. And this trend is rising fast globally. That has led to more women going for products promoting their natural beauty. As a result, the online lingerie market is not left behind. 

Information from Google trends shows that the search volumes for lingerie have remained stable and growing in the last five years. 

2) Varieties in Lingerie Products

The dropshipping business requires you to find a lot of winning products. Intimate clothing provides you with a wide range of clothing options. 

It includes lingerie, nightdresses, gowns, panties, bras, bustiers, camisoles, etc. Thus, you can cater to a broader customer range with a wide range of products. It includes even customers looking for high-end lingerie designer products and general apparel.

3) Lingerie Offers Easy Business Expansion

You can start your lingerie business with just a website and clothing designs. Thus, with a small capital, you’re good to go.

What’s more, you can grow your lingerie business very fast just with a positive mindset. You can sell other relevant products like loungewear, swimwear, sarongs, and others. 

4) Low Pricing

You enjoy the advantage of fair prices as you’re sourcing your lingerie products from wholesalers or manufacturers in China. 

You don’t have to pay a lot as most lingerie products are cheap. For your information, bras, robes, panties, and others only cost you $3-10. 

5) Privacy Protection

Do you know what happens when customers get assured of privacy protection? They feel protected concerning their private data and trust your products’ quality.

Every drop shipper should offer superior products and consumer privacy as a rule. That’s why your sales increase as customers get confident in your store.

What Are the Main Benefits of Dropshipping Lingerie?

A lingerie business that runs on a dropshipping model has many benefits.

1) Low Capital Requirement

As you plan to start your lingerie business, most of your startup costs will go toward building your website. The cost will depend on the kind of website you want.

Your investment is low for lingerie products since you only need to create unique designs. So, you don’t invest significantly in hiring staff and buying inventory.

Besides, you don’t need to buy the products at the start. You will wait for the customer to make an online order.

2) Product Availability

Lingerie usually refers to a category of inner women’s clothing. That includes undergarments, robes, and sleepwear. 

And they’re made from natural fibers like cotton or silk or synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester. So, you can work with different product types, from high-end designers to general ones.

Remember, you have a wide selection range if you are in the lingerie business. Also, the lingerie market is quite broad, with many suppliers ranging from manufacturers to wholesalers. 

In short, you can sell a wide range of lingerie designs on your online store at different prices.

3) Easy to Grow 

If you run a physical lingerie retail store, you incur costs if expanding your product range. Of course, it doesn’t apply to a lingerie dropshipping business. 

You can test new products to grow your business with minimal or no costs. For example, you can expand your bra set line to incorporate new sizes, styles, colors, and textures. 

4) Save Time on Packing and Shipping

In the traditional retail business model, you must have a stored inventory. Besides, you must package and ship the product yourself to reach your customer.

But, the dropshipping business model is altogether a different thing. You will pay for the product after your customer orders the product and pays the upfront amount. After that, your lingerie supplier completes the necessary packaging and shipping process.

The packaging and shipping processes are time-consuming. You get a great benefit when these tasks get removed at your end. You can then take care of other business cores.

What Are the Top-Selling Lingerie Products for Dropshipping?

As a Lingerie online-store owner, you have to keep abreast of what’s trending in the market. Below is a list of the best lingerie products you can dropship.

1) Brassiere

The short form of a brassiere is a bra. And it is a handy garment used to shape, support, and cover a woman’s upper body.

Bras top the list of best and most popular products to sell on your online lingerie store. You can attract a massive customer base when you display bras of different colors, types, and sizes.

Bras feature some variations to suit your buyer’s needs. You can display the push-up, front closure, and stick-on models.

Moreover, bras also feature two types of coverage: demi-cup and full cover. Other bra options include wired, non-wired, strapless, padded, and non-padded.

2) Night Gown

Nightgowns, known as nighties, are made from satin, nylon, silk, or cotton. They’re light and comfy dresses for women. Most ladies prefer them because they are very suitable for sleeping.

Some nightgowns feature lacey or embroidered designs that give them an intimate look. And they can get matched with outer clothing like dressing gowns and lobes.

You can take care of buyers of different body types and ages. That’s by offering the vast color and size options available in the market. Also, nightgowns come in various lengths to make full gowns and shorties.

So, nightgowns are another popular lingerie type that has a high demand. You can increase your dropshipping profits by selling them.

3) Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is a must-have for the independent and stylish woman. It is designed without any visible stitching around its outer areas, hiding any visible lines. Besides, it is made from cotton yarn or spandex, making it gentle on the skin.

You can vary your offers by including different colors and sizes. Your customers will love complementing their colorful seamless underwear with their other outfits.

These sophisticated and breathable undergarments are all-time necessities. It’s good for your dropshipping business if you can add their wide selection of options.

4) Silk Robes

Women love silk as it is elegant and has a soft feel. It is made of natural fiber that’s strong, shiny, luster-like, and durable.

Silk robes made from non-abrasive and smooth fiber can prevent irritation to sensitive skin. Moreover, it can avoid acne skin by reducing moisture loss. So, they’re preferred over other fabrics by women with sensitive skin.

Like other fabric products, silk robes get offered in different colors, lengths, and sizes. You can get a long sleeve, hem, short, medium, or long length. Also, they are available in printed, painted, plain, and embroidered designs.

Besides, you can also dropship silk robes fitted with pockets and side slits to give added comfort.

5) Lace Bodysuit

It is said that lace bodysuits are perfect for layering. That’s due to their sleekness and lightweight. A woman can wear a lace bodysuit with jeans and a cool jacket and have a fashionable look.

You may ask yourself why your customers prefer a lace bodysuit. The fabric doesn’t ride up but stays in place. That means your buyers don’t have to keep on tucking in. Also, they’re streamlined and sleek and don’t create extra bulk in the body frame. It makes the woman look slimmer.

Women love lace bodysuits because of their body-fitting aspect covering the torso and adjoining body parts. They’re the perfect clothing for girls’ night-outs and romantic dates.

6) Silk Slips

Silk slips are a high-end designer and luxurious product. Their unique feel alone gives an idea of a highly desired and expensive item.

Silk slips are the softest lingerie products on the market. It has a sheer and sleek feel and is light on any skin type. Of course, women must choose their colors to match their skin color.

A silk slip, in most cases, gets worn over other pieces of underneath garments like panties, bra, or a corset. Its length reaches the mid-thigh and also features differing cuts and styles. Some silk slips are see-through, slightly heavier or lighter, waist emphasizing, while others are tighter.

7) Corsets

You will have good business by dropshipping corsets. They have been there for ages and are well-known and favorite garments.

Corsets are for women who value their body figures but are also worn for their uniqueness and fashion statement.

Their design reduces a wearer’s waist size and supports the breasts. In earlier ages, women used to wear them to look skinny, but nowadays, they wear them even for health purposes.

Again, corsets are made using high-quality materials like lines, mesh, satin, cotton, and leather. They come in many types, including s-curve, cupped, sweetheart, ribbon, and hourglass. 

8) Holiday-Themed Lingerie Sets

All lingerie products intended for the festive and holiday seasons sell fast, and buyers don’t mind about costs. That’s because holiday-themed clothing is for fun.

So, try to display them in your online-store lingerie sets. All these items will bring out your customers’ holiday spirit.

You should try to offer lingerie sets based on the kind of festivity or holiday season. For example, you can try out a Santa Clause garment for Christmas and a bunny bra for Easter. 

Furthermore, you can try holiday lingerie sets with belts to give out an alluring look. The styles, sizes, and colors also come in handy to meet buyers’ needs.

9) Multi-Piece Lingerie Sets 

You can try dropshipping multi-piece lingerie to cater to diverse buyers’ needs. It includes many items like briefs, bras, and robes. Thus, it is a sure way to ensure you meet all your customer’s unique demands, resulting in high-profit margins. 

Also, try to offer items in different sizes, styles, and colors when selling multi-piece lingerie sets. You can include groups with feminine printed options and lacey items. Try out sets with colorful and plain colors to give your buyers a chance to match their lingerie.

Where Can You Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Lingerie?

Below you will get a list of the ten best platforms to get your lingerie products for dropshipping.

1) Fulfillbot dropshipping supplier fulfillbot

As a leading dropshipping agent, Fulfillbot can offer you lingerie dropshipping services at nominal fees. Moreover, this platform can help you find genuine lingerie suppliers. Simply provide the below information to Fulfillbot:

-What type of lingerie products do you want to dropship?
-Are you looking to buy lingerie products in bulk?
-What is your budget for lingerie products?

Fulfillbot knows how to source lingerie and other products from China. They have a reputation for efficiently serving a worldwide clientele.

2) eBayeBay lingerie suppliers

eBay has an extensive worldwide customer following in the market. Moreover, it also supports dropshipping lingerie products.

Here you can get a genuine supplier offering you a wide range of trending lingerie items. Some items are bodysuits, bras, camisoles, robes, bikini wear, hipsters, etc. 

So, this platform lets you find suppliers that meet all your customers’ varied needs.

Again, eBay is a customer-oriented platform with perfect selling metrics. They have a system that is easy to navigate when searching for products. 

3) Alibaba alibaba lingerie suppliers

You can make good profits by working with lingerie suppliers on Alibaba. It is one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world, offering you a wide range of suppliers for lingerie and related products.

On Alibaba, you can ensure that your lingerie products are sourced from verified sources. It assures you of a legit business. Besides, you get quality lingerie products at fair pricing.

Using Alibaba for your lingerie supplies gives you a financial edge. Moreover, you will enjoy other perks like superb support and high profits.

Further to that, you can use its high-tech search function that allows you to find the latest and trending lingerie items.

Learn more about Alibaba

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4) DHGatedhgate lingerie suppliers

DHgate is one of the largest platforms, with many dropshipping suppliers having warehouses in the UK and the US. This platform is popular in the world’s supply market. Thus, here you can get lingerie items for your customers at the best prices.

You will find all kinds of trending lingerie clothing suppliers at DHgate. That includes bras, robes, camisoles, bikinis, and others.

Most suppliers at DHgate offer quality lingerie products, excellent customer service, and fast shipping times.

Learn more about DHGate

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5) AliExpress aliexpress lingerie suppliers

On AliExpress, you can find excellent lingerie dropshipping suppliers for your business. It is a famous e-commerce platform managed by the Alibaba group.

At AliExpress, you will find all sorts of winning lingerie products. Suppliers with huge stock volumes of lingerie often post their listings on this platform.

Thus, you will get almost any item in the lingerie line at AliExpress. It includes bikini wear, panties, hipsters, bodysuits, robes, etc.

Learn more about Aliexpress

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6) Banggood banggood lingerie suppliers

Banggood is an excellent choice to get reliable lingerie suppliers. This platform even goes to the extent of testing products before listing them. Thus, you get assured lingerie products of the highest quality at competitive pricing.

Most suppliers at Banggood keep themself ahead of the competition by adopting the best working policies. They include fair pricing, superb customer service, and fast shipping times.

10) Elegant Moments Lingerieelegant moments lingerie suppliers

Elegant Moment is a leading supplier of lingerie products. It also offers dropshipping programs for all sorts of lingerie products.

In its catalog, you will find lingerie sets, sheer negligees, sexy leather sets, dresses, vinyl costumes, and others. Besides, they don’t restrict order volumes but charge a minimal per-order fee of $3.50.

The company’s lingerie warehouse is in Blakely, Pennsylvania, and you can contact them by email or phone for any orders. It offers excellent service and a shipment turnaround time of 24 hours for lingerie products.


Yes, all kinds of clothing related to lingerie will do well in the dropshipping field. First, lingerie products maintain their demand and will remain profitable throughout the years to come.

Lingerie makes up a good product choice for dropshipping. It is lightweight with fair pricing. So, many women often prefer to order it online.

One statistical report shows that global revenue from lingerie sales alone stood at $272 billion. So, it shows the popularity of lingerie among buyers.

First, we conducted in-depth research to create the above list of suppliers. So, all platforms listed in this post are reputable, and you can rely on them.

Or, you can use a reliable dropshipping agent to find genuine lingerie suppliers for your business. A dropshipping agent, like Fulfillbot, can come up with suppliers with available products and excellent services.

We advise studying the lingerie market to discover the newest and trending products. Remember, new lingerie designs pop- up all the time. So, you have to keep your store updated with the latest lingerie designs.

For example, bras stand at the top in lingerie dropshipping. Besides, nightwear is also a necessity, but it can also get termed as clothes for comfort. Other items on the top list are underwear, holiday garments, and robes.

So, keep checking the lingerie market to find trending products. Also, make sure you sell lingerie products of all kinds and prices.

Final Thoughts

Every online store owner keeps a goal of higher profit margins when considering product sourcing. It applies to your lingerie dropshipping business, too. You want to start a profitable lingerie business that will sustain you in the long run.

But unsaid rules exist for any eCommerce business, including the lingerie niche. You should have an efficient strategy to deal with fast-moving items like lingerie.

Make sure you source lingerie products from genuine, time-tested suppliers. Of course, we have lessened your work through this post.

Also, take care when sourcing lingerie from unknown suppliers, especially when you need them for dropshipping. You can instead hire a professional dropshipping agent to handle your tasks. Contact Fulfillbot now!

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