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  We handle your full order management which includes sourcing your items, fulfill your items, ship your items via
private line and keeping you up to date while you focus on the marketing aspect of your business.

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What's Dropshipping?

 Dropshipping meaning is an online eCommerce sales model in the online sellers do not need to prepare inventory products, all the products are at the manufacturers or wholesalers or another retailer, the sellers only need to be responsible for online marketing and customer service.

what is dropshipping
Definition of Drop Shipping

Is Dropshipping Legal?

No doubt, dropshipping is a simple online business. Even though you might be thinking is dropshipping legal? Yes, online stores have been operating under policy procedures.

Automatic Integration

Integrate all of your online stores with Fulfillbot. Managing all of your dropship products and orders in one place saves you time and money.

Shipping discounts

Shipping costs are the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment. If you want to compete in the eCommerce space, you’re going to need to have the best shipping rates possible.

Live Support

Fulfillbot's in-house support team truly supports your sourcing and selling experience. You can reach Fulfillbot's support via chat, skype, email .

How to work with Fulfillbot?


Connect Your Store

Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce store with Fulfillbot.


Place Your Orders

Deposit fee or payment of your goods fee. then we order to factory.


Fulfill Your Orders

We will purchase the products to our warehouse and process them, including quality checking and packaging.


Ship Your Orders

We will ship out your orders and deliver the products directly to your customers.

Our Expertise

Strong Sourcing Ability & Capibility

  We help customer source products from both online and offline from China local marketplace, most of sourcing results will be give in 2 working days.​

Quality Check & Quality Inspection

  We check quality and do quality inspections to ensure that your customers are happy with the products they received.

Fast Delivery & Worldwide Fulfillment

  We usually use private line,the delivered time is only 6-15 days.
also,We have local warehouses in Europe, the United States, Australia if you need we can ship your goods to our these warehouse.

Our Integrations


FAQ about Dropshipping Agent

Dropshipping doesn’t require you to have your own inventory, it doesn’t require you to have a warehouse, which will largely reduce your investment capital, you only need to focus on product development, advertising and marketing and after-sales service.

The dropshipping business is still a business model worth doing.
you can read this post
is dropshipping worth it in 2022?

POD is the short for Print on Demand. Print on Demand fulfillment is when your product is printed when orders are placed. then shipped to buyers, you pay us as the POD supplier and take your profit.

Fulfillbot is a sourcing agent and dropshipping fulfillment company in China.
All you need to do is tell us what products you need (send us aliexpress link or alibaba link) and we will find the right supplier for you and place the order.
use our app the order will be sync.

Usually need 24-48 hours. we will send out your order.
if you have buy stock in our warehouse, we will ship it within 24 hours.

Yes, we support Cards and custom branded packaging, however, will be available for an additional charge.
The cost depends on your card and packaging.

Yes, we can.
We support product photography, product video, and advertising video shooting.
The specific cost needs to consult customer service

we have team do this work.
we help you handle everything related to Amazon FBA work,
Product sourcing, quality checking, labeling, sending to amazon warehouse

Different users have different charging models, please consult customer service for details.
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