Pick and Pack

Multiple products in one package

Pick and Pack

What is Pick and Pack?

The seller’s products are stored in the our warehouse, and when multiple product orders are received, we place the different products into one package for shipment.
  The final packaged product is then delivered to its destination, and the client receives a confirmation of delivery along with updated inventory information.

What is Pick and Pack?
Benefits of Pick & Pack Fulfillment

Benefits of Pick & Pack Fulfillment

  • Offer Various Products

    To provide customers with a variety of products, conducive to increase sales

  • Cost-effective

    The streamlined nature of pick and pack makes it more efficient overall, which keeps costs low.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    Highly organized management and effective handling techniques allow shipments to reach destinations quickly.

The Cost of Pick & Pack Fulfillment

We don’t charge extra

The Cost of Pick & Pack Fulfillment

Pick and Pack FAQs

11. What is a pick and pack fee?

A pick and pack fee is the fee associated with picking a piece of inventory out from a warehouse and packing it for shipment.
We don't charge extra

2How to pick & pack?

We receive the order, pick out the products in the warehouse according to the order and put them into the package, label them, and ship them

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