Is DHgate legit and saft?DHgate Ultimate Guide

  If you are planning to buy from Dhgate but don’t know much about it, and have any confusion about DHgate. like: Is DHgate safe? Is DHgate legit? then you have come to the right place, this post will introduce everything about DHgate, we will tell you everything you need to about DHgate, and it will conclude with lots of information about how to make the best of this wholesale website for helping your business to grow.

  The company name Digital Trade Technology (Beijing) Co. Founded in 2004 by Diane Wang,
The shareholder behind it is Digital Trading (Hong Kong) Limited. Got the first angel investment in 2005.Five financing rounds have been raised. is the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce trading platform. Dhgate was a glorious stop on China’s ancient Silk Road, a grand city where China’s rich merchandise was brought out of the country. Dhgate is named after its founder and Chairman, Diane Wang’s dream of creating an online Silk Road to help small and medium-sized enterprises “buy and sell globally”.
It is a E-commerce platforms similar to aliexpress & alibaba. The official description of the main user group is small wholesale users. The company is based in Beijing and has offices worldwide, including in the US and UK.
At present, there are more than 2.3 million cumulative registered suppliers, with an average annual upload of more than 25 million products and more than 36.4 million cumulative registered buyers, covering 223 countries and regions around the world, with more than 100 logistics lines and more than 10 overseas warehouses, 68 currency payment capabilities, and global business offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, etc.

How does DHgate work?

DHgate works like other similar sites that people source products from. DHgate has a user-friendly interface, is simple to operate, and its website is convenient to use.DHgate does not charge any subscription fee to sellers or buyers.They have a percentage of every product that varies from 3 to 10% of the selling price. DHgate also offers logistic solutions for easing the delivery process for sellers.
You can filter the right suppliers and products by product reviews and overall store ratings
It works like this:

1.Sign up for buyer account
2.Search for the product you want to buy
3.Check product reviews and overall store feedback
4.Place order
5.Choose the right logistics method
6.Payment,DHgate holds product funds for you
7.Seller Ship your order
8..You receive the goods
9.Confirm received of goods and write review.
10.DHgate passes the fee to the seller.

DHgate also launched a local warehouse service in some sellers’ products mean faster delivery times when they are in local warehouses.

Is Dhgate legit?

There is no doubt that it is legal. Digital Trade Technology (Beijing) Co
You can be sure by the first part that it is legitimate because it has undergone five financing.Investors will not invest in a site that is illegal.

dhgate company

Is Dhgate safe?is Dhgate reliable?

Buyer Protection

DHGate is safe and secure. They have a dispute resolution center that protects both sellers and buyers. DHgate has a complete set of rules and regulations for dispute settlement.this is their page

They have strict action if someone violates their policies. This can result from cashback to account suspension depending on the severity.

DHgate has established the “Return Policy”. The “Returns & Refund Guarantee” is a promise provided by sellers for their products sold on When item(s) are bought on and are not as described or process any quality issues, the buyers will receive assistance to resolve the problem. will also offer additional assistance if the seller is not cooperative.

Dhgate buyer protection

Payment Security

DHgate supports payment methods:
Credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. Immediate receipt and confirm the order.
Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer (Global Collect BV), SEPA, etc. It will be collected and charged to the DHPAY account of the buyer within 3-5 working days. After the payment is received, the buyer needs to pay the order with the balance of the DHPAY account.

DHGate payment methods

Dhgate Reviews


Total review:27328
The problems with poor reviews are mainly in the following areas:
1.Not satisfied with customer service
  Can not contact the seller, or not satisfied with the results of customer service
2.No package received
  The package is still in transit, or the package is lost, or the seller has not shipped
3.Product problem
  Product damage, product inconsistent with the description

dhgate sitejabber feedback

Total review:6642
Similar to Trustpilot, the complaints are mainly focused on these issues

Why do some buyers think DHgate is a scam?

Through the feedback from buyers, we can summarize the following four reasons

1.Product quality is lower than expected

Different sellers, when selling the same product, the picture may be similar, but the actual material may not be the same, often for more sales and lower prices, but at the same time the product also cut corners.

2.Parcel lost on the way or delivered long time.

With every shipping method, packages have a probability of being lost, but low cost shipping means a greater probability of loss and long delivery times
Please do not allow sellers to use shipping methods without tracking information.
First choose to use Epacket,Next, use dedicated shipping methods.Then use Express,
These three ship model fee is different and the delivered time is different.
Epacket : 20-40 days
Private Line:6-16 days
Commercial shipping way like UPS, DHL, FedEx:5-7 days

3.The seller have not ship to parcel or Fraudulent shipping

Some bad sellers, not shipped, while uploading the package tracking number.
The platform penalizes this behavior very severely, so this situation is decreasing

4.Poor customer service

The seller have not reply buyer message or inability to meet customer refund requests
Many sellers are operating several stores(for example alibaba,aliexpress,amazon, but not enough manpower, so in response to buyer questions, can not respond in a timely manner.
On the other hand, when you buy the product encounter problems, should be as comprehensive as possible to prove that it is the seller’s problem, so that DHgate customers will make a decision in your favor

How long does DHgate takes to Ship?

usually 5-20 days . depend ship models 

about DHgate ship time you can read this post

How Long Does DHgate Take to Ship?

How to avoid being scammed when shopping at Dhgate?

Don’t buy fakes products

Shopping on Dhgate, you may find a lot of low-priced products of well-known brands such as nike, Adidas, Gucci, but the logo will not appear on the picture, and the price is very low, please remember that these are fake, in order to avoid being cheated, it is best not to buy!

Don’t buy products with very low prices

Some products look very attractive and the price is very low, do not buy such products, you will not be able to receive the package!

Use paypal or credit card payment 

Payment by credit card or PayPal is preferred at the time of purchase.PayPal will protect your interests

Keep an eye on your package status

Some buyers, after buying a product are likely to forget their package, which can easily lead to the loss of the package

How to find a reliable seller on DHgate?

You can quickly judge whether this is a good seller by the following points

Professional sellers(The shop sells only one type of product)

A professional seller will provide a good product listing, including the natural and real appearance picture and clear product specification. And they will provide a clear after-sales policy.
They might have a good price

Professional sellers

The store opening period(The longer the better)


Four service scores(all green is great)

Recommended seller, first-rate service icon

Overall number of comments(The more the better)

Overall number of comments

Sites Like DHgate

Global Sources

You can read this post about sites like Dhgate
Top Alternative Sites Like DHgate for Product Sourcing

 Alibaba vs DHgate


DHgate is a legit and secure e-commerce site that sources Chinese goods worldwide. It has a variety of goods at low prices, many trusted sellers, good customer service, and buyer protection. But you need to find a reliable provider so that you can have a good user experience.

FAQ for Is DHgate Legit

 If it’s a famous brand of shoes, most of them are fake

Yes,Some sellers are selling fake shoes.The platforms are acquiescing to thisdhgate fake shoes

There are three main reasons for this;

  1. cheap transportation costs.
  2. wholesaler seller. their price is cheap.
  3. because it is made in China products itself low cost

1. log in to your account on DHgate

2. Select “My Orders.”

3. Choose the order and select the order details

4. Copy your tracking number, paste them in the DHgate search bar, and track your order.

you can use some track site track your package too , such as 17track

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