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Fulfillbot has a global connection which ensures the best hands handle your sourcing, production, shipment, and fulfillment. We’ll help you find, choose, and manage suppliers to bring your product to the market.

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Who Is Our Product Sourcing Service for?

We are china sourcing agent based order fulfillment center. We offer tailor-made service for E-commerce Sellers (for example Shopify sellers, Ebay sellers, woocommerce sellers, Amazon FBA sellers) and small importers.


Shopify&Ecommerce sellers

You sell without the hassle of sourcing, warehousing, and shipping. We make it easy for you to fulfill orders by automation.


Amazon FBA Sellers

You can post sourcing request and let us buy and ship to the Amazon FBA warehouses.

Small Importers

You can buy in bulk and enjoy a discount. We also take care of international shipping for you.

What We Do to Fast Grow Your Business?

Product Sourcing

Sourcing experts in our company will help you find factories, and uncover direct manufacturers not only from alibaba or AliExpress. Whether you have unique needs for price, material, quantity, certification or production requirements, we will find the right supplier to meet your business needs.

Warehousing & Distribution

We have warehouses fulfillment centers in the China, US, Europe and Australia enable us to better serve our dropshipping customers. Active customers can enjoy free china warehousing and better processing rates for order fulfillment.

Private Label Products

Prototyping & product development is one of our premium services. Whether you are a Shopify startup or an established business, we can help find factories to bring your product ideas to life and customize packaging to achieve your brand dreams.

Ecommerce Integrations

We integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce and other popular ecommerce platforms, allowing for product automatic listing, order syncing, order fulfillment, etc., in a few clicks.

Why Choose Fulfillbot as Your China Sourcing Agent?

  Strong capabilities of supply chain management and resource integration set us apart from our competitors, and enable us to take you to the next level of your business.

 Compared to other websites like Ailexpress, Alibaba, we can provide more competitive prices for sellers who want to grow their business.

  We are a small-sized business with 50 dedicated staff. We understand how eager it is for a small business to grow.

  We grow your business to grow ours. Our win-win mindset is the most significant part in our DNA. Over the past few years, we’ve helped many startups begin from $500 to a solid brand, and in turn, we’ve been a witness to our own growth.

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