Is yesstyle legit Platform to Shop in 2024?

Legitimacy is a crucial concern before purchasing from any online retail platform. It significantly impacts customer satisfaction and overall experience.

One of the many e-commerce sites that have made it to the spotlight is Yesstyle. Now, many customers are questioning its legitimacy. Is the platform worth a try or not?

In this post, we will analyze the deep ends of Yesstyle. We will clarify its identity and then touch on factors related to its legitimacy. So, please keep reading for an in-depth review of Yesstyle and its offerings.


YesStyle – What Is It and Who Uses It?

YesStyle is an e-commerce giant focusing on Asian fashion, health, and lifestyle products. Established in 2006, it allows customers to browse through diverse catalogs. The platform has also spread widely and reached several million customers.

It collaborates with top Korean and other Asian brands, ensuring diversity. Hence, YesStyle is a go-to option for several fashion and beauty enthusiasts. YesStyle has something for everyone in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Overview of YesStyle’s Company Origins and Background

YesStyle is a subsidiary of YesAsia, founded by Joshua and his wife, Priscilla, in 1998. YesAsia focused on making Asian entertainment products accessible to its US audience. It started as a basement project in San Francisco before becoming a global sensation.

However, YesAsia made a subsidiary in 2006 to make Asian fashion and beauty products readily accessible. This subsidiary was YesStyle, and as of 2021, it made it to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

Now, YesStyle stands at the epicenter of Asian fashion and lifestyle products globally. The company has over 400 employees and offices in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. While its offices are centered in Asia, its customers span far and wide.

There are millions of customers in Europe, Australia, and America. According to the platform, it is just the beginning. YesStyle plans to revolutionize international trade. One of the ways it does this is through its exceptional customer service.

The customer service team is prompt about customers’ issues. It enables YesStyle to offer its customers a safe and satisfactory shopping experience. 

What Do Buyers Say About YesStyle?

If you want to know if a brand is reputable, the shortcut is through customer reviews. What are the customers who used their services saying? Is it a sham or a reputable platform? YesStyle has pleased many of its customers, and it shows in its reviews.

There are thousands of customer reviews. Still, on the topic of reputation, YesStyle has a massive fanbase. The platform has millions of followers across all social media platforms. These stats mean the platform is doing something right.

YesStyle has a notable presence and popularity on Trustpilot. It has around 85,000 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars. These reviews show a significant customer base and positive sentiment among users.

yesstyle trustpilot
yesstyle trustpilot

However, YesStyle’s performance appears to be less favorable on Sitejabber. With approximately 613 reviews, the average rating stands at 2.3 stars. It shows a more mixed or negative perception among customers.

yesstyle sitejabber
yesstyle sitejabber

Over the years, YesStyle has been known for offering remarkable customer service. Customers have also noted that their delivery matches the product description. Moreover, they appreciate the user-friendly app and site.

Conversely, customers report facing shipping discrepancies. But these negative remarks are the exception rather than the rule. Overall, the e-commerce platform outperforms on many fronts. 

Genuine or Fake – What Is Product Authenticity on YesStyle?

One of the most pressing concerns for online shoppers is authenticity. Hence, YesStyle takes this issue seriously. The platform integrates several measures to ensure the genuineness of its offerings.

yesstyle products
yesstyle products

The platform collaborates directly with reputable Asian brands and suppliers. It minimizes the risk of counterfeit products. Additionally, YesStyle has a dedicated team that handles product verification.

This team checks each item to ensure it meets quality and authenticity standards. Moreover, Customers can also use detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and seller ratings.

How Does YesStyle Protect Its Customers?

YesStyle prioritizes customer safety and security. The platform employs SSL encryption technology to safeguard its customers’ data. The website also complies with global data protection regulations. Hence, it is committed to handling customer information. These measures ensure potential customers feel secure and protected when shopping on YesStyle. 

To further enhance security, YesStyle offers buyer protection policies. These policies tackle refunds and returns for damaged or mismatched products. All you have to do is request a return or refund within two weeks of receiving the item. 

Moreover, the YesStyle site features detailed size charts, descriptions, and reviews. Customers can check them to make informed purchasing decisions. YesStyle’s customer service team is available to answer any issues or concerns. They are prompt and offer solutions quickly to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience.

How to Protect Your Privacy While Buying on YesStyle?

While YesStyle does its part, more is needed. Here are the extras you can do to ensure your transactions and information are safe. These pro tips will help you bypass online scams and ensure your safety. Let’s delve in. 

1) Don’t Tap on Any Link Embedded in an Email When You Don’t Know the Sender

If you do, you risk being a victim. The links lead to false websites that request your data and rip you off. They might ask for your credit card numbers, account information, and passwords. Also, ignore emails asking you to “update,” “confirm information,” or other fishing reasons. 

2) Ignore Email Attachments if You Don’t Know the Sender

No matter how attractive the “Subject” line of the email is, steer clear. Be suspicious of any unexpected email attachments. Attachments might be viruses or spyware. The computer software programs install itself without the user’s permission.

It downloads to your machine when you open the attachment file. Spyware installation or viruses can lead to security issues. The issues include the leakage of confidential information to unknown recipients. Steer clear of the attachment if you are unsure about it or weren’t expecting it.

3) Do Not Click “Unsubscribe” if You Don’t Know and Trust the Sender

Spammers send emails claiming an “unsubscribe” function to collect email addresses. Replying to such emails might lead to more spam messages.

4) Check and Confirm the Authenticity of Any Suspicious Emails

Deceitful emails may have logos, signatures, banners, headers, and footers. Although they seem genuine, they aren’t. To confirm the authenticity of emails from YesStyle, refer to the following key points:

A) YesStyle does not send spam or unsolicited commercial emails. They do not disclose email addresses or other account information to third parties.

B) YesStyle always uses one of the following domains:,,,,
If you have any questions regarding the origin of the email, check the sender’s address. If it contains one of these domains, it is theirs.

C) The website will never send unwanted emails asking you to open strange attachments. The website will never ask you to confirm your YesStyle account password by email. 

D) YesStyle will never ask you to send the following sensitive information by email. It includes:

  1. Credit card verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode password,
  2. Credit card PIN,
  3. The social security number or Tax identification number

Check where the email link leads by hovering your mouse over it. Or go to the website by typing the address into your browser.

Watch for poor grammar or typographical errors, suspicious wordings, or requests. Some fraudulent emails are translated from other languages or sent without being proofread.

5) Report and Delete Fraudulent Emails

If you receive a fraudulent email, contact the YesStyle customer service team. If you need clarification on the safety of web links and attachments in an email, forward the original email with the attachments to [email protected]. Delete it afterward.

6) Safeguard Your Account Information

Protect your YesStyle account information with all you have. Keep your information private, and protect your password as well.  If you click on a link in a suspicious email and enter your YesStyle account information, you can walk around it.

You can update your YesStyle account password. This way, they won’t be able to access your information. However, note that speed is of the essence. 

Go to the Account Management section of this platform and change the password. You can do it in the My Account section. After that, select Change your Sign In and personal information. You can input the changes, then hit the Update button. When signing in to your account, “log out” afterward, especially when using public access.

7) Protect Your Computer

Before shopping online, ensure your laptop is secured. Always review your computer’s security settings.

Also, improve the security settings of your browsers, email clients, and other platforms. Run your antivirus software program and anti-spyware software frequently.

8) Update Your Defenses

Update your computer software, web browser, and antivirus software regularly. This way, hackers cannot take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many operating systems offer automatic updates.

9) Online Shopping Tips

Watch for security signs before entering personal or financial information. Locate the closed padlock symbol in the address bar, which indicates a secure site. Refer to the privacy policy for details on how YesStyle protects personal information.

YesStyle vs. Other Online Retailers – A Quick Comparison!

Several distinctions emerge compared to other popular online retailers like Shein and Romwe. YesStyle is particularly noted for its focus on Asian brands and products.

It also offers a diverse selection that puts it ahead of the competition. While Shein and Romwe provide trendy fashion at low prices, YesStyle offers more options. Hence, this platform appeals to a broader audience. 

Another significant difference is YesStyle’s emphasis on product authenticity and customer satisfaction. YesStyle strives to maintain high standards. It collaborates with reputable brands and stringent product verification processes. 

Additionally, YesStyle supports sustainable shopping practices. The platform is dedicated to decreasing its environmental impact and promoting ethical production. This comparative analysis underscores YesStyle’s strengths in diversity, quality, and customer-centric policies.

We also see YesStyle’s commitment to sustainability. These factors explain why YesStyle is a preferred choice for many shoppers. Here is a table highlighting the differences between YesStyle, Shein, and Romwe. 

Product RangeFocuses on Asian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle productsPrimarily fast fashion, with a broad range of apparel and accessoriesSimilar to Shein, with a focus on trendy, low-cost fashion
QualityGenerally good quality, with emphasis on authenticity.Mixed quality; some products are hit or miss.Similar to Shein, with variable quality.
PricingMid-range pricing, with some high-end items.Generally low prices, often with significant discountsVery low prices, targeting budget-conscious shoppers.
BrandsCollaborates with reputable Asian brandsOffers a wide variety of brands, mostly in-house labelsPrimarily in-house brands with some external collaborations.
Shipping OptionsStandard and express shipping are available.Standard and expedited shipping is available.Similar shipping options to Shein.
Shipping TimeStandard: Up to 10 business daysExpress: 3-5 business daysStandard: 7-10 business daysExpedited: 3-7 business days.Standard: 7-10 business daysExpedited: 3-7 business days
Return Policy14-day return policy; buyer usually pays for return shipping.30-day return policy; buyer pays for return shipping.30-day return policy; buyer pays for return shipping.
Customer ServiceResponsive and helpful, according to reviews.Customer service can be slow and inconsistent.Like Shein, with mixed reviews on service.
Customer ServiceResponsive and helpful, according to reviews.Customer service can be slow and inconsistent.Like Shein, with mixed reviews on service.

How to Buy Safe On YesStyle?

How do you optimize your shopping experience? Here is how to ensure your shopping is safe: 

1) Read Product Reviews and Check Ratings

yesstyle product reviews
yesstyle product reviews

Customer reviews and ratings provide valuable insights about the quality of products. Look for detailed reviews and photos from previous buyers to make informed decisions.

2) Use Size Charts and Customer Photos

yesstyle product specifications
yesstyle product specifications

YesStyle provides comprehensive size charts and customer reviews. Use these resources to ensure accurate sizing and avoid potential fitting issues.

3) Look for Verified Sellers

YesStyle collaborates with many reputable brands and suppliers. Opt for products from verified sellers or brands to ensure authenticity and quality. 

4) Monitor Shipping Updates and Be Patient with Delivery Times

Shipping times depend on your destination and selected method. Keep track of your order through YesStyle’s tracking system. Also, be patient, especially during peak seasons. 

5) Contact Customer Service

YesStyle’s customer service team is available to assist. Contact support if you encounter any issues with your order or need clarification.

What Are YesStyle’s Return and Refund Policies?

YesStyle return and refund policies are fair and transparent. By a long shot, it beats what its competitors provide. You can return any YesStyle’s product you are not satisfied with. But note that you need to request an RMA number and do so fast. The return window is 14 days after getting the product. 

Here is how you can request an RMA (Return Merchandise Number) on YesStyle:

1) Use their RMA request page.

  • Login into your YesStyle account
  • Tap on the specific order number of the items you wish to return.
  • To begin the RMA request process, click “Start a return request?” beneath the list of purchased items.

Note: Return the items within 30 days of the RMA issue date. If you wait too long, YesStyle might not process your return.

2) Contact the Customer Support 

The return process involves submitting a return request through the YesStyle website. After YesStyle receives the item, they inspect it. If it meets the criteria, YesStyle completes the corresponding process. 

It’s crucial to note that the return shipping costs are usually the buyer’s responsibility. The only exception is when the return is due to a YesStyle error. This error includes a damaged or incorrect item. 

Here are more of the products that YesStyle doesn’t accept returns for:

A) Opened beauty products and health and beauty supplements
B) “Buy 1, Get 1 Free”  products
C) Products with sanitation concerns, such as:

  • Swimwear
  • Wigs and Hair Pieces
  • Bodysuits and Playsuits
  • Earrings
  • Cosplay and Party Costumes
  • Allergic products
  • Innerwear, Shapewear, and Underwear

D) Clearance items with the notice Clearance items are not eligible for return, exchange or refund.

You can return an item through logistics partners or at YesStyle’s Hong Kong office. Also, ensure you return the items as they came. YesStyle will only process returns if you have an RMA number. The site processes refunds in YesStyle credits, which you can use to buy other products. You get the credit within five days of return processing.

All replacement items are shipped back to you using the Standard shipping service. Overall, the return policy is consumer-friendly. However, customers should know the terms and conditions to ensure seamless returns.

Does YesStyle Offer Reliable Shipping and Delivery?

yesstyle shipping
yesstyle shipping

YesStyle provides various shipping options to accommodate different needs and preferences. Customers can choose from standard shipping. It takes somewhere between 10-14 business days. The other option is express shipping, which takes 3-5 business days.

Shipping times depend on the destination and selected method. YesStyle offers free standard shipping on orders past a certain amount. At the same time, most customers report timely deliveries. YesStyle provides tracking information for all orders.

It allows customers to watch their shipment status in real time. If there are delivery issues, YesStyle’s customer service team is available. It ensures a reliable and satisfactory shipping experience. Here is a table that includes the shipping times of YesStyle to expect:

Shipping MethodShipping RateEstimated Shipping TimeTracking Code
StandardFree (US$ 99 or more) US$ 14 (below US$ 99)3-5Available
ExpressFree (US$ 49 or more) US$ 6 (below US$ 49)10-14Available

All orders dispatched using Express Shipping arrive with a tracking number or code. The codes are from the selected courier, such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Standard Shipping orders may not contain a tracking number.

You can track trackable orders through the local post office. You can find tracking numbers in your “My Account Page” under Order History.

All shipments returned to the platform are considered undeliverable. Reasons for such shipments include:

  • Wrong shipping addresses,
  • Unsuccessful delivery attempts by the shipping service provider,
  • Untaken shipments detained by the courier agent.

Reshipment fees apply regardless of the actual shipment’s eligibility for complimentary shipping. Extra courier charges for return shipping can also apply.

This platform ships products to most countries and regions. However, certain countries can’t receive some beauty products like jewelry from  YesStyle. To check, refer to individual product information.

What Are the Benefits of the YesStyle Rewards Program, and How Can You Use Them?

yesstyle rewards
yesstyle rewards

YesStyle offers a rewards program called YesStyle Elite Club. The program provides more benefits and savings for loyal customers. Members of the YesStyle Elite Club earn Stylebucks on purchases. They can redeem the stylebucks for discounts on future orders.

The program offers exclusive promotions, birthday gifts, and early access to unique listings. You join the reward program by creating an account on the YesStyle website. The more they shop, the higher the membership tier.

Higher membership tiers mean exclusive perks. This reward program enhances the overall shopping experience on YesStyle. Here is a look at each level present in the YesStyle program to gain insight into what loyal customers get: 

  • Regular Member: For every dollar spent, you earn one stylebook. You also get a coupon and a free birthday gift.
  • Bronze Member: Earn two stylebucks for every dollar spent. You’ll also receive a 12% off coupon code and a free birthday gift.
  • Silver Member: Earn three style bucks on every US dollar spent. You’ll also receive two 12% coupon codes and a birthday gift.
  • Gold Member: Earn five stylebucks on every US dollar spent and three 12% off coupon codes. 

Other Ways to Earn More YS Points


  • Download the YesStyle app: You earn 50 YS Points when you download the app. The app is on the Play Store and Apple Store.
  • Tell YesStyle your birthday: Earn 50 YS Points!
  • Write Reviews: You’ll Earn 50 YS points per review.
  • Complete Customer Profile: Earn 100 points for completing your customer profile
  • Refer a Friend: Earn 5% on everything your friend orders.

How Can You Join the YesStyle Elite Club?

yesstyle elite club
yesstyle elite club

When you register an account at YesStyle, you are in the YesStyle Elite Club. You get a virtual membership card, which you can see on your My Account page. There is no need for an extra sign-up procedure.

How to Renew Elite Club Membership?

Once you register at YesStyle, you do not need to renew your membership. Depending on your cumulative spending after a year, YesStyle may extend or downgrade your membership.

Requirements for Elite Club tiers

  • Regular Member: US$ 0
  • Bronze Member: Any order
  • Silver Member: US$ 100
  • Gold Member: US$ 500

Can You Get Upgraded or Downgraded on YesStyle Membership?

YesStyle undergoes cumulative spending reviews at specific times. These reviews can result in an upgrade, extension, or downgrade to your membership tier.

You rise to the next tier if your cumulative spending reaches a certain threshold. You remain at the level for a year until you reach another threshold. Here is an example. Once you become a Silver member, your membership is valid for a year. You move up a level if you pass the US$500 spending threshold. The new membership is valid for a year, starting also. 

Suppose you remain at a single membership tier for an entire year. In that case, your membership will expire. Your cumulative spending minus any carryover spending determines your next membership tier. YesStyle either extends your current tier or downgrades to a previous level.

If you become a Silver member with US$ 100 and spend US$ 80, your cumulative spending is US$ 180. The membership expires after a year. When the expiration date comes, the US$ 100 carryover will be subtracted. So, you will need new cumulative spending of US$ 80; hence, you will become a Bronze member.

Does YesStyle Support Sustainable Shopping? 

Sustainable shopping is as mainstream as ever.  At YesStyle, you can be sure it has several eco-friendly initiatives. They include using recyclable packaging materials to cut plastic waste.

YesStyle aims to cut its environmental impact. It has several eco-friendly products from sustainable materials. So, customers have access to environmentally friendly options.

YesStyle supports brands that are sustainable in production. The brands are ethical and eco-friendly in how they function. You will find them on YesStyle. It highlights these brands, enabling customers to choose sustainable products.

YesStyle provides detailed information about products’ sustainability features. It helps customers make informed and responsible choices. By offering such information, YesStyle promotes transparency and awareness.

YesStyle meets the growing demand for eco-friendly products with its practices. Overall, YesStyle contributes to a more sustainable future. Customers can shop with the thought that they are supporting eco-friendly practices. YesStyle’s commitment to sustainability shows in its product offerings and business practices. This approach benefits both the environment and conscientious consumers.

What Is Our Take on Buying from YesStyle?

We find YesStyle to be a safe and legitimate platform. It is an excellent website for purchasing Asian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. Yet, as with any online retailer, we recommend exercising caution. Of course, YesStyle has a generally positive reputation. Still, it’s always wise to be vigilant when shopping online.

Before purchasing on YesStyle, consider these points:

  1. Read Product Reviews: Check customer reviews for product quality and authenticity insights.
  2. Check Seller Ratings: Ensure sellers are reputable and reliable.
  3. Utilize Size Charts: Use size charts and customer comments to choose the right size.
  4. Check Product Descriptions: Check for materials, dimensions, and care instructions.
  5. Verified Sellers and Brands: Only get products from verified sellers or brands.
  6. Understand Shipping Options and Times: Review shipping methods, delivery times, and potential delays.
  7. Review Return and Refund Policies: Know YesStyle’s return and refund policies.
  8. Use Secure Payment Methods: Ensure secure payments with SSL encryption.
  9. Use Promotions and Rewards: Enjoy the benefits of YesStyle Elite Club.
  10. Prioritize Sustainable Options: Always choose eco-friendly products and brands.

Do you plan to source products frequently from Asia for resale or dropshipping? Then, consider hiring a sourcing agent based in China. A dropshipping agent can help verify products and lower risks when dealing with overseas suppliers.


1) What Are Excellent YesStyle Alternatives?

Some popular alternatives to YesStyle include Shein, Romwe, and Zara. Each platform offers a unique shopping experience but focuses on similar products. To find what fits, you must research properly and make the right choice. 

2) Does YesStyle Sell Genuine Products?

Yes, YesStyle emphasizes selling authentic products from reputable Asian brands. The platform collaborates with suppliers and brands to ensure genuine offerings. You can process a return/refund on YesStyle if you receive any faulty product. 

3) Is YesStyle the Same as Shein?

No, YesStyle and Shein are different platforms with distinct focuses. YesStyle deals with making Asian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products more accessible. However, Shein prioritizes a broader range of international fashion at cheaper prices.

4) Is YesStyle from China or Korea?

YesStyle is based in Hong Kong. Yet, it offers products from various Asian countries, including China, Korea, and Japan. The platform collaborates with many brands and suppliers across Asia.

5) Is It Safe to Use My Credit Card While Shopping At YesStyle?

Yes, YesStyle leverages SSL encryption technology to secure personal and payment information. Hence, customers are free to use their credit cards for transactions. The platform also complies with global data protection regulations.

6) Does YesStyle Have Physical Stores?

No, this platform is an online-only retailer with no physical retail stores. You have to create an account to buy products on YesStyle.

7) Is My Personal Information Safe When Shopping on YesStyle?

Yes, this platform uses standard encryption and security measures. It helps them protect customer data and transactions.

8) Does YesStyle Offer Reliable Customer Support?

Yes, the website has reliable customer support. They help you through email, phone, and live chat to assist with inquiries and issues.

Final Thoughts!

If you want a reliable online retailer, YesStyle is a sure bet. It chooses authenticity, customer satisfaction, and affordable pricing above all else. There might be occasional issues like shipping delays or sizing problems, but it is not the norm. In the long run, customer reviews are mainly positive. They highlight YesStyle’s diverse products and reliable service.

Read product reviews and use size charts for these YesStyle experiences. Leverage the return and refund policies. Moreover, rewards programs and promotions can be used to maximize savings. By following these tips closely, you enhance your shopping experience at YesStyle! 

The platform provides a comprehensive shopping experience for fashion-forward individuals and beauty enthusiasts. With its commitment to quality and authenticity, YesStyle remains a trusted platform worldwide.

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