SHEIN Shipping: How Long Does Shein Take to Ship?

  Shopping online is all fun until you have to wait for a long time to receive your order. At times, you end up forgetting you had ordered something.
  Thus, knowing the shipping duration helps you ease stress. You won’t have to sit by the door waiting. Shein has a guide to help you understand how long shipping might take.
  In this article, you will get to know what Shein is, their modes of shipping, and how long it takes to ship.

what is shein

Talks about Shein are everywhere. Its popularity has boomed in recent years. The rise of its popularity has been brought about by them producing inexpensive and stylish clothes.

A) Shein History

Shein is one of China’s leading e-commerce stores. It was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu and is located in Guangzhou, China. Products that Shein focuses mainly on selling are women’s clothing.

While starting, Shein used to purchase all the clothes from retailers. As days passed, they began making clothes too. Of course, it helped them catch up with the trend.

B) Shein Work Methods

Shein’s rise is brought about by good decision making. That’s because they don’t order a lot of stock like their competitors. Instead, they buy a few to use to taste the waters.

The growth of Shein has led to the introduction of men’s clothing, children’s clothes, bags, shoes, among many fashion items.

C) Shein's Customer Base

Shein has a vast target market. They include customers from Asia, the Middle East, the US, and Europe. It also has international warehouses in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

It is a legit company that has existed for over ten years. You get what you pay for while shopping when you buy from Shein. That means you may not get high-end clothes sewn to perfection if your budget is low.

You can check customers’ reviews on various platforms before buying. Customer reviews can help you identify if you want to purchase something.

So, Shein is a good stop if you shop on a budget and keep up with the trend. This e-commerce platform sells clothes and accessories, home goods, beauty, and personal care items, among many.

What’s more, Shein offers competitive pricing and coupons to attract more customers. But, note that Shein provides free coupons and special promotions in the app.

Customers can use both the Shein website and their app to buy from them. Thus, Shein has become one of the most downloaded apps.

Using the app has a lot of advantages. For instance, you can attend live events and get free shipping afterwards. Also, it is convenient for you.

It is competing with ASOS, H&M, ZARA and other various high volume-commerce stores. But, Shein offers good services and convenient shipping options.

What Are Shein Shipping Methods?

Shein has three shipping methods. It includes Economy shipping, Standard Shipping, and Express Shipping.

Delivery times differ. These depend on your location and mode of shipping. At times, there might be delays in shipping due to natural causes. Or storms that cause flights to have uncertainties.

Nevertheless, Shein’s shipping methods and times have considered these factors.

shein shipping methods

1) Shein Economy Shipping

For this mode of shipping, you’ll have to wait for up to a month to receive your order. Economy shipping helps you save money as a customer.It uses the China Post, similar to epacket
If you decide to order some clothes a month before, economy shipping can be the best idea.
The shipping time will vary according to where you are located. Thus, it is the most affordable mode of shipping. Use economy shipping when you are not in a hurry to receive the orders.

2) Shein Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is slightly faster than economy shipping. You are guaranteed to receive your order in 2-3 weeks.
Standard shipping is the best way to ship since you get value for money.
In most countries, standard shipping methods are available. You should use Standard shipping when you want your goods to arrive on time.
So, standard shipping offers a balance between cost and delivery time. That is why it is the most preferred in most countries.

3) Shein Express Shipping

Express shipping is the fastest shipping method on Shein. But, it takes 1-2 weeks for your package to reach its destination. It is pretty good compared to the economy and standard shipping methods.
Moreover, it also takes lesser days on special occasions. As there is a premium shipping service, it gets to be the most expensive shipping option. But it can be overlooked as you will get your packages faster.
So, express shipping should be used when you want the order as soon as possible. Let it not be immediately, though. It takes 2-3 days for processing the order.

When does shein have free shipping

Shein offers free shipping on orders above a stated amount. Also, some countries in Asia enjoy free shipping with no minimum order limit.

For example, in Asia, $60.00 – $70.00 is the average cost for free shipping. In the US, your order has to exceed $49.00 to enjoy free shipping.

For Europe, free shipping in Germany, Italy, and France is available for orders above $39.00. Moreover, free shipping is applicable in Australia for orders above $49.00.

At times, Shein offers promotions through deals and coupons. So, below are some ways to get free shipping from Shein.

shein app

1) Free Shipping Coupons Available Outside the App

Shein’s free shipping coupons will not appear on the shein app or website in this method. Instead, you will find them online on different websites.
You must visit every page and get the coupons to get free shipping. It seems like a lot of work but getting the coupons is the end goal.

2) Shipping Coupons Available Within the App

At times, Shein can give you free shipping coupons with a price of fewer than 20 euros for your order.
You have to subscribe to their newsletters or have their app to get these coupons. You get these coupons on your coupon list when you place an order.

3) Get Free Shipping When Buying

You qualify for free shipping if your order is worth 29 euros or more (equivalent figure in currency in your country).
In countries like Mexico, the minimum order to get free shipping is lower. You should use the APP rather than if you use the website.

4) Get Free Shipping Facilities on Sunday

Shein offers free shipping on Sundays. You will randomly get free shipping on Shein on Sundays.
Shein will give free shipping during Sundays and skipped hours as a surprise. So if you place an order on the APP, you will receive free shipping.
Don’t worry about missing out on this offer! When free shipping is active on SHEIN, a countdown counter will appear on the homepage.
It will indicate the time remaining for customers to order and get their packages shipped for free. You have to be very attentive to get such deals.

5) Free Shipping for New Buyers

SHEIN occasionally gives its new customers free shipping. You can know if you qualify for this if you see an offer message on its homepage.
So, you can try your luck by registering for a Shein account. If you are not lucky, you can open one for someone you know. If they are fortunate to be chosen, you both can use the free shipping coupon.

shein new user coupons

6) Play Games to Get Free Shipping

SHEIN has a couple of games, such as roulette. So, when you play, you can earn coupons.
If you play these games daily, you will gather many coupons. After that, you can use these coupons to cater for your shipping expenses.

7) Get Free Shipping through Lives

During Wednesday afternoon/night, SHEIN broadcasts lives (offers) on the APP. The time frame depends on the country you are in at the moment.
In these lives, you get to see new trends. Also, direct offer coupons with free shipping are offered with a minimum price below 29 euros.
You can join these lives often to get the free shipping coupons. Yet, make sure you use the voucher you have received within two hours. They expire quickly.

How Long Does SHEIN Take to Ship?

The average SHEIN shipping time is about 1-3 weeks. Shipping times vary due to location and mode of shipping. Below is a shipping time chart for your reference;

  • Economy Shipping: 3-4 weeks
  • Standard Shipping: 2-3 weeks
  • Express Shipping: 1-2 weeks

It takes 1-3 business days from the moment you place your order. These days are set aside by the seller to process your order.

Customers from Asia get to enjoy a faster shipping time. Due to the items being manufactured in Asia, they arrive quickly to their customers. 

Packages going to Europe and North America have an average delivery time. Likewise, orders going to remote areas take a longer time. It is advisable to check the shipping duration first to get a heads up.

If you do not receive your package, contact Shein’s customer service within three months. 

Where does shein ship from?

Shein originated in China. They are online retailers, so they mainly ship their products from the country of origin, i.e., China. Occasionally, Shein has pop up locations around the world. You can find some pop-up areas in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Shein has established various international warehouses. That’s because of the growth Shein has experienced over the years. These Shein international warehouses do not make any of the clothes you wear.

These warehouses are strategically located nearby Shein’s significant customer base. That is Asia, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. When starting up, Shein shipped solely from China. The growth of the company has allowed them to have various warehouses internationally.

Shein still ships many items from China. It produces all its clothes from overseas factories. Producing clothes from overseas factories are cheaper. That is why Shein products are affordable.

Shein makes the clothes and takes them to their warehouses. So, when you order something, it will be shipped faster. When whatever you have ordered is not available, they will have to make and dispatch it from China.

Nevertheless, it allows you to buy clothes at an affordable price. Shein gets to cut costs and serve the need of their customers. Shein having international warehouses means they are trying to reduce shipping time.

shein shipping time

Where is shein's international warehouse?

There is no official indication that there are warehouses around the world (Please note that the international warehouse mentioned here is like amazon FBA). So the description of shein international warehouse in other articles is inaccurate.

But I think they have coordinated the logistics and transportation and have cooperative logistics transit warehouses. the parcel is shipped from china then shipped to these logistics transit warehouses then shipped to the buyer .
That’s why their package delivery times often take 3-4 weeks.

shein international warehouse

How long do shein orders take?

Once your order, Shein will take a processing time of 2 – 3 days. the processing time is excluded from the order delivery time.

How long does shein shipping take?

The mode of shipping includes economy, standard, and express shipping. But the shipping of parcels is affected by some factors no matter what method you use.

The time taken to deliver your Shein orders will never be constant. That is why an estimate is given. Your order may arrive earlier than the stated time or later in these estimates.

Do not freak out whenever you find out there is a delay in your order arriving. You can keep on tracking your package while contacting customer care.

Your location, i.e., the product destination, also matters when shipping. The far away you are from the warehouse; the longer shipping will take. Below is a table that shows the amount of time SHEIN takes to deliver orders to specific countries.

Country Delivery Time
12-14 Days Standard Shipping
13-15 Days Standard Shipping
10-14 Days Express Shipping
14-18 Days Standard Shipping
12-14 Days Standard Shipping
15-22 Days Standard Shipping
24-27 Days Economic Shipping
11-14 Days Standard Shipping
25-27 Days Economic Shipping
14-17 Days Standard Shipping
4 Weeks Economic Shipping
13-16 Days Standard Shipping
Hong Kong
6- Days Express Shipping
9-12 Days Standard Shipping
8-11 Days Standard Shipping
7-14 Days Standard Shipping
9-10 Days Standard Shipping
7-9 Days Express Shipping
About 4 Weeks Economic Shipping
12-16 Days Standard Shipping
United Kingdom
12-14 Days Economic Shipping
19-27 Days Standard Shipping
10-12 Days Express Shipping
United States
10-12 Days Standard Shipping
6-8 Days Express Shipping
STANDARD SHIPPING 10 - 28 Business Days
Unable to ship directly

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How to Track Order on Shein?

Have you ever bought something online and was not given a tracking number? It is a nightmare. You spend days contacting customer care to know about your parcel.

So, tracking your order allows you to avoid making calls to Shein customer care all the time to ask where your package has reached. Besides, you will be with your order virtually with a tracking number.

With SHEIN, things are different. After you’ve successfully ordered, your order will be assigned a tracking number.

The tracking number comes with a link. So, when you click it, it redirects you to the courier website. You get to know which courier service providers are shipping your order.

Also, you can go after the following steps to retrieve your tracking number.

  • Step 1: Log in to your SHEIN account and click “My Account.” It allows you to log in to your account.
  • Step 2: In the “My Account” screen, click “My Order”, and all your current orders will be presented. After that, you have to choose the product order you want the tracking number. A “view details” icon is there. Click on it to preview the details of your order.
  • Step 3: If shipment status is “Shipped”, click on “Track Order Details” on the right. After clicking the “track order details” button, you will see your orders’ location.
  • Step 4: SHEIN will provide a unique tracking number linked to the courier dealing with your package shipment. Then, copy and paste the tracking number and click enter. Then you will be able to see all information on the location of your package.
  • Step 5: You can also track the order using SHEIN mobile app. It is the most convenient way for you to track your order.

What to do if the package never arrives?

Contacting Shein’s customer service support is the best solution


1) What Is Shein's Return Policy?

Shein has a return policy that gives 45 days after purchase to file a refund. For your first order, you will not pay the shipping cost.

But, you will have to pay the shipping cost for the following items you wish to return. The shipping fees will be deducted from the customers’ refunded amount.

Some items must be unworn or unwashed. It includes those with tags and a hygiene sticker. So, bodysuits, lingerie, party supplies and underwear cannot be returned. It is due to hygiene reasons.

Shein processes the refund within seven days. Yet, you should note that even though the refund policies are similar between countries, the charges may differ.

Always check the refund policy of Shein on their website. Below are some general guidelines.

  • The first return is free.
  • Subsequent returns shipping costs are deducted from the refund.
  • Seven days processing time
  • 45 Days refund window
  • The shipping label fee deducts from the refund.

2) Does Shein Have International Warehouses?

Shein Chinese warehouse in Foshan, Guangdong.

the Shein Officially does not say that they have international warehouse

Shein used to only have warehouses in China. But the large international customer base made them resort to International warehouses.

Even so, not all clothes you order from Shein are shipped from a warehouse near you. Other items still get shipped from China.
The vast majority of products are still shipped from China.

3) What Shipping Couriers Does Shein Use?

Shein uses different shipping courier services. For example, Shein uses ColisExpat to ship to Ireland.

Parcels to the UK are delivered using Yodel Services. US orders are delivered by China Post. They are later given to the final destination by USPS for standard delivery and FedEx for express delivery.

Australian customers get their packages through different courier services. Canadian buyers get their packages delivered by DHL.

Middle East customers are not left out. Courier companies such as Aramex, Fetchr, and Naqel deliver those sides.

It is important to note that delivery time can fluctuate during festivals. Also, it may vary when there are significant sales like Black Friday.

4) What Is Shein Express Shipping and Shipping Time?

Express shipping is Shein’s premium mode of shipping. Your order will arrive in 1-2 weeks when you use express shipping. Besides, it can come earlier than that. Or even delay a bit.

Moreover, it is the most expensive shipping option and promises the fastest delivery times. Customers who have used Shein express shipping have loved the services.

Not all items are eligible for express delivery. That’s because the weight and size of the package are what factors. It should not be bulky items.

5) How to Change a Shipping Address on Shein?

There is an “edit” button when you check out at the beginning. On this button, you can change the address.

You do not need to change if you have already paid since it won’t be possible. Shein will ship the parcel to the address provided.

Shein does not allow its customers to change the shipping address after processing payment. If you have to change the address, you can cancel the order and re-order the same item.

6) Can You Change the Shipping Methods Listed on Shein?

Go to “My Orders” and cancel your shipment before shipping to change the shipping method.

Re-order the items and select the correct shipping method. If you try changing the shipping method while the status of your order shows “shipped”, it will not be possible.

Thus, always be attentive when keying in details such as the delivery address and shipping method. In short, it helps avoid delays and confusion.

7) Should You Dropship from Shein?

8) is shein a dropshipping site

Shein isn’t professional dropshipping site, It is a shopping site.
if you need dropshipping supplier, you can use Fulfillbot dropshipping services.

9) Does shein have free shipping on sundays

On Sundays at any time,  Shein enables free shipping. There is no way to predict at what time this will happen, but you will know that it is active because, on the home page of the website and the app, a banner will pop up.

10) Shein shipping finland?

Shipping Time:15-22 days

11) how long does shein take to deliver 2022

Shein takes 6-7 working days for standard shipping and 2-3 working days for express shipping. When you place an order at Shein online marketplace, it takes 1-3 business days to process and they try to ship as soon as your order.
However, because of the COVID-19, there will be a general delay of 7-10 days

12) How long does Shein take to ship to Canada 2022?

STANDARD SHIPPING:around 15-20 days

13) Why does Shein take so long?

It depends on which ship method you choose.
Usually need 15-20 days,
because of the COVID-19, there will be delay.

Final Thoughts!

Shein is a legit online store. It offers trendy clothing at affordable prices. Moreover, you get to buy and have your package delivered on time. They go with the trend, so you will always be on-trend with Shein.

When you order from Shein, you have to choose the shipping method. Here, you have three options – Economy Shipping, Standard Shipping, and Express Shipping.

You also have to input your preferred address for delivery carefully. Note that you cannot change it after paying.

You can choose to watch lives on Wednesdays to get the free shipping coupon. Also, you can buy items worth 29 euros to get free shipping.

Shein has a straightforward app and website. You will have fun shopping in it. Good luck with your shopping and shipping experience with Shein!

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