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You might have heard of ” Hey! I am running a SEVEN FIGURE eCommerce store?”
The VERY NEXT question that comes to mind is, “Is that even possible?”
YES. NO DOUBTS about it. Hundreds of Shopify’ers and Amazon sellers are doing BUSINESS in this range.
So, can you ACHIEVE this level of BUSINESS?
YES, you can, the first you need to know how to buy direct from China
Our SOURCING EXPERTS have years of expertise and FILTERED out this GUIDE.
Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s have a QUICK DRIVE through VALLEY of PURCHASE from CHINA.

Why do you need to buy from China?


Most sellers focus on one thing — PROFITS and PROFITS. China’s market lets them HIT THE JACKPOT.

So, they buy from China directly.

Here are many reasons WHY?

1. Wholesale Prices

Many EXPERTS recommend buying inventory at the WHOLESALE RATES.

It is because; wholesale prices are LOWER, and you get the merchandise in BULK. Whatever the number of SOCKS you need, the wholesalers are READY to serve you.

Now, Do Chinese suppliers offer WHOLESALE PRICES?

Surprisingly, YES. Not only Wholesale prices but also you get discounts on the BULK INVENTORY.

Negotiate with the suppliers. Tell them your BUSINESS DEMANDS. Build TRUST. Settle on a PRICE. Get some DISCOUNTS. And BOOM!

It is NOT a MYTH anymore.

2. Quality Inventory

Quality is the ultimate REQUIREMENT for every eCommerce business.

Customers research. CHECK OUT the quality of the item. Then make the FINAL decision whether to buy the item or not.

No customers want to invest in an item that is not a FULL and FINAL solution for them.

Since you want to be SURE of their CODES, find suppliers who provide the QUALITY.

China suppliers are there to help you in this ASPECT.

Whether you are searching on Alibaba or attending the TRADE SHOWS, check out the QUALITY of each item. You can learn about the reviews of other customers.

REVIEWS are beneficial but don’t fall for the FAKE REVIEWS because some suppliers might manipulate them.

Whatever the case is, ENSURE the QUALITY and find the TOP-NOTCH putting a full stop to FAULTY items.

3. Higher production setups

A production setup is a manufacturing plant that indicates the CAPACITY of production. And Chinese suppliers have a TOP place in it, making it a suitable place to explore whether you need 1000 or 10,000 pieces of T-shirts at once.

Chinese manufacturers have manufacturing setups on a LARGE scale. So, it is good if you purchase the bulk inventory.

On Alibaba or other online wholesale marketplaces, you can scrutinize the SUPPLIERS. Determine the number of MAXIMUM ITEMS they offer and the lowest quantity also.

You won’t be disappointed buying directly from a China factory at LOWER COSTS.

4. Extensive Suppliers Base

The number of SUPPLIERS indicates how big the market is and what type of products you can PROCURE.

For example, if you visit a CLOTHING market, you get shops that sell only the CLOTHES item, no doubt every type of clothes. But you won’t find other things such as CONSUMER ELECTRONICS.

But as far as we consider the CHINA MARKET, it is VERSATILE— you get all types of products from all suppliers.

Not a single supplier deals in clothes or smartphones, but numerous suppliers are AVAILABLE every time to suffice all your business needs.

Whether you need 100 pieces of SOCKS or SHOES, Chinese suppliers are READY to serve you.

Extensive supplier BASE has two main advantages:

●You get EVERY TYPE OF PRODUCT. Whatever commodity you need is AVAILABLE. It becomes EASIER to get at the TOP QUALITY products with the BEST POSSIBLE prices.
●You obtain NUMEROUS SUPPLIERS. Filtering out the suppliers helps CLOSE the DEAL with the trusted suppliers. More suppliers, safe deals, and more business! That’s what a seller wants.

5. Complete logistics facilities

Buying is NOT ENOUGH only. If you live in the US, but your suppliers are located in CHINA, the next question is;

Should you buy things from China?

Yes. You should. China suppliers have complete logistics facilities. From A to Z, safe shipping is their leading characteristic.

Once you have ordered inventory from the Chinese manufacturers, they will:

●Prepare the ORDER. Preparing includes the whole production process with the desired INTEGRITY of the product.
●Pack your ITEMS. Once your products are READY, the supplier makes the ORDER FULFILLMENT. Before shipping, the packaging process comes. It might include the CUSTOM packaging with the shipping labels fastened to the given carton.
●Ship to your doorstep. If you live in the US or Europe, a supplier will choose the TOP LOGISTICS such as CHINA POST or USPS. Orders will get to your doorsteps with 100% safety.

The suppliers are always LONGING FOR the BEST shipments with NO damage to your inventory.

How do I find suppliers in China?

Finding a supplier is not much difficult unless you are a beginner or new to the China market.

US sellers don’t even have a slight idea of where to get the Chinese suppliers.

Suppose that is the case with you, no problem. we have disclosed multiple methods to find out the quality suppliers from china.

1. Search On Google

Google is a revolution. It would not be wrong if we call it— the source of every supplier.

Searching on google is by far the easiest method.

Google provides all the relevant results according to your research. It is just an example.

If you have a specific supplier in mind, go on. Type the keyword in the google search and get the best suppliers.

There is one risk. You might encounter fake suppliers. So, scams are probable.

2. Connect With the Sourcing agent

Outsourcing your work to the sourcing agent is the best method to cast the best suppliers.

Sourcing companies have professional workers concerned with unearthing the suppliers, achieving the safest levels of trade, and shipping to your address.

The benefits of sourcing companies include:

●Minimum risks. Professionals know how to find suppliers. Before that, they are in contact with multiple credible suppliers as well. The risk is less.
● One-stop shop. A sourcing company not only sources quality products but also handles the inventory from receiving from your suppliers to warehousing and shipping to your address, all in their optimal capacity.

To fully disclose the pros of working with the sourcing companies, read till the end.

3. Enter wholesale marketplaces

Chinese wholesale marketplaces have thousands of manufacturers and suppliers to communicate with.

For example, Alibaba or aliexpress.

●Visit the aliexpress.
●Navigate to your desired product category.
●Choose the product you want to buy.

You can type the product title in the search box, also. It saves time and fetches the most suitable suppliers.

Furthermore, you can narrow your search to find the most suitable and accurate supplier.

The biggest advantages are:

●The number of suppliers is large. Thousands of suppliers are selling their products in a single category.
●The probability of getting high-quality products at lower prices is maximum.
●The suppliers go through the verification process. So, the trade safety is 100 percent.

You can explore other Chinese wholesale marketplaces such as made-in-china, banggood, or Chinavasion. All offer the top-notch suppliers.

4. Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are places where suppliers expose their inventory and promote them.

Trade shows are another best source for finding the top suppliers and discussing multiple aspects of the businesses.

In China, you can attend multiple trade shows, meet potential suppliers, and learn:

●What is their company value?
●What are their main products?
●How large is their production system?
●How do they ensure quality?

If you get all the answers, it is effortless to make the final decision.

Two top-rated china trade shows are:

●Canton fair— it is one of the most popular trade shows held annually in Guangzhou. Thousands of suppliers and buyers attend and showcase their new items.
●The east china fair— this trade show is also famous for connecting suppliers and providing them with a wonderful opportunity to promote their inventory. Each year you can attend it in shanghai.

Almost all types of suppliers are there to show their inventory. So you can pay attention to their topmost items and get their main features straight into your head.

Wholesale sites commonly used by Chinese suppliers

Chinese wholesale suppliers have their stores on multiple websites.

What you have to do is visit their stores, check what they sell, and buy.

We have listed popular websites where you can obtain Chinese wholesale suppliers.

1. Alibaba

We all know about the Alibaba or have heard of it during our business journey.

When you buy direct from the china factory, Alibaba is a facilitator in finding excellent wholesalers and manufacturers.

Jack ma and his co. Introduced this platform in 1999. The headquarters location is in Hangzhou, china.

They have over 903 million buyers actively buying inventory from the china suppliers in the first quarter of 2022, as per the Statista report.

The pros of buying from Alibaba are:

●Cheaper rates. You have easy access to multiple suppliers to the wholesale prices that are the lowest.
●Buyer protection. Alibaba has buyer protection mechanisms and gives a money-back guarantee. You are out of fear.

you can learn more about on Alibaba on these post 

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All You Need to Know About Alibaba Scams

2. Dhgate

Dhgate is a b2b marketplace that connects buyers and sellers all over the globe.

This platform was founded in 2004 and had its headquarters in china.

As per statistics, dhgate has 46 million active buyers from 223 countries. The number of suppliers is over 2.3 million.

The benefits of dhgate are:

●Cheaper items. The wholesalers offer lower prices. You gain higher profit margins by reselling the items locally to the customers at retail prices.
●Quality inventory. Dhgate sellers have the best quality inventory. Moreover, you can buy in every category—no worries about quality and quantity.

3. Aliexpress

If you know Alibaba, you might have heard of aliexpress, another sister company introduced by the Alibaba group to facilitate dropshippers to a greater extent.

Alibaba Group launched aliexpress in 2010 and provided the cheapest rates to customers.

It has over 150 million active buyers making a purchase every single month, as per the report.

The primary advantages include:

●quality suppliers. Aliexpress suppliers have the ultimate quality you must acquire. Cost-effective inventory will boom your sales within days.
●Dropshipping app. If you are a dropshipper and considering the successful operation of the supply chain, aliexpress is a place you must try. They have a dropshipping app to make the whole dropshipping process a brainer!

4. Global sources

Global sources is not a new name in the eCommerce industry. This platform has been connecting wholesalers and retailers since 1971.

Its headquarter is located in hong kong.

This site has over 10 million active buyers, including retailers from the whole world.

Its primary benefits are:

●High-quality products. Suppliers offer quality products at fair prices. You can engage more customers by selling qualitative inventory.
●Excellent customer service. They are available 24/7 to serve you whenever you interact with a problem.

5. Made in china

Focus technology was introduced the made-in-china in 1998.

It is one of the most popular sites for sourcing quality exporters, factories, suppliers, and manufacturers. You get every product from the top suppliers in china.

Trustpilot, it has a positive rating of 3.3 out of 5, indicating; customers are generally content.

Here is why you should choose this platform.

●Lower cost inventory. You get products at lower prices and earn higher profit margins of 20-30% per product sale.
●Easy to trade. Register yourself, choose the supplier, and get your merchandise at your doorstep with fast shipping. The whole process is easier than you might assume.

6. China brands

China brands come to mind when you look at the opportunity for b2b trades.

This company was founded in 2007 with over 50 million product catalogs providing customers access to all sorts of products.

They have a 3-layer inspection system and ensure the authenticity of the suppliers.

China brands offer the following perks.

●Large supplier directory. China brands have over 200k suppliers, with almost 50 million products. You chose quality suppliers with a quality inventory.
●Excellent customer support. They are available through live chat or support tickets.

7. Chinavasion

Chinavasion is a powerful choice when looking for cheap but quality inventory from china.

Founded in 2005, Chinavasion has over 300k active buyers monthly.

They have dropshipping facilities for fulfilling your orders while at home.

Here is why Chinavasion.

●Multilingual platform. It not only supports the Chinese language but also has English language support to help us and UK buyers fulfill their requirements.
●Cheaper prices. Chinavasion even has prices lower than aliexpress. So you can evaluate how affordable this platform is.

8. Banggood

Banggood is a Chinese b2b platform that connects millions of buyers with top suppliers.

This platform started working in 2006 and has its headquarters in Guangzhou, China.

It has a positive rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. So, this platform is safe and credible.

Banggood can be helpful. Here is how:

●High-quality inventory. They have one of the top manufacturers in china that serve quality products and undergo multiple inspection processes.
●Faster returns. Suppose you get stuck in cases of lost or damaged inventory; Chinavasion suppliers replace or refund.

Do you need a sourcing agent?

Sourcing agents are professionals with years of experience and the best approach to inventory.

Getting them brings a couple of benefits. We have listed all the benefits you can attain from sourcing agents.

1. They have good supplier resources

Sourcing agents are famous for their optimal sourcing skills. Safe sourcing brings about numerous advantages.

One of the most significant advantages is supplier resources.

Sourcing agents are not new. It means they already have worked with multiple suppliers. This practice makes them choose expert-vetted suppliers for your sourcing task.

So, you get top-notch suppliers that believe in your business requirements.

2.The probability of getting the best quality is high

Quality is essential. Even a beginner eCommerce seller knows quality can skyrocket sales.

So, you must expect quality and get quality.

Sourcing agents are a good addition and make the whole quality-obtaining process even more feasible.

Sourcing agents go for pre-production, in-process, and pre-shipment inspection of the inventory. They assure you that the products comply with iso standards and are typically safe to ship to your address.

Quality inspection is something you must trust.

The final product is qualitative.

3. Bridge the language gap
Language is the biggest barrier.

Since China is a big market for b2b trades, most Shopify sellers turn their heads to china.

But their first problem is— they don’t know Chinese. It is even hard for them to learn this language.

Sourcing companies have successfully reduced the concerns about the language barrier.

Sourcing agents are local professionals who are well-versed with:

●Chinese native languages with multiple accents
●China markets and its essentials

Language gaps fill here. Therefore, you need a sourcing agent when considering buying direct from china.

4.Lower risks of business

Scams are possible. And even most scammers target beginners looking for an opportunity to buy products at lower prices.

For the greed of lower prices, you get lured to scammers. And later, complain about the Chinese suppliers that they are scammers.

That is not the case.

Chinese suppliers are reliable. But you have to find them.

Sourcing agents know their business and retrieve the manufacturers with whom they already have traded.

Moreover, it is their job. Everything counts on the sourcing companies. You are out of your fear.

Lower business risks build more strong relationships and trust in Chinese suppliers.

5.Get samples from different factories

Samples are crucial.

A simple indicates the quality of a whole batch of clothes or socks.

Sourcing companies try for the best. In this quest, they get the samples from the suppliers either for free or paid, depending on the supplier.

After quality analysis, they ensure you receive items that are iso certified and safe for shipment.

This way, you can skyrocket your sales in your store and turn your short-term customers into long-term ones.

6. Warehousing

From sourcing to warehousing, you get 100% output from the sourcing companies.

Usually, receiving products from the suppliers, inspecting the samples, and storing the inventory in a safe place; is time-consuming and tiresome.

If you don’t have the essential skills or time, it might be arduous work.

But sourcing agents are great!

They contact your suppliers, receive the inventory, unload, and store it in their warehouses.

Warehouses have security systems and CCTV cameras to monitor all your items and manage them from time to time.

Strict product monitoring goes on until the products are at your doorstep.

Sourcing agents speed up product collection, management, and shipping. You save time. You save money.

Advertise your business with the saved money. More sales!

7. help you ship your goods to the designated location

Shipping is the crux of the matter.

Express shipping, air freight, or ocean freight; which method is best?

All this takes many factors to decide. But not when the sourcing agents are there.

Sourcing agents choose the best shipping method based on your business requirements and ship it with the best logistics, such as china post, epacket, DHL, ups, and other logistics companies.

Even the shipping costs are reduced with the shipping agents. You save some bucks. You get more perks with fast shipping.

How to buy directly from China at factory prices in small quantities?

Suppliers have MOQ. It depends on the type of product and suppliers. For example, you can’t order a single sock until it is for sampling purposes. While printing machines don’t have higher moqs.

It is just an example to let you understand the whole scenario.

When you buy direct from a china factory, they impose some limitations. They allow discounts or wholesale prices only on bulk purchase.

But. We have an exception. You can buy the products at factory prices, even in small quantities.

Let’s check how to do that.

1. Select the supplier

Always choose reliable suppliers.

Even if you have to work with the sourcing agents, consider quality and credibility first.

You can visit Alibaba to collect the list the suppliers that fall under your business belt.

A good approach is to:

●Choose multiple suppliers.
●Understand the significant features such as transactions, sales, etc.
●Match the supplier with your requirements.
●Communicate with the buyers regarding your project.

2. Negotiate the price

Prices are sometimes higher than you expect.

But there is a way to get through this.

Discuss the price. Reliable manufacturers are open to negotiation if you tell them you are a potential buyer who can be a long-term buyer for them.

Settle the price and move ahead to the quantity.

3. Check out the MOQ

Whether you are exploring Alibaba or dhgate, there is a section indicating the moq under the product description.

Check it out.

A good supplier offers the lower MOQ while the prices are still lower.

Choose that supplier for the sake of your business.

If the supplier has a high moq, move on to the next one. There are thousands of suppliers on Alibaba.

Do proper research.

4. Convince for smaller quantities

Suppose you have gotten a reliable supplier, but the moq of that supplier is quite high.

It is time to convince the supplier through your communication skills.

Tell the supplier why you need the lower quantities and how you can be their potential buyer.

Once you disclose your business requirements, they might reduce the smaller quantities. Even some suppliers reduce the cost.

It can be a good opportunity for a seller like you.

Final Thoughts Buy Direct From China

Trying out the Chinese wholesale suppliers is the best practice you will ever interact with.

But during this, you must focus on various aspects—for example, research and deal with reliable suppliers only. It avoids scams and makes safe deals.

If you are not good at communication and finding suppliers, find someone adept at it, such as sourcing agents.

Our sourcing agents have years of practice in dealing with credible suppliers. What you expect, acquire through our expertise.

Buying From China FAQs

Every chinese wholesale platform is the best. What actually matters is the supplier. If you can procure a reliable supplier, this is great.

However, we have listed some china wholesale websites with the highest number of suppliers and trades.


No. No need for any license when you try to buy direct from china factory.

Simple dealing steps are more than enough to get the inventory at your warehouse in the us. However, you must contact the tracking id when shipping the merchandise to your doorstep. It puts the fear in a nutshell.

Yes. Anyone can buy from alibaba. There are no absolute requirements for purchasing from alibaba suppliers.

What you have to do:

●Register your account on the alibaba.
●Search for the product.
●Discuss with the supplier.
●Close the deal.

Yes. It is 100% safe to order from china.

People post scamming cases about trade with china suppliers. And it is true to some extent when you deal with scammers.

To ensure safety, you must:

●Check the transaction history of the supplier.
●Inspect the company profile of the supplier.
●Determine the reviews of the suppliers.

This approach reaches the highest levels of safety in b2b trades.

Not all suppliers are reliable. And the opposite is true for reliable suppliers.

Since you aim to find the quality inventory for yourself, it must be your goal to credible suppliers.

You can trust suppliers that:

●Have a high positive transaction history on online wholesale marketplaces.
●Positive yet honest reviews from the customers.
●Verified status or gold membership on sites like alibaba.

also you need get to know this person through communication

Such suppliers are 100% trusted.

The best way to CONTACT the sourcing companies, hire them, and source your inventory.

You acquire:

●100% reliable suppliers
●Quality inventory
●Inventory management and warehousing services
●Shipping to your location through the BEST AVAILABLE shipping option.

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