SHEIN Dropshipping Ultimate Guide in 2024

  People can now start entering the fashion industry by incorporating their ideas with Shein Dropshipping. As through its viability, many are now leaning towards the concept of e-commerce and shipment accessibility across the globe.
  Who doesn’t want to have a laid-back shopping experience when there are a lot of possibilities out there?
  Dropshipping works subtly alongside the merchant and the buyers, and they tend to build seamless connections between the merchandiser and the buyer.
It’s practical because you can work by associating notable brands with their esteemed clients.
  Let us appraise some of the most concerned and awaited concerns about Shein Dropshipping and point out whether it is a great choice or not!

SHEIN is not dropshipping site. it’s a B2C shop site. This site sells mainly low-priced clothes and is currently expanding into many categories of products.

However, shein dropshipping is possible. but you need to follow their product photos and content guidelines.


Is Shein a Good Platform for Dropshippers?

  Shein brings an excellent opportunity for the Dropshippers. It has a wide range of collections, from basic needs to intensive.
Comparatively, being a competing platform in China, it provides many Dropshipping ventures for the seekers.
  Shein is highly discussed among women, as it serves a variety of clothing and makeup collections. Shein has acquired the US market dominantly, where it provides excellent deals at the cheapest rates.
  Buying from Shein could be a great experience, as it offers great discount milestones. If you buy something for around $2000, avail 25% off, and on the purchase of $3000, get a discount of up to 40%. Isn’t it great?
  but Shein has its own brand strategy, its main customers are direct customers, not dropshipper, so Shein may not be very friendly in serving dropshipper. they do not support brand package.

shein dropshipping

Should You Dropship from Shein?

  it’s ok, but I don’t suggest doing it.
  Shein, alias “SheInside,” is cruising the international markets with their extraordinary services. It is being known as the fastest-growing e-commerce platform that first came into the limelight in 2008. Undoubtedly, it has gained significant prominence across the world.
  If you have enough funds to carry out your own inventory space, you might not need to get associated.
  Dropshipping could be a great idea if you are looking forward to it with Shein. Shein has a great variety of extravagant clothes, women’s products, accessories, makeup, and shoes. You can just start Dropshipping with Shein to save you from worries about space and inventory by linking the suppliers with buyers.
  But you need to pay attention to the products on top of this platform, with their own logo label. When the buyer receives the product and finds out that it is shipped from this platform, they may complain and cause to give you negative comments, so I think it is not long-lasting to use shein for dropshipping.

shein dropshipping

This tends to cause complaints from buyers and refund rates will increase

Are Shein Clothes Good Quality?

  Shein is offering wide-ranging products where a buyer can choose. The products at Shein are vast and economical as compared to the other clothing brands.
  According to some reviews, Shein has reportedly faced backlash for providing poor-sized apparel and see-through attires for females. Regardless of the diversity, Shein is competing with other leading E-commerce brands very cost-effectively.

Are you allowed to drop ship from Shein?

  yes! You can dropship with Shein upon some undertakings, and you can link with Shein as the Dropshippers, but you cannot use their product model images. If you comply with the given policies, you can have a great experience of Dropshipping with Shein.
  If you are willing to start Dropshipping with Shein, it is entirely appropriate to write a proposal and share the dos and don’ts before any expedition.

shein dropshipping program

How to Dropship with Shein?

  The first need import products from Shein to your store.such as : autods,SheinImporter,Importify.
 then Promote your store, get traffic and thus orders!

How Long Does It Take Shein to Ship?

Usually need 3-4 weeks.
More about SHEIN ship time you can read this post
SHEIN Shipping: How Long Does Shein Take to Ship?

Advantages of Shein for Dropshipping

  1. Shein is known for specifying great products that are too economical. It considers the quality to imply their products where they can successfully satiate the customers
  2. Shein is majorly dealing with women products range that helped many across the globe
  3.  If you are Dropshipping with Shein, it can be the one-stop-shop for you to find multifaceted products while prevailing the quality
  4. Shein always chooses excellence and superiority to maintain the legacy and provide more constructive ventures in the international arcades
  5.  According to the refund and return policy, they always entertain any queries received by the customer. The immediate sorting has set Shein to be the most reliable platform in the market
  6. Efficient customer support and a relaxed user interface provide an easy route for the customers to steer through the Shein website and the variety of its products
  7. To ensure the sustainability of products and customers, Shein provides secure payments to protect the data under encrypted servers
shein dropshipping

Disadvantages of Shein for Dropshipping

  1.  You cannot use their product model you need buy sample first then take picture, it will cost your money, and time.
  2.  As per the reviews from some buyers, they have encountered some bad experiences when buying from Shein. Reportedly some people have claimed that the low-priced products are of poor quality
  3. As the refunds and return policies are effective, the timeframe of its execution might get delayed due to some formalities
  4. People have experienced some size issues with the apparel because Shein doesn’t comply with standard sizes. Upon ordering, they might not fit the person who ordered
  5. You may call it bad news for the Dropshippers, as Shein doesn’t allow anyone to use their model images
  6. According to the reviews from the female buyers, they spoke regarding the quality of the apparel and makeup. Most of them have indicated the laggings in their reviews

The Difference between Shein and AliExpress

Being e-commerce platforms, Shein and AliExpress both operate from China and excel in their majors.
Shein is majorly known for the lavish women’s apparel, shoe collection, and makeup, where you can find a variety of delicate and appealing products that too on the low rates. So this is what makes Shein stands out in the fashion sector digitally.
When it comes to AliExpress, it has been known for its rational tune-up, where you can buy a vast range of products at diverse rates.
AliExpress majorly generates its revenue on china’s products to provide economic growth to the local merchandisers and provide amenities to the buyers in digital markets.

aliexpress dropshipping

Which one is better, AliExpress or Shein?

AliExpress is one of the largest e-commerce platforms not only in China but reaching 200+ countries vividly has remarkably set AliExpress as the pronounced platform among the digital consumers.
Being a business-to-client platform, AliExpress has sustained its integrity and provided majorly in China, Russia, and Spain for over a decade now.
AliExpress majorly holds the categories of appliances, clothing, mobiles, fashion, health, jewelry, bags, home furnishings, and much more.
If we talk about Shein, its first debut was in 2008 and still striving through its extraordinary services, mainly providing women’s products like apparel, shoes, and makeup.
Shein has proven its long-time journey and gained prominence across the world, where the US is on the top.

Shein Alternative: Fulfillbot

If you are looking for great shipment opportunities as an alternative to Shein, then you are at the right place. Fulfilbot is providing Dropshipping ventures to an extensive number of clients.
Fulfillbot is a dropshipping platform; we are a dropshipping supplier that helps the seller with the sourcing of their products from china to the buyer across the world. Provide one-stop dropshipping service
Fulfillbot is one of the renowned Dropshipping names in the arcade, and you can find them through shopify app for supplies and shipments.
You can visit Fulfilbot to assess more about the services to support one-stop service, product sourcing, Product photography, warehousing, and order fulfillment.


The detailed assessment of the Shein Dropshipping platform and the services they are providing could be an excellent venture for the Dropshippers to provide selfless prospects to the buyers without shipment freight. Undoubtedly, Shein has the highest range of fashion products that can satiate one’s mind abundantly.
To elevate the buyer’s orientation, Fulfillbot provides excellent Dropshipping services ,include branding and packaging.
On the other hand, it facilitates the buyer and empowers them to go for more. If you are concerned about the branding and packaging that Shein is providing, it could be a hasty measure for you to look at.
Furthermore, if we talk about the shipment from Shein, it might not be a great idea to associate with Shein because it doesn’t allow you to use their product’s model images. Besides, Dropshipping Shein products could be a great enterprise.

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