Dropship Spy Review 2024 – Really help increase your sales?

If you are a dropshipper, you have probably heard of Dropship Spy several times. 

While this tool is gaining popularity, many dropshippers are yet to try or know how to use it. If you are one of them, keep reading for an overview of how well Dropship Spy performs as a product research tool and if it is worth a shot.

What Is Dropship Spy?

Dropship Spy is a product research tool built to gather information on popular products. This tool scans platforms such as Instagram and AliExpress to craft a reliable list of high-demand products; after, it pieces the information it garners to curate practical details dropshippers need to make profits.

dropship spy review
dropship spy review

Top Features of Dropship Spy: A Quick Review

Ensuring you get the right products is a significant aspect of any successful dropshipping business. However, browsing through various social media platforms and e-commerce databases can be exhausting. Undoubtedly, everyone is better off with saved time and effort, and that’s what Dropship Spy does.

Dropship Spy is an excellent tool for beginners and seasoned drop shippers alike. The tool helps to provide well-detailed information on the high-demand products they curate. Thus, it’s perfect to get your business several paces ahead of the competition. More so, Dropship Spy offers a free account option that was once missing.

While we have briefly touched on what Dropship Spy is all about, it is time to dive deeper. Heads up, it’s going to be a long review from here. However, it promises to be informative, ensuring you know what it means to partner with Dropship Spy as a dropshipper.

What Are the Major Pros and Cons of Dropship Spy?

The quickest way to get an insight into whether a tool or platform works is through a pro and con list. Here are the hits and misses that you should expect once you hop on this product research tool:


Dropship Spy prevails over many of its competitors in the Dropshipping space, and here is how:

1) Easy to Use: Dropship Spy outperforms with its user interface and experience. The design is in such a way that it’s easy to navigate. Once you log in, Dropship Spy’s features will be easy to notice. You get straightforward access to Instagram influencer research and other vital features.

2) Analytics: Beyond offering a curated list of all the high-demand products, Dropship Spy provides other details. Members get the prices alongside potential profits from the product. Dropship Spy also includes the product’s engagement on various social media platforms.

The engagement sheds light on the product’s online performance, including the supplier’s POV stats. This information includes the total product order number, number of reviews, product rating, and other vital stats. From the platform, you also know if the product has an e-packet option and free shipping. Finally, you get the link to stores where it’s sold and the prices.

3) Scans Successful Facebook Ads for Better Targeted Campaigns: Dropship Spy assists in making effective campaigns by scanning through that has worked on Facebook. This way, Dropship Spy helps you attract more convertible leads, which increases sales.

4) Supports Shopify Store Integration: Dropship Spy allows integration with dropshipper’s Shopify stores. Hence, you can easily add products from Dropship Spy to your store and start sales immediately. Besides, this feature saves effort and time compared to having to do it manually.

5) Spies on High-demand Products on AliExpress: Dropship Spy scans significant e-commerce stores like AliExpress to get a list of successful products instantly. The search tool ensures you find what you want in minutes, regardless of the niche, as you customize your search.

6) Pricing and Membership Plan: Dropship Spy offers one of the most affordable membership pricing on the market. Unlike their previous three-tier plan, all Dropship Spy plans are squeezed into a single plan of $ 39 monthly or $119 annually.

7) Reliable Customer Support: Dropship Spy provides easy access to their customer care team. The live chat option on the site allows you immediate assistance and answers whenever needed.


While Dropship Spy has undisputable perks, it’s not all sunshine with this product research tool. Here are some of the drawbacks we noted while we used the tool:
1) Facebook Targeting: Dropship Spy’s targeting isn’t always precise. This feature could use some tweaks. Nonetheless, the issue is near-trivial as members can easily adjust the campaigns to increase sales.
2) Generic Products: While Dropship Spy works for most businesses, they can be generic if your store deals with specific products. While you might get some helpful leads, many products would not be beneficial. Hence, the number of valuable products you get is limited. If you need more variety for a particular niche, you might have problems with Dropship Spy.
3) Its “Free” Membership: Dropship Spy offers a free membership option. However, the option adds no value and merely fills the space.
4) Limited Shopify Stores: Dropship Spy has limited Shopify stores. Thus, it might restrict your ability to find new suppliers.

Detailed Analysis of Dropship Spy’s Key Features

So, we have gone over the pros and cons of Dropship Spy. If you have gotten this far, you know a bit of the tool by now. However, as a business, choosing a tool to partner with requires much more research.

Here, we dive much deeper into the layers that make up this product research tool. First, we explore the features embedded in this tool and follow it with our opinion of the tool and if any drop shipper should hop on its wagon. Next, we round up this in-depth review with a conclusion.

1) Shopify Connect

Dropship Spy compatibility with Shopify is one of its remarkable features. Once you use the tool to find the trending products in various e-commerce stores and social media platforms, you can import them to the Shopify (Dropshipping) store to access the products. 

However, that’s not all. You can also import desired products from other stores like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can often import the products you want from your supplier to your Shopify stores in a few easy steps.

2) Training Resources

Dropship Spy tries its best to be the perfect landing pad for beginners. One of the many ways they do so is by offering training resources. Dropshipping, while quite essential, requires a lot of ground knowledge. There Are Udemy courses, links to countless videos, and blog posts about navigating the dropshipping landscape at Dropship Spy.

3) Instagram Influencer Database

Proper marketing is needed to ensure you maintain a successful dropshipping business. Alongside Dropship Spy’s numerous tools, it also offers an Instagram influencer database feature that enables you to connect to several suitable partners to promote your business. This way, Dropship Spy has a hand in increasing your brand’s social media awareness and attracting potential customers.

What Are the Additional Dropshipping Spy Tools Inside Dropship Spy?

Aside from all the tools/features mentioned before, Dropship Spy includes more. While it might not include all the tools you need to navigate your dropshipping business, it consists of the essentials and a little extra. Hence, you get one tool for several functions instead of using several. Let’s dive right in!

If you have heard enough, you can register for Dropship Spy and explore its tools. If you want to keep reading, here is a quick overview:

  • Site scanner
  • Store spy (we couldn’t access it, though)
  • Store search
  • Request
  • Download Reviews  

Note: The outlined tools don’t come in this particular order on the platform, but Dropship Spy offers all of them.

1) Site Scanner

The site scanner is a Dropship tool that allows members to scan a store’s link(or any website link) and estimate their traffic. Here is a glimpse of the information you get once you input the link you want to scan:

  • Rank
  • Reach
  • Page view rank
  • Reach per million
  • Page view per user
  • Page views per million

The information also comes according to the timeline. You get the information for three months, one month, and seven days. However, we don’t quite know how they came up with their estimate or what they mean. However, for a few dropshippers, this tool has proven helpful with the provided metrics.

2) Store Search

The store search tool is just as its name implies—it’s a tool that searches for stores. All you need to do is input the interested product, and you get a rundown of the Shopify stores selling identical/similar products. The downside is you can’t simply enter a one-phrase prompt like a cat. You might get unrelated results. And when you get your results, some might not correlate, so you need to know how to filter them out.

3) Requests

Requests are only available to members who subscribe to the highest pricing plan (we will touch on Dropship Spy pricing later). You can request a product in a specific niche with the requests tool. This tool is excellent if you need products in a particular niche. Usually, Dropship Spy handles requests in under 72 hours. However, getting a response from them might take up to a week.

4) Download Reviews

The name speaks for itself. But we will explain it nonetheless so you understand what the tool does. This Dropship Spy tool lets you download reviews from e-commerce sites like AliExpress. All you need to do is input the link after activating the tool and press go. The usability of the tool depends on you. It is an excellent addition overall. However, note that not all tools we’ve mentioned are included in Dropship Spy’s basic plan. We’ll talk more about that next.

Dropship Spy Pricing

Undoubtedly, pricing is a deal maker or breaker for many drop shippers. As beginners, you can spare little time to take your business to a new level. Here, we explore Dropship Spy pricing and plans, including the monthly and yearly options. 

At Dropship Spy, members can opt for a free model. However, this model is significantly limited. It only offers free social proof and AliExpress search. While these features are great, they are hardly enough. 

For the whole package, the price of the pro membership sits at $39 per month. It is a great offer, considering the price once sat at $67 per month. The yearly pricing is $119; you save $350 with the annual pricing plan. Here is a rundown of the features you get when you choose the pro membership plan:

  • Unlock thousands of products
  • Amazon, CJ Dropshipping, Aliexpress & eBay Analysis
  • Suppliers, Facebook Audiences and Influencers
  • FB, Instagram & TikTok Advert Analysis
  • Over 1500 new products every year
  • Sales Trends & Key Indicators
  • Video Ads & Reviews Files
dropship spy plan
dropship spy plan

You can process the payment using VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. Moreover, the pricing plan is quite decent when put alongside many of the mainstream dropshipping product research tools with these many features. 

What Are the Top Alternatives to Dropship Spy?

Although Dropship Spy has exceptional features and an affordable pricing plan, it has a lot of competition. The dropshipping scene, while new, is pretty loaded. Countless software might put up a tough fight with Dropship Spy regarding the features and pricing they offer. Here is a brief overview of five notable alternatives for Dropship Spy, including their pros and cons: 

1) Dropispy 


Except for having a slightly similar name to Dropship Spy, this dropshipping tool also shares similar features. At Dropispy, you can spy on the ads on a dropshipping store, including those of your competitors. 

With Dropispy, you can see how ads performed across different social media platforms. You see information such as the engagement, the advertiser’s platform, and more. That’s for the first glance. For more information, click the ad and see more details like the country, sex, and age. This tool is of unparalleled popularity compared to Dropship Spy. Here are some of its notable features:


1) Massive Database: Dropispy has an enormous database of ad creatives across several platforms. The platform includes up to 20,000 ads every day. Currently, Dropispy has about 50 million ads. Any dropshipper knows that the more ads, the more likely it is to find the exact match of what you are looking for. 
2) Curate Trending Ads: Aside from its extensive database, Dropispy also allows dropshippers access to popular and effective ads at a go. You also get real-time data if he asks if it is currently running.

3) Filter: Dropispy has some of the best filters. Compared to the Dropship Spy filters, they come out on top. You can narrow your search by keywords, network, country, and more. Hence, Dropispy’s filters save time and effort. 

You can use the tool to spot the high-demand products in particular areas for your dropshipping business. If you see an ad with many likes and engagement, you can use the information you get to determine how well the product performs on the market.


  • Effective search process thanks to the filters
  • Massive ad database
  • Daily ad updates of about 20,000 ads
  • Lightning-fast servers 


  • You can only use the free version for basic searches 

2) Alishark 


Another sturdy competitor is Alishark. Alishark is a remarkable tool and one of the best dropshipping spy tools. The platform works similarly to the Dropship Spy; it Is involved in spotting high-demand products in the dropshipping universe. Alishark updates its database with product information every hour. The Alishark database is live, so members know which product is consistently winning. 


1) Live Updates: Since Alishark’s database is online, you can access the live updates of products from your dashboard on the site. This feature helps you gather insights on how the products perform at AliExpress hourly, which differs from Dropispy and Dropship Spy, which update daily. 

2) Extensive Product Information: Alishark is extensive in the product information it provides. Members get to know about pricing, reviews, sales history, etc. 

This site provides all the necessary information about the product before you go to promote it and get sales. As a plus, members also get to see sales history and add to their wishlist. 

3) Niches and Advanced Filters: If you are planning to sell niche products, Alishark has a section deducted to niche products where they consistently update it with the top products. This feature is especially crucial for beginners still trying to find their steering. You can choose any niche you want to major in and import the products directly to your store.

Alishark’s Advanced Filters lets you find products based on countries, niches, and prices. This feature enables you to contact warm, potential winning products before they go viral. Hence, you are several steps ahead of your competitors.


  • Extensive and regularly updated database
  • Excellent filtering
  • Comprehensive details on high-demand products  


  • Limited tutorials and courses 
    Lacks extra tools (unlike Dropship Spy)

3) Pexda 


Pexda is a dropshipping tool that has been launched to ensure dropshippers get the best products. This dropshipping tool is one of the many spy tools dropshipping, similar to Dropship Spy, as it also offers a dropshipper a curated list of best-performing products on the market. Pexda allows you to understand your target audience’s needs, enabling you to create better ads and, ultimately, more sales.

The products you get daily from Pexda are sorted manually. Hence, experts go through baskets of products to ensure you get the best options on the market. You get unlimited choices, and when you opt for the highest pricing plan, you also get unique products. Unlike Dropship Spy, you don’t need to create an account to get started.


1) Extensive List of Products: Pexda offers a comprehensive list of hot sellers. While presenting the products to you, they also include the necessary information to make informed decisions. 

2) Excellent Facebook Ad Copy: Pexda grants members access to trending Facebook ads. They test and trust the ads, often including crucial information like their engagement and likes. 

3) Profit Calculation: Dropshipping is a business, after all. You only want to sell products that guarantee you make profits. Pexda offers necessary product information such as selling price, shipping cost, product cost, and the CPA. This way, you are fully aware of what you are getting into. 


  • Assists in product calculation to ensure high ROI
  • Easily spies on target ads
  • It helps in discovering warm products 


  • This tool can be unaffordable for many
  • Lacks a blog or community

4) Sell the Trend 

sell the trend
sell the trend

Sell the Trend is another top alternative to Dropship Spy. Several thousands of new products are added alongside insightful information to ensure dropshippers know what they are getting into. The tool uses AI and works by finding the best products across various marketplaces and stores. You can easily find your desired product using Sell the Trend product explorer using keywords or applying the site’s filter. 

This dropshipping tool also brings several successful stores to you. This feature is quite similar to Dropship Spy’s Store Spy. For drop shippers who want to feature ads on Facebook, Sell the Trend has a built-in video ads creator. Also, this tool is specially designed to create high-quality adverts for your campaign. 

If you also use Instagram and Twitter (X) for your adverts, you can exploit the platform’s Instagram and Twitter Engagement Calculator to monitor it.


1) User-friendly Interface: Sell the Trend’s layout is simple and easy to navigate. Regardless of your experience level, you can easily find your way around and test out all the features the platform has to offer. 

2) Providing users a competitive advantage: Dropshipping is about suppressing the opposition. The site allows users to leverage market research and ad creation tools to ensure members can post their products and generate massive sales faster than the competition. 

3) Excellent Dropshipping Integration: Sell the Trend offers seamless integration with e-commerce stores like AliExpress and Shopify. This easy integration allows users to import products and maintain inventory.


  • Product research tool with filters (such as niche, store type, and country)
  • Access to AliExpress data analytics
  • Ability to locate potential Instagram influencers just like Dropship Spy
  • User-friendly Interface


  • It might take a minute to familiarize yourself with how to Sell the Trend works.
  • Its subscription pricing comes in batches and can get as high as $99.99 per month for the highest version (compared to Dropship Spy’s $39) 

5) Niche Scraper 

niche scraper
niche scraper

The last Dropship Spy alternative on our list is the Niche Scraper. It is perfect for dropshippers who use WooCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon. Besides, the tool lets you spy on other stores and note which products attract the most sales. Niche Scraper and Dropship Spy are very alike. This platform scours the marketplace for top products and updates its library daily, saving you time and effort. 

More so, the platform loves the details. When you check up on a store with Niche Scraper, you get their high-demand products, traffic data, sales estimates, and audience. How this tool store analyzer works is similar to that of the Dropship Spy store spy tool


1) Product Scraper: In the intro, we have touched on some of this. Niche Scraper’s product scraper is embedded in this platform and helps users find winning products on Shopify and AliExpress. Moreover, this feature comes with a filter, ensuring you get what you want for your store. 

2) Niche Scraper’s Handpicked Section: This feature automatically picks out high-demand products listed daily. While finding the right store can take a minute, this feature lets you find it at the snap of a finger. When you see a product you fancy on the list, click “view product details.”

Here, you can access all the details about the product, including product description, links, profit margin, and engagement metrics. 

3) Video Ad Maker: Unlike Dropship Spy, Niche Scraper has a video ad generator. This marketing feature makes the site much more valuable than it already is. The website makes video ads for the product you choose from start to finish. All you have to do is sit back and watch it happen. And yes, you get to edit the video after if you want. 


  • Facebook video ad generator tool (a feature missing in Dropship Spy)
  • Comprehensive information on top stores
  • Daily release of winning products
  • More timely Aliexpress sales data


  • Some may view the video ad maker as lackluster
  • Several drop shippers haven’t been able to scale with Niche Scraper recommended suppliers 

Dropship Spy Review FAQ

Whether Dropship Spy is worth it depends significantly on what you aim to get from a product research tool. Nonetheless, Dropship Spy is an exceptional option for beginners still figuring out how to navigate dropshipping. 
Dropship Spy provides lots of information on their listed products, which is excellent for decision-making. They offer affordable pricing and several extra features missing from many mainstream tools. However, seasoned dropshippers might be better off with more sophisticated tools.

Dropship Spy is an exceptional dropshipping software that focuses on extensive product research and, in part, marketing. For many, this software is a middleman between the dropshipping and the dropshipping universe. It helps connect users to the best stores, suppliers, and products. Its many tools also help manage product lists, track inventory, and market campaigns.

Dropship Spy is not biased toward a set of dropshippers. The software is designed to meet the needs of most seekers in the dropshipping space. Hence, entrepreneurs, shop owners, Amazon store operators, or anyone needing a reliable dropshipping solution can use Dropship Spy. 

Much like most online platforms, there is a risk of miscommunication and fraud from third parties. However, none of these risks stem from directly using Dropship Spy. Ensure you don’t communicate with third parties regarding your processing with Dropship Spy. The software is entirely secure and has an excellent grip on mitigating risks. 

Dropship Spy offers a free and pro membership plan. For the free plan, all you have to do is register to access some search functions. However, the pro membership plan is $39 monthly or $119 yearly. Once you play for the pro membership plan, you receive unlimited access to all of Dropship Spy’s features. 

Both spy tools dropshipping have their strengths. However, Dropship Spy might appeal to beginners more than those who have played the game longer. Also, Alishark is designed to be more descriptive and improves on several features that Dropship Spy left bare. In the end, deciding between both platforms boils down to preference.

Dropship Spy’s free model is a recent innovation. Still, dropshippers are better off with the pro membership as the free model is significantly limited. It only allows basic searches, while the pro membership plan provides a broader spectrum of features. 

Final Thoughts

We are finally at the end of our extensive Dropship Spy review. Whether you want to hop on this wagon depends on whether you think the pros outweigh the cons and if you feel the features match what your business is looking for.

Undoubtedly, Dropship Spy has its strengths. Only a few tools can stand toe-to-toe with Dropship Spy. However, before you decide prematurely later in this review, we compare Dropship Spy with other notable mentions in the industry. Then, you can make up your mind. Stick around to discover which tool is the perfect companion. 

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