AliExpress Shipping Time – What to Expect and How to Expedite Orders in 2024?

AliExpress is a multinational online store under the umbrella of Alibaba Group. It offers an extensive product selection and connects affordable Chinese products to buyers. 

However, shipping times can be a concern for many customers. Lengthy delivery periods can ruin the excitement of online shopping. Plus, it is best to know the shipping time so you can plan around it.

Knowing the different aspects of AliExpress shipping can ensure you make informed decisions. Fortunately, this article provides the information you need. 

Here, we illuminate AliExpress shipping times and the factors that affect them. We also provide insights into estimated shipping timelines for various regions. Keep reading to learn how to develop strategies to speed up AliExpress shipments.


Quick Review of AliExpress Shipping

Understanding how AliExpress works and the available methods is essential. This way, businesses are confident about their services and possible flaws. Here is a close-up look at AliExpress shipping and how it functions:

AliExpress provides a diverse range of shipping methods to meet different needs. Standard shipping is the most economical choice but involves longer delivery times. Express or expedited shipping is more suited for buyers seeking faster delivery. 

However, the premium options speed up delivery at a cost. This flexibility empowers buyers to choose suitable delivery options. Now, buyers can align their shipping options to suit their preferred speed and budget.

Available shipping methods also vary based on location and preferences. Major international carriers like China Post, EMS, and FedEx handle shipments. Hence, delivery time tends to differ across carriers. Furthermore, the destination’s proximity to the shipment origin is also a factor.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the following:

  • Package weight
  • Dimensions, and
  • The distance between the origin and destination

Heavier or larger packages generally incur higher shipping fees.

Some AliExpress suppliers offer free shipping options, often requiring longer delivery times. AliExpress also provides bundled shipping options for many orders from a single seller. It allows businesses to lower their shipping expenses for bulk purchases.

How Does AliExpress Shipping Work?

There are several steps in the AliExpress shipping process. The main stage begins with placing an order.

how does aliexpress shipping work
how does aliexpress shipping work

After that, the supplier receives a notification and prepares the product for shipment. Then, the seller drops the package at the shipping carrier.

Afterward, the package enters the carrier’s transportation network. This step involves sorting, consolidation, and transportation. Depending on the destination, the package may pass through various distribution centers. Here, the package will undergo customs clearance procedures before it reaches you.

Customs clearance is imperative to international shipping. Packages are usually subject to inspection and tariffs depending on the destination country. Delays often occur at this stage, impacting delivery times. 

However, AliExpress and the shipping carriers work closely with customs authorities. The close ties help ease smooth clearance and cut potential disruptions.

After the clearance, the package reaches the buyer’s nearest local distribution center. Then, the regional carrier handles the last stage. Reaching the buyer’s doorstep or preferred location takes less than 24 hours. 

AliExpress and the carriers provide tracking information throughout the shipping process. This way, buyers know the package’s progress in real-time. This transparency helps manage expectations and allows buyers to plan for the delivery.

What Factors Affect AliExpress Shipping Times?

So, what factors impede AliExpress shipping times? Here are the factors to consider that might influence AliExpress delivery time:

1) Distance

Distance is a significant factor impacting AliExpress shipping times. Orders shipped internationally take longer than domestic deliveries in China. The farther the delivery destination, the longer the transit time.

2) Customs clearance

These procedures significantly influence delivery speed. Packages undergo inspection and duty payment processes at destination countries. Delays during customs clearance can extend the shipping duration. 

3) Chosen shipping carrier

Premium shipping services like express delivery ensure faster arrival. Budgeting options, while economical, involve more extended delivery periods.

4) Seasonality and holidays

Orders placed during peak seasons face higher parcel volumes. This increased demand can lead to processing and delivery delays.

5) Location

Orders to remote or rural areas experience longer transit times. Alternatively, deliveries to major cities are generally faster.

6) Unforeseen circumstances

Adverse weather or transportation disruptions can disrupt shipments. Natural disasters, strikes, and other events affect shipping schedules. Factoring such possibilities is crucial for realistic delivery expectations. This way, your customers aren’t disappointed, and you know how to plan around it.

7) Product characteristics

Size, weight, and fragility influence shipping times. More significant, heavier, or delicate items need specialized handling and packaging. This added complexity can contribute to extended transit periods.

8) Free shipping options

aliexpress free shipping
aliexpress free shipping

Free choices often involve longer delivery timeframes. While cost-effective, free shipping methods focus on cost over speed. Paid shipping expedites delivery but incurs extra expenses.

9) Sellers’ Delay

Prompt order processing by the seller minimizes shipping delays. Delays in preparing orders can extend the delivery timeline. Remember, the products must get to the carriers before the journey starts.

What Are Different Shipping Methods Offered by AliExpress? 

Before we explore how to enhance AliExpress shipping, let’s consider the available options. AliExpress offers a plethora of shipping methods to cater to diverse needs. 

These options vary from air to sea freight. They also depend on factors like the package’s weight and desired destination. That said, here are different shipping methods and their benefits and tradeoffs:

1) Standard Shipping 

It is the most economical option for cost-conscious buyers. It involves longer transit times but no added shipping fees. This shipping not only makes deliveries but also handles the logistics. Moreover, the bought products are in safe hands, as they are protected.

2) Expedited Shipping

This option is faster than standard but slower than express shipping. It is a balanced option for buyers needing quicker delivery without premium costs. This option is excellent if you are time-conscious and want to avoid eating deep into your profit.

3) Express Shipping 

It is the swiftest shipping method for urgent deliveries. It ensures the fastest transit times but at higher costs. The cost goes all the way, but so does the speed. For buyers on a time crunch, express shipping is a suitable choice.

4) Freight Forwarding

This option is for bulk or oversized items requiring specialized handling. Freight forwarding companies coordinate domestic and international transportation logistics.

5) Postal Services

Major postal carriers like China Post offer affordable shipping options. However, each has varying delivery speeds.

6) Courier Services

Premium courier companies like FedEx and DHL provide express international deliveries. On the other hand, they also offer enhanced tracking and handling capabilities. If a business or person requires better handling and won’t mind the cost, you can opt for this.

Comparison Between Different AliExpress Shipping Methods

The table provides an overview of the various shipping methods. It covers their descriptions, estimated delivery timelines, and relative costs. Buyers can choose the suitable option based on their priorities and budget preferences.

Shipping MethodDescriptionEstimated Delivery TimeCost
Standard ShippingBasic shipping option using combined air/ground transportation15-45 daysFree or low cost
Expedited ShippingFaster air shipping for quicker international transit7-15 daysHigher fees
Premium ShippingPrioritized handling and fastest air freight option3-7 daysPremium fees
Freight ForwardingConsolidated shipping for large/bulky orders and commercial shipments15-30 daysVariable based on weight/volume
China Post Registered Air MailEconomic air shipping directly through China's postal service20-60 daysAffordable rates
Aliexpress DirectShipping from local distribution centers for nearby locations3-10 daysModerate fees based on proximity

Each shipping method has advantages and tradeoffs. Standard shipping minimizes costs but involves longer waiting periods. Expedited and express options focus on speed over cost-effectiveness. Freight forwarding caters to unique requirements. Lastly, postal and courier services offer diverse price points and service levels.

It’s crucial to carefully evaluate your shipping needs, budget, and delivery timeline preferences. Choosing the appropriate shipping method can enhance the shopping experience on AliExpress. 

Also, consider the audience: Can they handle a long wait time? All these factors accumulate to help businesses arrive at the right decision.

How Can You Predict Shipping Times?

It is imperative to know what time products arrive. This way, businesses can make an estimated plan for arrival. While precise delivery times can vary, AliExpress provides estimated shipping durations based on:

1) Shipping Method

Standard shipping typically takes 15-45 days for international orders. Expedited shipping ranges from 7-20 days, and express shipping averages 3-10 days.

2) Destination Country

Transit times differ by geographic location. Orders to nearby regions like Europe take less time than to South America.

3) Customs Clearance

Extra days may be required for customs processing. It gets busier during peak periods or on specific product categories. While carriers and AliExpress can expedite the process, it still causes a delay.

4) Handling and Processing

Seller processing time and carrier handling can add a few extra days to the timeline. Sellers with faster processing time are better than those who take a lot more time.

AliExpress calculates estimated delivery timeframes considering these factors. However, unforeseen events could prolong shipping times beyond these estimates. Hence, it pays to factor those in when estimating when you get your package. That way, you are prepared for the worst possible shipping outcome. 

Tips for Reducing AliExpress Shipping Times

There are specific ways to help reduce AliExpress shipping times. Noting these strategies ahead of your next order ensures a premium experience. Here are some of them:

Choose Faster Shipping Methods: Opt for expedited or express shipping for speedier deliveries. However, this method costs a lot more than standard shipping.

Combine Orders: Leverage bundled shipping by combining many orders. As a result, it saves the time needed for processing and shipping.

Select Domestic Sellers: Orders from within China reach you faster than international shipments.

Consider ePacket Shipping: ePacket is an affordable but reasonably fast shipping option. Some sellers offer it for you in small packages.

Avoid Peak Seasons: Holiday seasons like Chinese New Year experience higher parcel volumes. More volume ultimately leads to more shipping delays.

Monitor Seller Performance: Check seller metrics like shipping times and ratings. These metrics help you locate prompt shippers. Also, it stops you from partnering with slow sellers.

Use AliExpress Premium Services: They promise accelerated processing and delivery for a fee. It is your best option if you can’t risk a long wait.

While implementing these tips can reduce shipping times, some factors are beyond our control. To be safe, you must be patient and factor extra days into the expected delivery date.

How to Track Your AliExpress Orders?

Tracking your AliExpress orders is essential to watch shipping progress. Here’s how to go about tracking step-by-step: 

Step 1: Locate the Tracking Number

AliExpress provides a tracking number after you place an order. The number is accessible via your order details or a confirmation email.

Step 2: Access the Tracking Portal 

On the AliExpress website or app, navigate to the “Orders” section. Click on the specific order to view tracking details.

Step 3: Understand the Tracking Information

The tracking page displays the current status, shipping carrier, and updates. The statuses include:

  • Processed,
  • Shipped,
  • In-Transit, and
  • Delivered

Step 4: Interpret the Tracking History

A chronological log tracks your package’s movement from the seller’s location. Each entry represents a checkpoint along the delivery route.

Step 5: Identify the Shipping Carrier

The carriers handling your shipment, such as China Post and FedEx, are listed. You can visit their website for additional tracking.

Step 6: Monitor for Delivery Updates

As your package progresses, AliExpress will update the tracking status. You’ll receive notifications when it’s out for delivery or delivered successfully.

Step 7: Contact Customer Service (if needed)

If you experience prolonged delays or discrepancies, contact AliExpress customer service. Provide your order details and tracking number for assistance.

By diligently tracking your AliExpress orders, you are several steps ahead. You are informed, can set accurate delivery expectations, and address potential issues promptly.

How to Handle AliExpress Shipping Delays?

Shipping delays can occur due to several variables beyond AliExpress’s control. You can take suitable steps to reduce and resolve potential delays.

1) Stay Informed

Watch your order’s tracking information regularly to identify potential delays early on.

2) Understand Estimated Delivery Times

Review the estimated delivery timeframe provided by AliExpress when placing your order. Reasonable delays within this window may be acceptable.

3) Communicate with the Seller

If a delay exceeds the estimated timeframe, contact the seller politely. Inquire about the delivery status and any potential issues.

4) Request Seller Assistance

If delays persist, ask the seller to follow up with the shipping carrier. You can also ask for updated tracking information and estimated delivery dates.

5) Open a Dispute

AliExpress provides a dispute resolution process for unresolved shipping delays. Start a dispute with evidence like order details and communication logs.

6) Leverage Buyer Protection 

AliExpress Buyer Protection covers eligible orders that are facing significant delays. You may be entitled to a refund or reshipment after specific timeframes.

7) Contact Customer Service

If the seller is unresponsive, reach out to AliExpress customer service. Provide detailed information about the delay for further help.

8) Consider Alternative Shipping 

For urgent orders, sellers may offer to re-ship via a faster method, sometimes at your expense. Check if the new methods are worth the extra cost.

9) Request a Refund

You can request a refund through AliExpress’s dispute resolution if all else fails. Note that you should take this step only after an extended wait.

10) Leave Honest Feedback 

After resolving the issue, provide feedback on your experience. This gesture helps others make informed decisions about the seller.

How Do Global Events Affect AliExpress Shipping?

Global events can significantly impact AliExpress’s shipping times. Here are different global events that impact AliExpress shipping:

1) Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, floods, and others can disrupt transportation routes and infrastructure. Hence, it results in road closures, port shutdowns, and airport disruptions. Ultimately, these disasters will result in delayed shipments.

2) Health Crises

Pandemics can lead to supply chain disruptions. Restrictions, quarantines, and capacity limits affect air/sea freight operations. 

3) Political Unrest

Civil unrest, wars, or trade disputes can restrict international shipments. Imposed sanctions, border closures, and security risks create logistical challenges.

4) Peak Seasons

Major holidays like Chinese New Year surge orders. Overwhelming carriers and customs lead to processing backlogs and delays.

5) Aviation Disruptions

Strikes by air or ground staff can impact air freight operations. Airport closures, airspace restrictions, and capacity constraints also disrupt operations.

6) Port Congestion

High volumes, labor disputes, or weather events can congest significant ports. Vessel queues, equipment shortages, and handling delays affect shipments to/from regions.

7) Policy Changes

New regulations on imports/exports or trade tariffs can impact costs. The country’s inspections and clearance times affect shipping durations.

8) Supply Chain Disruptions

Problems in manufacturing or transportation can ruin the expected delivery timeframe.  Plus, when there is a breakdown in logistics, delays are imminent. Production delays and capacity constraints impact shipping timelines.

Additional Factors:

  • Haphazard weather conditions like hail and thunderstorms can disrupt flights.
  • Economic situations like fuel costs can cause currency fluctuations to affect freight rates.
  • Cyber attacks, system glitches, and communication breakdowns hamper coordination.
  • Infrastructure challenges like road conditions and port efficiency vary globally.
  • AliExpress monitors global events closely to mitigate disruptions proactively. Contingency plans, route adjustments, and regular supplier/carrier communication help cut shipping delays.

What Do Customers Say About AliExpress Shipping?

aliexpress shipping reviews
aliexpress shipping reviews

We reached out to customers to gain insights into real-world AliExpress shipping experiences. Speaking to them, let us see the benefits and tradeoffs of AliExpress shipping. Instead of speculations, now, we can use real-life experiences to gauge AliExpress shipping:

Amanda, UK: I lately ordered some fashion goods from AliExpress. I chose the free standard shipping, expecting a month’s waiting time. To my surprise, my order reached here in just 12 days! The tracking showed it moved the order fast through China. Moreover, customs clearance was a breeze.

Raul, Spain: My AliExpress shipping experience wasn’t great. I paid some extra for expedited shipping, but my product order took over three weeks. However, the delay seemed to be at the last-mile of the delivery stage within Spain. Better information from AliExpress would’ve helped control expectations.

Ling, Malaysia: Living in Southeast Asia, I often receive most of my parcels in two weeks. And many orders are always through standard shipping. Still, during the Chinese New Year, the whole thing slowed down significantly. My clothes order placed in January took almost two months due to the holiday season.

Zack, USA: Having ordered products from AliExpress before, shipping times can be volatile. Small orders sometimes reach faster than larger ones. It’s best to use premium and free shipping options for needs when you’re in no rush.

Fatima, Egypt: My first AliExpress product order was for some home decor items. The seller shipped on time, but once in Egypt, it remained in customs for weeks. When I contacted customer support, they helped speed up clearance. I finally received products after a 2-month wait.

Mark, Australia: I’ve had pleasant experiences ordering many gadgets from AliExpress using ePacket shipping. These dedicated postal lanes accelerate transit times compared to standard shipping. Besides, the packages flow through customs smoothly.

These real-life stories highlight how location, shipping method, and seasonality impact delivery time.

How Is AliExpress Improving Shipping Times in 2024?

AliExpress shipping has come a long way. Now, the system is working to address customer concerns and enhance shipping experiences. Here are some initiatives AliExpress is implementing in 2024:

1) Expanding Logistics Partnerships

AliExpress continues forging strategic partnerships. These collaborations seek to enhance shipping efficiency, transit times, and tracking capabilities. With more of these partnerships, AliExpress gets even faster and better. The platform will satisfy more buyers and be more efficient.

2) Investing in More Warehouses and Distribution Centers

AliExpress aims to have more regional warehousing and distribution centers in different parts of the world.  By doing this, the platform can streamline last-mile deliveries. This strategy reduces shipping times to customers in other regions.

3) Optimizing Order Processing and Fulfillment

AliExpress uses process automation and supply chain optimization to speed up order processing. Quicker turnarounds at seller warehouses and distribution centers are the goal.

4) Enhancing Customer Support

The Chinese platform is implementing a better customer support system with trained personnel. Improved response times ensure timely help during shipping-related inquiries and issues.

5) Developing Predictive Shipping Intelligence

Using advanced data analytics, AliExpress plans to provide accurate shipping time predictions. For estimates, the platform will consider factors like location, carrier, seasonality, etc.

6) Incentivizing Prompt Sellers

The platform is exploring incentives and rewards for sellers providing expedited order processing. Hence, AliExpress motivates sellers to be swift shipping handlers.

7) Leveraging Advanced  Logistics Technologies

The platform adopts emerging technologies like drones and autonomous vehicles. Hence, AliExpress revolutionize last-mile delivery. The innovations enhance end-to-end shipment tracking and faster deliveries.

8) Collaborating with Customs Authorities

Closer collaboration with customs agencies aims to streamline clearance procedures for cross-border shipments. Reduced delays and bottlenecks at customs are expected outcomes of this initiative.

Key Takeaways – What Is Our Take on AliExpress Shipping?

AliExpress is investing heavily in expanding its logistics infrastructure across key markets. AliExpress is building new fulfillment centers near major international airports and shipping hubs. Smart inventory allocation and dynamic routing algorithms optimize shipment paths.

The company is also piloting an AI-powered shipping advisory system. It provides sellers with real-time recommendations on optimal shipping carriers and routes. Factors like destination, package size, delivery timeline, and cost-efficiency are considered.

To further expedite deliveries, AliExpress is exploring crowdsourced last-mile delivery models. Local contractors or individual drivers could be engaged for final deliveries.

AliExpress is taking steps to be more sustainable. The e-commerce store aims to use eco-friendly packaging and warehouses. This way, AliExpress reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint.

AliExpress aims to deliver faster, more reliable, and transparent shipping experiences. And it seeks to make it happen through these multi-pronged efforts. Its global customer base demands resilient and consumer-centric logistics capabilities.

FAQs for Aliexpress ship time:


1) What Factors Can Influence the Delivery Time of Your AliExpress Package?

Shipping method, seller’s processing time, destination country, customs clearance, and global events. For example, expedited shipping guarantees faster but costlier delivery than standard. Remote locations face longer transit times compared to major cities. Holidays, weather disruptions, or supply chain issues can cause unexpected delays.

2) How Can Shoppers Track Their AliExpress Orders Effectively?

AliExpress provides a tracking number for each order once shipped. The mobile app and website offer real-time shipment tracking tools. Buyers can view current locations, status updates, and estimated delivery dates. Notifications on shipping milestones help buyers stay informed throughout transit.

3) What Steps Can Resolve Shipping Delays on AliExpress Purchases?

First, check the tracking information for any available status updates. If there is a significant delay, contact the seller politely for an explanation. For extended delays, open a dispute case on AliExpress for investigation. Provide order details, tracking numbers, and communication records as evidence. AliExpress customer service will mediate to resolve the shipping delay appropriately.

4) How Does AliExpress Ensure Faster Deliveries From Chinese Sellers?

AliExpress works alongside major global logistics providers to speed up shipping. Orders are transported through air freight for quicker transit. In-country distribution hubs help last-mile deliveries to buyers’ locations. Premium shipping upgrades are available for time-sensitive purchases from China.

5) Can I Request Expedited Shipping After Placing an AliExpress Order?

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade to faster shipping after ordering. Contact the supplier immediately after placing the order for this request. Sellers can usually hurry if the order hasn’t been processed yet. Extra costs will apply for expedited international shipping fees.

6) How Does Customs Clearance Impact AliExpress Package Delivery Times?

Customs procedures can significantly affect transit times for international shipments. Complex regulations, inspections, duties, and paperwork requirements cause potential delays. Prohibited items or incorrect documentation can lead to package seizures. Efficient customs clearance is crucial for timely cross-border AliExpress deliveries.

7) What Shipping Protection Options Are Available for High-Value AliExpress Purchases?

AliExpress offers various shipping protection services for added security. Buyers can buy shipping insurance to cover loss or damage. Premium logistics solutions provide end-to-end tracking and expedited delivery. Specialized packaging is also available for fragile or expensive items.

8) Can Delivery Preferences Like Day/time Be Specified for AliExpress Orders?

Yes, AliExpress allows for the specification of delivery preferences for most shipping options. During checkout, buyers can select a preferred delivery date and time slot. It is subject to availability based on the destination region. Certain remote areas may have limited delivery schedule options.

9) How Do Seasonal Sales and Promotions Affect AliExpress Order Fulfilment Capacities?

During major sales events, AliExpress witnesses a massive surge in orders. It can temporarily overwhelm sellers’ warehouses and logistics partners’ networks. Due to increased volumes, processing and shipping times may be extended. AliExpress works closely with sellers to manage demand and capacity constraints.

10) What Recourse Is Available if an AliExpress Order Is Never Delivered?

If an order hasn’t arrived after the estimated time, open a dispute case for a refund/reshipment. Providing tracking details, communication records, and order info strengthens the claim. AliExpress will investigate and ease a resolution through seller mediation or compensation.

Final Thoughts!

So, AliExpress is proactively addressing shipping challenges in 2024. The e-commerce giant prioritizes faster, more reliable global deliveries. The multi-pronged strategy targets various areas for improvement. 

Logistics partnerships, infrastructure investments, and process optimizations are underway. Plus, the system includes predictive analytics, incentives, and disruptive technologies. AliExpress’s collaborations with customs authorities streamline cross-border shipments efficiently.

Shoppers can leverage AliExpress’s robust tracking and support systems. Real-time updates, delivery preferences, and shipping protection services also empower buyers. AliExpress’s transparent communication and dispute-resolution mechanisms instill confidence. 

While there are external factors like natural disasters, AliExpress is proactive.  They implement contingencies to mitigate risks. Consistent monitoring and adaptability ensure resilience against global disruptions. 

Ultimately, AliExpress’s customer-centric approach drives its shipping transformation agenda. Faster deliveries, transparent tracking, and responsive issue resolution elevate experiences. As cross-border e-commerce continues flourishing, reliable logistics become paramount.
Undoubtedly, your business will get the best treatment at AliExpress. The platform’s shipping capabilities cater to evolving consumer expectations. Modern shoppers prioritize speed, visibility, and seamless post-purchase journeys. By addressing long-standing challenges, AliExpress strengthens brand loyalty globally. Its robust shipping innovations cement its status as a leader.

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