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Getting the best wholesale clothing vendors is crucial. It is the first step to growing your fashion business. You can buy clothes at retail. But, there will be little to no profits.

If you sell clothes and want more profit, you need to get them at a lower price. You can only get cheap clothes if you buy from a wholesale vendor. Cheap here doesn’t mean substandard.

It means buying good quality clothes at lower prices. But, if you want cheaper low-quality options, you can get them. China is a massive marketplace with many cloth-manufacturing industries.

You won’t lack anything within your budget. Here, we’ll talk about how to buy clothes at lower prices without compromising quality. Check out our guide below to see where to start. 

What are Wholesale Clothing Vendors?

Wholesale clothing vendors are businesses managing goods from manufacturers. Suppliers run stores and distribution processing zones. For example, the supplier might send clothes straight to the retailer even if they are dropshippers.

The role of a wholesale vendor is to distribute and transport clothes to retailers. Sometimes, they do it straight to the consumer. So you can run a retail business if you get a reliable wholesale clothes vendor.

Your company can store and sell fashion items online and deliver them to clients. 

What are the Advantages of the Chinese Garment Industry?

The Chinese garment industry is enormous. Even some big brands manufacture their clothes in this country.

Here are some advantages of the apparel industry in China.

1) Affordable Clothe Prices

Discounted prices are one advantage of buying items from the Chinese market. Wholesale suppliers offer affordable prices on all items. 

You will buy most clothes in bulk. Thus, the price is a bit low than purchasing a single piece from a nearby store in the same place. If you buy in retail in your country, prices will be higher. 

In short, the more items you buy, the lower the price. 

2) High-quality Clothes

Suppliers in China buy goods straight from the manufacturer. Even though prices are lower, the quality is top-notch. It avoids the need to use intermediaries who might downplay you.

Some middlemen can be cons. They get the same design of clothes you want and make your order. But, unfortunately, the quality isn’t the same as it would be at the manufacturer.

Besides, the transportation amount when buying directly from the manufacturer is always less. Moreover, garments are free from defects or alterations. 

3) Many Clothe Choices and Styles Are Available

China has a wide array of options for wholesale clothes. Unless specific about a design, you may need to settle on a mediocre choice. You can choose from the different materials, colors, sizes, and styles. 

4) Quick Dispatch

China has many Clothing manufacturers. Thus, it should take a short time to get your order ready. Suppliers take a shorter time if buying orders are enormous. 

5) Best Fashion Style

The clothing selection in China is wide. Thanks to manufacturers who work round the clock to produce clothes in a short time. The fashion style is one of the best here. 

Browse the internet to see buyers reviewing clothes they buy from China. The photos show elegance and creativity. 

How Can You Find Quality Wholesale Clothing Vendor?

There are so many wholesale quality clothing vendors worldwide. But China has the highest number. So, of course, you will also get the best prices and quality there.

You can get these vendors offline and online. Choose the best method to search for them. Do your due diligence while at it.

1) Browse Online Marketplaces

So many online marketplaces exist. You can find wholesale vendors there in thousands. But, you need to be careful. Not all are genuine. 

Alibaba and Aliexpress are among the reliable websites offering free directories. It is easy to get wholesale clothes vendors and suppliers at a go. Check different products using specific keywords. 

It is vital to verify vendors for ratings and verification checkmarks. You want to gauge their credibility before engaging with them. 

2) Attend Clothing Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are excellent places to find wholesale vendors and manufacturers in China. There are many networking opportunities. It is easier to meet wholesale suppliers in person if you attend them. 

Ask your questions and interact with different people. You will see many clothes. Test their quality and see if the styles are hotcakes. 

You get updates on the current and upcoming fashion styles and trends. 

3) Simply Search for Clothing Wholesalers Online

Search engines came to save our lives.
Besides, you can get more information under the exact search you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Search engines are a gem. But, most of them aren’t well-controlled. 

We don’t know if that is the correct statement to use. But, the search results also have a lot of con sites. Most of them are challenging to identify. 

We know of these search engines being legit in their operation. But, swindlers mask themselves with genuine-looking websites. 

A website can look legit with no questionable points. But, ultimately, you lose your money because you didn’t read reviews online. Get the suppliers’ contact details and reach them. 

The sites can give a clue about prices, focus areas, and products. 

4) Search for Clothing Wholesalers on Social Media

We bid goodbye to the days when social media was only for interactions. Today, businesses thrive on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. 

Some of them have marketplaces. Others have hashtags that help you in searches. Nowadays, it is easy to find product results on social media. 

Most wholesale suppliers are on these platforms. They are either using their personal or company profiles. It is also an excellent way to find out if they are genuine. 

Social media platforms have comment sections. Reviewers share their comments under posts.

An active presence on social media is becoming necessary for most businesses, mainly if you supply products worldwide. Some buyers can’t travel to place physical orders. 

Contact a supplier via their DM. Most of them will reply quickly, mainly if they use business pages. 

Use specific keywords to narrow down your search. Explore the hashtags if the social media platform you are using has them. 
On these 3 sites, you can find some clothes suppliers, Facebook, Linkedin, and TikTok.

5) Join Some Facebook Supplier Groups

Facebook business groups and Telegram are other helpful avenues. Facebook allows you to create a group and build a community. In addition, you can connect with other resellers on these platforms. 
Facebook business groups and Telegram are other helpful avenues. Facebook allows you to create a group and build a community. In addition, you can connect with other resellers on these platforms. 
If you need some clothes supplier you can post what you need on some clothes supplier group then will have a lot of supplier or sale contact you, You need to find the right supplier for you through communication

In most groups, community members access exclusive offers. A lot of private yet helpful content is here. You get to interact with experts and those who have been in business for a long. 


6) Contact Clothing Manufacturers Directly

Inventory stocking from different brands is crucial if you are stocking up. Get contacts of specific brands and reach them for the information you need. Most brands have websites and social media handles. 

Check if these avenues are active. For example, you can get company contacts on social networks or the Contact Us Page. Others have FAQ sections that answer questions on how you can reach the company. 

Brand business teams will direct you to the wholesalers. You want to avoid any doubts about the trustworthiness of a supplier. 

7) By Partnering with a Sourcing Firm 

China sourcing agents are experts at finding the best yet affordable products. Moreover, the agent inspects products to ensure quality control. Besides, they offer comprehensive help on all matters of clothes sourcing.

What Things Should You Consider When Dealing With Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in China?

When you are looking for a clothing supplier, it is best to consider the following points

1) Cloth Quality

The quality of products is one of the primary aspects to consider. There are all quality levels of clothes in China. But, of course, your money gets you excellent quality. 

Some suppliers will offer crap at medium prices. These are swindlers. 

Others overprice low-quality clothes, and ignorant clients still buy. So it is also a category of cons. 

Get suppliers who deal in high-quality products at affordable prices. The manufacturer, too, has to be reputable. Otherwise, you are engaging in a big gamble. 

And, the risks of getting substandard products are high. Most reputable cloth manufacturers have exclusive catalogs. These have high-quality pictures. 

You want to get a rough idea of the brands they stock. Decide on the party that will handle quality-related issues when drafting the contract. 

2) Market Reputation of the Clothing Supplier

You don’t partner with random people in business. Ensure your partner is reliable and very reputable. We understand that companies, too, make mistakes. 

If they are reasonable, this is understandable to anyone who reads a negative review. But, others don’t care how they run their businesses. Research online and do more due diligence before anything. 

Learn and understand your supplier well before contracting them. Most clothing wholesalers have websites or online storefronts. Assess customer reviews and check their ratings to be safe. 

you can check their website ,Alibaba site or feedback from social media accounts.

3) MOQ

Minimum order quantity is a common term when shipping products from abroad. It is the least number of items a wholesaler can sell to you. Assess the wholesaler’s MOQ and understand it well. 

It helps you know how much money to invest in buying your stock. As you start, it is best to buy from wholesalers with lower MOQs. It doesn’t matter if the unit of each cost is high. 

You want to offset all risks of saddling with a lot of inventory. Especially if the item doesn’t get the response as expected. 

4) Packaging

If you want to sell your own branded clothing, then you will need to determine with your supplier if they support branded labels, which are now possible for certain styles of clothing, albeit in small order quantities.

5) Returns & Payment Policy

It is where most businesses fail. Even big wholesalers sometimes back out on this. But, sometimes, the client doesn’t read the terms and conditions and understands them well. 

Payment and return policies are crucial factors in finishing a deal. You need to take time on this when buying clothes from a wholesale vendor. The supplier has to accept unsold items without return charges. 

If there are any fees, then the amount should be reasonable. Returns are vital like payment is. Know all the payment terms of your supplier. 

Check all the options they offer. Some offer payment per order while others accept it per month. Some solid customers pay after three months, which is fantastic. 

If a wholesaler can’t allow you to negotiate from the beginning, you should worry. It might be hard to do business with them later. 

6) Specialization

Some manufacturers have catalogs with many products they sell. These can produce most types of clothes on the market. But, some make a specific type of clothes only.
Such manufacturers boast a lot of creativity. It comes from the limited number of options they create. The designs are better, and you will love their buying terms. 

Because of their specialty, these suppliers want to set themselves apart from the competition. These manufacturers focus on specific products. 

You can negotiate with them for better deals. It is always good to also give your offer. You never know. 

The manufacturer might take it if you buy a few items. 

7) Lead Time

Lead time is the duration an item takes from ordering to delivery. Like the minimum order quantities, shorter lead times mean you get products early. 

Items also get into the inventory faster. It can help with faster deliveries of preorders to customers.
At present, there are three main modes of ship, which are sealine, airline and express . The ship costs of these three modes vary greatly, and you need to choose the suitable mode of ship according to the quantity of your orders and the timeliness requirements.

8) Sample Order Policy

A sample order policy can be helpful, especially if you order garments wholesale as a first-timer. It also works if you are experimenting with new styles before going in with big orders.
Sample orders help you to get insights into the demand and customer preferences. You want to do some market tests before placing big orders. 

9) Check Tie-ups of Wholesalers with Clothing Manufacturers

Wholesale suppliers are the closest links to clothing manufacturers. They can know the materials, prices, and designs before they hit the market. Remember, suppliers love creating stronger ties with manufacturers. 

First, they want to get the best products from the company. Also, they get lower prices than new buyers buying from the same manufacturers. 

You will get the best clothes at lower prices. The research process for a good supplier should be intense. Ask those you are vetting about their sourcing models. 

Understand if they get their goods straight from the manufacturer. If they have middlemen who do this, stay away. Others get clothes from mega distributors, and the prices are still favorable. 

Ask how long the suppliers have been in business. You should get clear information on how manufacturers handle quality issues. Don’t make a contract with anyone without asking such questions. 

You want to tick all the boxes before investing your money. For quality purposes, it is best if your supplier deals with the manufacturer. You want to avoid any complications in case there is a middleman. 

Not all mega distributors are reliable. Some super stockists can be cons. Assess the quality of clothes you want to buy. 

Listen to all their terms and decide. 

10) Dropshipping Option

As an online business, you have so many benefits. You can use dropshipping services for cheap. Dropshipping saves you the stress of stocking and shipping clothes. 

The wholesaler ships orders straight from their warehouse to the consumer. There is a price attached to this service. Be careful when using wholesalers for dropshipping. 

Order a few pieces of clothes you want to sell. Assess the quality and packaging. If the two meet your needs, they are potential business partners. 

11) Location of Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

The location of your supplier influences shipping costs and lead time. You might be looking for international suppliers. Ensure to factor in freight policies, taxes, and shipping methods. 

Such aspects can affect the business. 

Top 6 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Sites From China

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is the mother of all online shopping. Well, not that the rest are sub-business under it. But it is a household name when it comes to most things importing. 

It is one of the most famous China clothing websites. The site offers services to tens of millions of suppliers and clients worldwide. 

The online-based store sells cheap Chinese clothes. Alibaba aims to make it easy for anyone to do business regardless of location. The company offers suppliers the necessary tools for global reach. It helps buyers to find suppliers and clothes with ease. 

2. DHgate

DHgate contributes a lot to the China clothes wholesale market. It is an ecommerce business where you can buy and sell items at wholesale prices. 

The customer base of this online platform is past 4 million users. Isn’t this remarkable? DHgate can handle most goods and ship to over 30 countries. 

One of its drawbacks is the limited refund policy. 

3. Made in China

Made in China has a wide array of good quality clothing at affordable prices. It is a diverse platform with all clothes regardless of gender and age. 

Manufacturers also sell here hence the affordable prices of clothes. You can visit as many sellers on the platform as you are satisfied. The primary concern is manufacturers asking you to order as per their LOQ. 

4. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a top wholesaler and ships to over 200 countries. There are lots of clothes selections from cheap to expensive.

The business has reliable quality control experts. There are no risks of getting substandard clothes. 

5. Yaaku

Yaaku is a Guangzhou-based online business. It offers tons of clothing options at great prices. 

The business offers services to over 50 countries. 

Its services are fast and at wholesale prices. These are also ideal for buying clothes from the China wholesale clothes market. 

6. Banggood

Banggood was a computer and software research company. Later, it advanced to eCommerce. The company supplies cheap yet high-quality clothing to customers.

How to Import Wholesale Clothing from China?

The fashion wholesale clothing business is profitable. But, you may need to do your due diligence and research first. Here are some steps to follow before importing from China.

1. Study the Import Rules & Regulations

Understand the import rules and regulations in your country first. Later, you can find out those for exporting from China. Official sources have the correct information. 
You don’t want the inconveniences of customs stopping your consignments. 

2. About Taxes & Duties

There are many Chinese companies that ship to your address using DDP, unless you have additional requirements.so you need not pay tax.
If you use express When the value of the goods exceeds the local regulations, you are required to provide information to assist the courier company to clear customs

3. Search for a Trustworthy Clothing Supplier

China is a big marketplace. Not all suppliers are genuine and reliable. Follow the process in the sub-section in this guide to get potential ones. 

Start the vetting process and ask all questions possible. It would instead take a long to find one. Remember that there are so many scammers waiting for ignorant buyers. 

4. Negotiate the Clothing Prices 

A supplier who doesn’t want you to negotiate prices might be difficult. Get more flexible options. Also, it is best to buy from those with low order quantities. 

Do this to test your business before investing vast amounts of money. Bargaining doesn’t mean you get inferior goods. 

5. Get Clothing Samples

Ask for samples if you are dealing with new wholesale cloth suppliers. Models allow you to check clothes’ quality, material, and durability. 

If samples don’t look or feel appealing, don’t waste your money. 

6. Hire a Skilled Agent 

You can let agents do the whole work for you. These people have experience in marketing and know the best suppliers. 

Agents can help you get good quality clothes faster at lower prices. Get in touch with one to get most tasks out of your way.

Why Should you Hire a Sourcing Agent to Import Clothes from China?

Sourcing agents do industry visits on your behalf. They help in communicating inconsistencies or issues on the quality. Also, leave them the task of helping you launch or expand a new clothing collection. 

Remember, sourcing agents can reach the best manufacturers and get lower prices for you. Since they are legal in China, you can use them. They make small commissions on sold orders. 


You can start your clothing company by importing quality clothes from China. Use reliable wholesale vendors to get lower prices. You can dropship from a wholesale vendor. 

But, there are some fees attached to this. You can also use sourcing agents to make your import process more manageable.

No, Shein is one of the famous online shop site from China. It is not clothing supplier , The brand is gaining popularity after its transformation. Check YouTube to see how hundreds of creators are reviewing their clothes.

Popular Chinese wholesalers for boutiques are Banggood, DHgate, and so on. Others are Alibaba and AliExpress, among others. You need look for supplier on these site.

Yes. Clothing is cheap in China because you are buying from the manufacturer. If not, you are getting stock from a mega distributor. Buying in bulk means you get clothes at lower prices. 

Clothes in China cost anywhere from $0.5 to $100, depending on your buying. Wholesale costs are meager, unlike buying single pieces. Also, prices differ depending on the clothing and supplier. 

Final Thoughts!

China is one of the largest wholesale marketplaces for clothes worldwide. There are thousands of wholesale vendors too. It can be daunting to choose reliable ones since scammers also exist. 

No need to worry! That’s because this guide has detailed information to help you. Use it as part of your research if you want to buy wholesale clothes from China. 

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