Temu Dropshipping Complete Guide 2024

  Many retailers now use drop shipping as their primary fulfillment strategy. But, most of them fail because shipment costs and service quality are inconsistent.
  Last year, a new shopping platform temu appeared, which is similar to aliexpress, but the prices of products on this platform are very low.
  The Temu platform is quite new. It is like a new kid on the block who’s making waves and altering the dropshipping landscape forever. Without question, it provides an exceptional buying and selling experience.
  Still, you may ask, is dropshipping viable on Temu? If so, how lucrative do you think it would be?
  Don’t worry! We’ll look closer at Temu to find out what it’s all about. Moreover, we will discuss Temu’s benefits and drawbacks. We will also compare it with other conventional forms of drop shipping.

what's temu
what’s temu

Temu: What Is It?

Temu is a new shop platform. It stocks countless items at discounted rates. Here, you can get products like gadgets, apparel, lifestyle and garden, cosmetics, etc.

The Chinese retailing giant behind Pinduoduo has created this online platform. Temu’s slow rise to prominence speaks a lot about its popularity. It has more than 29 primary product segments and over 250 smaller ones.

This platform caters its services to all demographics. You can get whatever you need at this convenient online platform. Be it the latest fashions, the newest technology, and more! Moreover, the bargains and offers given to customers are extraordinary. Its large inventory and user-friendliness make it a viable option for drop shipping.

Temu simplifies the shopping experience by providing fast access to various items. Users can visit the Temu webpage or download the Temu app to access its services.

Why We Want to Use Temu for Dropshipping?

More and more business owners are turning to Temu to meet their drop shipping needs. Let’s examine a few of the most important advantages of this platform:

1) You Get Many Product Options

temu product options
temu product options

Temu gives you access to an extensive product selection. So, it is a major selling point for the service. Temu displays a large variety of items sourced from many different vendors.

Temu has partnerships with several manufacturers. Thus, it can offer a wide selection of products from many different categories. It includes clothing, gadgets, home goods, and more.

This extensive compilation allows retailers to stock their shelves with many items. An online store with items appeals to a larger audience, boosting sales.

2) You Get Affordable Prices

Temu’s wholesale rate means you can stock up on goods at all-time low prices. Thus, you can charge less than the competition. And still, you can make a decent gain on each transaction. Temu stands out from the competition for one major reason. It offers flexible price options for its drop shipping services.

Thus, you can increase profit margins by charging less expensive product rates. Temu drop shipping helps you cut costs associated with warehouse and inventory management.

What’s more, you can save more money when you buy more quantity of the same item from Temu. Due to this, you can make bulk purchases without hurting the bank.

3) Reduced Operating Costs

Keep in mind that traditional retail strategies need an initial investment. These costs include warehousing products, coordinating shipments, and processing orders.

Thus, drop shipping with Temu eliminates the need for physical inventory. It enables new businesses to save money by eliminating the need for storage space.

Also, retailers can invest in development activities and spend their money more prudently. It functions well to only buy products when customers submit orders.

4) Effective Order Processing

Temu offers complimentary shipping on all orders over $49. The products ship from American storage facilities. Thus, Temu’s streamlined order fulfillment procedure is a powerful selling point. Utilizing reputable service providers, the platform expedites order fulfillment.

5) There are no annual membership fees.

It is a free website that enables users to enrol and browse available products. You are not required to make payments until you buy stock.

6) Excellent Mobile App

This platform has an app to simplify running a drop shipping business. It assists you with purchasing, inventory management, and dealer communication needs.

7) Helpful Community

The user base of Temu is supportive regarding shopping and product suggestions. The user community helps you discover new things and navigate your buying experience. Temu’s experts select trending products and offer important style advice. It can keep you up to date on the most recent products. Besides, it also assists you in knowing product customization.

Is Dropshipping Possible With Temu?

Temu is not support dropshipping. Temu’s trademark ‘orange packaging’ comes with all drop shipping orders. Thus, you’ll have to compromise on packaging if you wish to use the service.

According to its policies, Temu does not endorse the practice of drop shipping. Yet, its distinctive orange color packaging allows it to dropship in certain situations. In the drop shipping industry, not all retailers like seeing Temu’s name on their products. Thus, you can only use the platform for drop shipping to attract clients unfamiliar with Temu.

The order cancellation rate is another thing to consider when drop shipping with Temu. If you want to dropship using your packing, Temu will revoke your order. Sometimes, it can also deactivate your profile immediately. Thus, you must avoid breaking Temu’s rules at any cost.

"If your account has orders with many different shipping addresses, temu will restrict your account"

What Are the Major Pros and Cons of Using Temu?

Consider the pros and cons below before committing to order products from Temu.


1) Many Discounts and Promotional Offers

temu coupon
temu coupon

First, Temu provides promotional offers and coupons to all customers. On their first order, new buyers can save up to 30%. Additionally, you receive extra shipping discounts on all purchases made through the app. Also, there is a section for current promotions. Items listed in this section may contain up to 50 per cent off.

2) Latest Products

This platform offers many product categories. The frequency with which Temu adds new products to its online store and mobile app will surprise you. Every product category, from apparel to electronics, is constantly expanding.

3) Remarkable User Interface

Many e-commerce websites make it difficult for customers to locate products. It occurs due to the platform’s inadequate user interface and usability. The website and mobile application of Temu ease online shopping. You will not need to scroll very far to locate anything.

Moreover, its straightforward design and enhanced search capabilities make it easy to use. Yet, there are a few things that could be improved, but nothing that would provoke you to leave the site.

4) Many Limited-Time Offers

The platform has always been honest about offering discounts on its items. It keeps people returning to the site and aids in the preparation for big events. Many retailers, for example, offer up to 99% off on Mother’s Day.

5) Straightforward Trade Policies

The platform rules favor neither buyers nor sellers. You get 90 days to test the product and decide if you like it. If you don’t like the item, returning it is painless, and Temu’s support staff will do everything they can to help you.

Above all, the shipment quality is pretty consistent. The app claims to dispatch the product within a week. But, the majority of customers report receiving it sooner.

6) Convenience

The Temu platform is beneficial in every way. For starters, its application interface is nice and simple. Even more, its classifications are diverse. So, Temu users can find everything they need in a single location.

7) Many Payment Options

You can pay Temu orders with any credit card, debit card, or PayPal at the checkout. Additionally, you can use your Temu credit balance. If you rescind an order, your Temu credit balance is refunded within minutes. But, credit card payouts can take up to 18 business days.

8) Safer Shopping

Temu handles safety. They encrypt all consumer information and use a secure transaction system. Additionally, this platform ensures your complete gratification with every transaction. If you are unhappy with a purchase, Temu will do everything possible to rectify the situation.

9) Referral System

Buyers earn credits and gain access to premium offerings by engaging in activities. Thus, you save money while having fun with this entertaining strategy. There are challenges, surveys, and opportunities to win prizes.

Thus, it is a wonderful way to accumulate credits for the future. This platform also provides a loyalty program for returning consumers.

Remember, these are a few benefits of using Temu. We must also look at the app’s flaws.


1) The Product Quality Might Be Poor

The Temu prices are indeed low, but it doesn’t always mean the things are of the highest standard. Of course, Temu provides some mechanisms to safeguard its customers. Yet, the common problem of people getting subpar goods persists.

2) You Might Face Shipping Delays

It’s unlikely, yet sometimes orders don’t arrive as promised. There have been a few reports of customers whose orders took a month to arrive after dispatching. If Temu finds out what’s going on with their processes, their shipping will be better.

3) It Is Hard to Get Refunds

Temu’s cancellation and return policies aren’t as clear as other platforms. It is difficult to start returns and get reimbursements for defective goods. It might be laborious and difficult to coordinate with providers throughout the process.

4) You May Face Problems With Payment Processing

Some customers may find Temu’s lack of support for their preferred payment method. Temu’s accepted methods of payment may not be enough for some customers. Remember, factors including your locality and the currency can cause this issue.

You can determine whether you want to shop on the website by weighing the pros and cons. But what about drop shipping with Temu? Let’s discover.

5) order process issue

You may encounter the same package issues, customer service issues, and other terrible issues as AliExpress

Temu Drop Shipping: How to Get Started correctly With It?

The key to having success with a Temu drop shipping business is finding the proper items to sell. Let’s understand the Temu drop shipping process.

1) Look for Best-Sellers in Specific Markets

Temu platform includes ratings for the best shops and most popular products. Browse these charts to determine what products are selling well in your market. Suppose you want to narrow down on electronics. Then, you can check what’s doing well at local gadget retailers.

2) Sorting by Total Orders

You can sort Temu catalog items by their order quantity. Check the ‘orders’ option to see what’s moving fast. These items have established demand, making them safer investments.

3) Shop Around

You can look at what places like Amazon charge for similar products. You can consider Temu’s wholesale pricing and your other expenses. Then, you can set product prices at a profit.

4) Check Supplier Recommendation Scores

You can check the legitimacy of any vendor working on Temu. Make sure you choose brands that have already received many positive comments.

5) Check the Warehouses

You can prioritise the items that ship from Temu’s American warehouses. It will offer the quickest possible delivery times for your clients.

6) Start with a Sample Order

You should get a sample before making a large order on Temu. You can judge the standards of the goods straight from the box. It prevents the risk of buying faulty goods.

7)Bulk order

Place bulk order then send to 3PL warehouse or your address .
Let 3PL warehouse help you repack it , then send to your buyer .

How to Launch a Successful Drop Shipping Store With Temu?

Now that you know what would sell well, you can open a Temu drop shipping shop and begin selling. An outline of the Temu drop shipping process is as follows.

Step 1: Choose a Suitable E-Commerce Platform

If you want to open a shop online, you’ll need an online shopping platform like Shopify. The next stage is to create a branded, attractive storefront to sell your products.

Step 2: Design the Storefront

Ensure that the theme you select for your store complements your brand’s image. Never lose the interest of your customers and why they need your products.

Step 3: Increase the Number of Product Listings

You can now begin stocking your new store with distinctive goods. So, you may incorporate Temu products into your listings. You can use attractive headlines, detailed explanations, and polished images.

Step 4: Use Proper Pricing

The time has come to assign prices to your products. There must be a balance between price and competitiveness. You must try to maintain both your profits and your reputation in the market.

Step 5: Marketing

During this phase, you may use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. To promote your store, you must create content of good quality. Additionally, you can market your finest products and discounts through sponsored advertisements.

Step 6: Order Fulfillment

Place order to temu ,then send to 3PL warehouse , let they repack it , then send to buyer ,if you have a lot of order , you can place bulk order on temu and send to 3PL warehouse .

What Do Buyers Think About Temu?

temu review
temu review

Temu has received a 3.3/5 score on Trustpilot and a 3.21/5 score on Sitejabber. Note that Temu does not stock or sell any of its advertised items. Temu is an international marketplace that welcomes all Chinese vendors. Thus, there will always be both trustworthy and dishonest vendors in the market.

Temu cannot check every single product post, considering how large their platform is. Instead, Temu offers some safety measures to safeguard both buyers and sellers. These measures help prevent deception and fraud, but you should always be careful.

"Please remember that many online reviews about Temu with coupons are not objective because they can earn commissions by promoting Temu coupons."

Solution using temu dropshipping

You can use a 3PL warehouse to process the shipment. First place order on temu, then send the goods to the third-party warehouse, let the warehouse repackage it, and finally send it out.
The premise for this is that you have a lot of orders for one of your products, otherwise the time invested, profits and user purchasing experience will be very bad.

Temu dropshipping alternatives


Aliexpress is best choose, if you haven’t a lot of orders .and haven’t requirement for package .

2.Dropshipping agent

if you have a lot of orders , and have requirement for package for example need brand label ,or customize package . then use dropshipping agent do it is best . The cost will be reduced a lot and the user experience will be better than using AliExpress.

the dropshipping agent like fulfillbot 

FAQ for Temu dropshipping

You can’t use Temu for drop shipping. The news may come as a blow to retailers that rely on drop shipping. Temu lets clients save money by cutting out expensive intermediaries like drop shippers. Instead, it links buyers with suppliers and producers. Yet, you can start a Temu drop shipping business with the help of a 3PL service provider.

Of course, Temu is a real platform controlled by a reputed company. It’s worth noting that online ratings of Temu tend to be divided. It has a 3.3 star rating out of five on Trustpilot. The score is 3.21 out of five Sitejabber. Yet, many reports about late delivery, improper sizes, and fake goods exist.

Temu has a safety policy that pays returns for misrepresented or damaged products. It also covers products that go missing in transit. Temu may inspire scepticism due to inadequate quality control and low prices. But, it is solvable with proper care, research, and reasonable objectives.

Yes, customers of Temu can rest assured that they will receive high-quality products. The prices are comparable to those of wholesale suppliers.

First, Temu is not a wholesaler. It is a platform for single buyers. Procuring goods in Temu is like buying in bulk because there is no minimum order quantity.

The difference between them is small for buyers.

Remember, Temu’s customized approach may limit some brand awareness opportunities. But, retailers can distinguish themselves through promotional activities and direct customer contact.

Final Thoughts

TEMU does not support dropshipping, so temu is not the best choice and the cost will be higher.

You will need a genuine sourcing agent to perform all business operations on your behalf. Remember, you will need a reliable partner for streamlined business operations. It involves everything from finding suppliers to shipping items.

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