Top 9 Dropship Security Products 2024

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Every research today shows a significant increase in demand for dropship security products. Whether it’s for personal security or property security, everyone is looking for a security product. Insecurity, threat at home and workplace is escalating day after day.

Whether you want to make money selling self-defense products or wholesale spy camera, security product is a niche to invest in today. There are all categories of drop ship security products for you to sell online or in your brick and mortar store.
From hidden outdoor security cameras, door alarm sensor to security spy camera with audio recording, the market is more versatile than ever.
The challenges for many people are how to sell home security systems, self-defense products and cyber security products. With dropshipping your customer’s orders can be delivered directly to their destinations.
Due to the growing interest in security products, launching an online store, searching for products and listing them for dropshipping is a lucrative way to make money online. Which company is best for dropshipping? And you can find a lot of security products to dropship from AliExpress and other ecommerce platforms

What are Security Products?

Security products are hardware devices or software systems designed to safeguard properties and organizations’ products and to monitor, record, alert and spy events/places/objects.
They are installed in people’s homes, government buildings, roads, industries, schools and even hospitals to protect people and property from malicious damage, hard or theft.
Nearly all companies have surveillance and fire alarm systems installed at every strategic point.

Security Product Market Analysis

We all want to live in a safe home environment and secure workplace. Easy access and affordability of security products combined with global threats and security challenges are among the few factors contributing to the increased demand for security products.
As of 2025, the global home security systems market size is predicted to reach USD 78.9 billion by 2025. This represents an annual growth rate of 8.0% for the period 2020-2025.
According to the research, this growth is attributed to the growing awareness of home security systems and the increased adoption of wireless technologies.

Security Product Market Analysis

After doing research on the security product trends using Google Trends for the past five years, countries like the United States, Canada, South Africa and the Philippines showed to have huge demand.

To a market study done by Imperial Capital, the number of households in the United States with a security system amounts to 32.7 million in 2018. And as of 2024, they estimated this number to increase to 63.1 million.

The demand for monitoring security systems in small and medium businesses is expected to increase from 22% to 27% during the same period.

From the above three pieces of research, it’s evident the demand for security products is on the increase. And the best markets to drop ship security products include the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Kenya, and India. Not forgetting Hong Kong.
If you are looking for dropship security products we’ve got you covered.

security product trends

Top 9 Security Products to Dropship 2022

Security products differ depending on the intended use or purpose. And not every product associated with providing security is worth dropshipping. While some security product brands are becoming obsolete, other brands are winning in the market.
In fact, the market trends of all the security products we’ve listed below have been researched and found to be skyrocketing.
Here are the top trending security products;

1. Security Cameras

Different home security cameras come in varying shapes and styles and are designed to offer different experiences. The market trend for both indoor wireless security camera and outdoor wireless security camera is exploding.
With the search volume for the wireless security cameras amounting to 82,500 just a few days ago, expect huge sales. An increase in the uptake of WIFI systems at homes and in companies has greatly contributed to the increase in demand for wireless security camera.
As more people go green, the solar security cameras will be a good bet for dropshipping.

Wireless security cameras

Among the security cameras you should consider for dropshipping include:
• 1080P PTZ Wifi IP Camera by ANBIUX -Best wired wifi security camera to dropship for outdoor
• 5MP PTZ IP Camera Wifi Outdoor by BESDER- Top selling wifi wireless security camera
• Larmtek IP Camera by LarmTek – Best surveillance security camera for indoors

2. Surveillance Systems and Gears

Among the most searched surveillance security systems and gears is the CCTV camera. Being an evergreen dropshipping product, its market value is predicted to hit US$ 45.7 billion by 2032 up from US$ 13.3 billion in 2021. This represents a 12% CAGR increase.
Everybody is looking for a surveillance security system to protect his home or business – that’s why CCTV cameras are the best products to dropship 2022.

CCTV camera

Dropshipping wireless home security CCTV cameras integrated with alarm systems and hidden outdoor security cameras for surveillance will make you earn more money.
Top surveillance security systems and gears to dropship:
• Solar Power Dummy Camera – Cheap indoor and outdoor surveillance camera
• Night Version A9 Mini Camera – Best dropship/wholesale wireless surveillance CCTV home camera
• Movols H.265 3MP HD Wireless CCTV System – Top selling video surveillance security system
• 200W E27 Bulb Surveillance Camera – Best surveillance security bulb for indoor and outdoor

3. Security Lights

Whether it’s outdoor security lights with motion sensors or security lights with cameras the demand is high. The global market for floodlights is likely to double by 2027. And as the search volume for security lights with cameras and motion sensors continues to surge, orders will also go up.

Security Lights

Dusk to dawn security light with the camera is what most companies and homeowners are looking for. Security floodlights with a camera and solar security lights with cameras are other categories of security lights you should start dropshipping.
Which is the best security light to dropship today?
• 108 122 138 171 LED Solar Lights – Best solar powered security light with motion sensor
• 160COB Solar LED Street Light – Best solar street security light
• PIR Motion Sensor LED Night Light – Top selling smart motion sensor LED night light
• Solar Street Lights – Solar Security light for garden patio

4. Security Alarms/Sensors

Almost every house in my area is fitted with a security alarm and every warehouse I’ve walked in has a door sensor. This explains the expected 4.1% CAGR growth for the period 2021-2028. Security alarms and sensors vary depending on their purpose and so are their market trends.

wireless door sensors

Adoption of big data analytics, AI and IoT technologies are also contributing to the increase in demand for automatic security alarms and sensors. The search for wireless door sensors is at its peak followed by smart home security systems.
As you consider dropshipping home door alarm sensors, commercials fire alarm systems are also worth including in your list.
In-demand security alarms/sensors to dropship:
• GauTone PG103 Alarm System – Top selling wireless home burglary security alarm system
• Tuya Smart Home Loud/WiFi Door Sensor – Cheapest door security alarm/sensor to dropship
• KERUI Cheap Upgraded Standalone Wireless Home Security Alarm – Best-selling sire for security alarm

5. Smart Door Locks

While some buyers are looking for smart door locks that work with Alexa, others are searching for smart door locks that work with ring or Google. The monthly increase in search volume for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected smart door locks since 2013 makes them an in-demand dropship security demand.
As of 2019, the smart door lock market size was valued at USD 1,172.5 million. Their market size is projected to boom by a CAGR of 18.4% by 2027. The screenshot below further supports this prediction.

Smart Door Locks

The more people realize they can remotely monitor who enters and leaves their houses through a mobile app gesture more people are going to buy smart door locks.
Here are the best smart door locks to dropship?
• Cerradura intelige X5 – Best commercial smart door locks
• Tuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock – Best rated smart door locks with biometric fingerprint
• 2022 NEW Electronic Smart Lock -Best affordable smart door locks
• New Biometric Fingerprint Lock – Smart door locks with camera

6. Baby Camera

Among the different types of baby monitors to consider drop shipping are audio baby camera with monitor, wireless video baby camera, motion sensor baby monitor and wifi baby cameras.
Some baby monitors with camera sell as low as $10 and the growing desire to monitor baby movements while away are a few reasons to dropship baby cameras. Also, the increased threat to child safety has contributed to the increased demand for baby cameras.
Below is a graphical chart illustrating the upward monthly search volume trends for baby camera security products.

Baby Camera

If you’re searching for baby cameras for dropshipping consider the list below.
• Wireless Video Baby Monitor by TakTark – Best baby security camera with lullaby
• HeimVision Baby Monitor – Best baby camera with wireless monitor
• VB603 Video Baby Monitor – Most ordered baby camera on AliExpress
• 1080P Robot IP Camera – Top selling baby surveillance video camera

7. Doorbell Camera

Impressively, the global doorbell camera market size is eyeing a CAGR growth rate of 10.3% for the period 2020 to 2025; a positive indication to doorbell camera wholesalers and dropshippers.
Property crime and violent crime rates towards individuals are reported every hour and every day with many being not reported. With monthly search volume for doorbell camera going as high as 117,000, the need for doorbell camera installation in houses is dire.

Doorbell Camera

Even though the wired doorbell camera sales have been the highest in the past years compared with wireless doorbell cameras, the latter is expected to perform better. To the advantage of online resellers like dropshippers, and doorbell cameras online sales have been higher compared to brick and mortar shops.

wireless doorbell camera

• Awapow 3.5 Inch Video Doorbell – Doorbell camera with monitor
• Wsdcam Smart Doorbell Camera – Wireless doorbell camera
• WIFI Doorbell Smart Home – Best wireless doorbell camera
• Tuya Video Doorbell – Wireless doorbell camera
Doorbell camera search volumes are at breakouts and so are their counterpart wireless video doorbells.

8. Wireless video doorbell

With modern houses’ walls being too expensive to be drilled, the wireless video doorbells are the main security products the homeowners prefer. Installation convenience and increased adaption of Wi-Fi systems are other factors contributing to the product’s increased demand.

Wireless video doorbell

Wireless WiFi video doorbell with monitor is another product mix causing the already witnessed huge demand for wireless video doorbells.
When looking for dropshipping products, product research tools like Google Trends do help refine the research more. For example, you’ll find other subcategories like wireless ring video doorbell, smart home wireless video doorbell and wireless battery video doorbell.
Dropship these wireless video doorbells without subscription:
• WIFI Doorbell Smart Home
• EKEN V5 Smart WiFi Video Doorbell
• Tuya Video Doorbell
• Smart Home Video Doorbell

9. Alarm

We need an alarm to alert when there is an attempted intrusion. Intrusion prevention systems are in high demand and equally are any other categories of alarm systems.

Fire alarm

You can either choose to dropship fire alarm sensors or fire alarm systems for industrial or home use but later has a higher demand.
Whereas the global alarm monitoring market is projected to grow at a CAGR rate of 5.4% for the period 2021-2026), its subcategory product – fire alarm is estimated to grow at a CAGR rate of 7.2% between 2022 and 2030.

fire alarm

Dropship of these fire alarm systems and sensors:
• LPSECURITY 9-28VDC fire alarm system – Best for industrial use
• ZONAN S10+S11 Tuya – In-demand smoke and fire alarm
• ZONAN G12 – Best WiFi wireless fire alarm
• Tuya Smart Home Wifi Smoke Detector – Top-selling smart fire alarm

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling security products from a point of fear tactic has been used for many years – and yes, it leads to sales. This tactic creates a sense of urgency and instils fear causing wrong purchasing. But to a repeat customer, the fear tactic is likely to become a turnoff. The end result is reduced sales.
Explaining the importance of installing security products at home and in companies/industries leads to informed purchases and happy customers.
Illustrating the features of security products and the peace of mind experienced when one is armed with a security product is the best technique to sell security products.

Security products can either be software or hardware. In a simple definition, a security product is a hardware or software application designed to alert, detect, monitor or capture an image or video.
These are products one can use to protect valuables, properties and individual lives, prevent crimes and create a sense of safety.

The most successful dropshippers value more products with high-profit margins, fast-moving, in-demand and cheap items that are solving buyers’ pain points. They tend to avoid products hard to market, heavy or bulky products and copyrighted/ counterfeit products.
The best products to dropship today include:
• Beauty products
• Security products
• Women clothing
• Car accessories
• Phone accessories

Yes, dropshipping security products is profitable but when you select the products from the most trending brands, choose high-quality products and in-demand items.
Self-defense products wholesale dropshipping is a lucrative category to start with. Industrial and home surveillance security systems is another security product niche worth dropshipping.

Final Thoughts

From the market trends analysis illustrated earlier, it’s worth to dropship security products. Whether it’s dropshipping hidden outdoor security cameras, self-defense security products or baby monitors the market size is growing fast not in all countries but in specific regions.
United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and China are countries you should consider as your target markets. To make the profits you desire, it’s wise to match every single security product with the market region in need of the product.

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