12 Best Shopify Reviews Apps In 2024

Are you a Shopify store owner looking to build a successful business? Then you must know the power reviews hold over your success.

Like you, many people scrutinize reviews before settling for a product. It proves that product reviews are game changers capable of making or breaking your sales.

With online shopping at its peak, setting up a solid customer feedback system is a non-negotiable task for every store owner. And that’s where Shopify review apps come in.

So, this blog post will look at the 12 best Shopify review apps you can use to collect reviews and boost sales. Let’s dive in.

A product review is a feedback, a critical aspect of any business. Online stores have so much to gain from getting this feedback.

Here are a few perks of getting your products reviewed.

1) Product Reviews Build a Foundation For Trust

When someone visits your online store to buy a product, one of the first things they check for is reviews. Seeing positive feedback sways their decision in favor of proceeding to purchase. As a result, it helps clear doubt and builds trust in your brand.

2) Product Reviews Are A Powerful Tool For Promoting Your Brand

Flaunting customers’ positive experiences influences the decision of new ones. You can highlight the rosiest reviews on your social pages to build a reputation. Remember, social proof can be a powerful way to draw new customers closer.

3) Product Reviews Help Customers Understand Your Products

Product reviews give candid feedback on a product’s performance and the customer’s experience. Potential customers are thus able to get an accurate idea of the product.

They get foresight on whether it will likely meet their needs without viewing it.

4) Product Reviews Enable You To Identify And Fix Product Issues

Reviewers prefer to point out any issues and flaws with performance or design. It is an opportunity to pay attention and improve the product.

5) Product Reviews Help With SEO

The data provided by well-structured product reviews can boost your SEO. Improved SEO helps your business land on Google’s good books.

6) Product Reviews Cut Back Returns

Purchasing goods online is no longer a gamble. Thanks to product reviews, shoppers make informed buying decisions.

Knowing how other customers perceive a product gives confidence to new buyers in their purchases. Thus, it limits the number of returns.

7) Product Reviews Impact Conversion And Sales

If you provide a good experience, customers will likely leave positive reviews. When the majority of product reviews are positive, it makes the product attractive. Also, this results in higher conversions.

Those are enough advantages to stir up your interest as a new merchant. But do you know what would be helpful for your online store? Of course, it is a product review app for Shopify.

What Is a Product Review App and How Does It Work?

A product review app is software that enables customers to leave product reviews. They can write the review in text format and also upload pictures or videos to back it up.

At the same time, the review apps help track all the reviews people leave about your products. By adding a product review app to your Shopify, you’ll be able to do many things.

You can collect and organize all the reviews left by your customers. The app allows you to choose how you wish to display them using different layouts.

Some product review apps even let you import reviews from your store on other sites to your Shopify. You can do much more, though some cool features are app-specific.

That is why you need an excellent Shopify review app that suits all your business needs.

What Qualities Should You Look for in the Product Review App for Shopify?

There are many product review apps for Shopify, but they are not all the same. Features and performance vary across the apps.

And because there is no perfect app, it is up to you to focus on your needs to find the best one for your store.

To help you get started, here are seven things to look for when choosing a product review app for Shopify.

1) Is it user-friendly and easy to migrate to Shopify?

You want a product review app with a simple interface. One where organizing things is as direct as dragging and dropping them. It is beneficial if you are not a tech-savvy store owner.

2) Does it incorporate photo and video reviews?

Today’s world is more visual than ever before. So, to enhance engagement, choose product review apps that support image file uploads.

3) Does it seamlessly integrate with popular marketing automation platforms?

You will be stress-free if you choose an app with easy integration. Ensure it works harmoniously with other popular marketing apps such as MailChimp or Omnisend.

4) Is the design aesthetic?

Opt for product review apps with an attractive and visually appealing design. It keeps customers engaged longer and encourages them to write reviews.

5) Does it offer value for your money?

There are free product review apps and paid versions. You may have to pay for the best experience, like adding unique and effective features.

6) How dependable is customer service?

Check that the Shopify product review app has a top-notch customer support team. They should be eager to help with installation, troubleshooting, and customization challenges.

7) Is there any reward scheme?

Rewards and incentives such as cashback and discounts have always kept customers loyal. They effectively boost sales and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Top 12 Product Review Apps For Shopify

So which Shopify review apps satisfy all the above factors? Let’s move to the favorite part of the post, where we’ll reveal our top picks for the best Shopify product review apps.

Without further ado, the following are Shopify’s best product review apps.

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loox app review

Loox is a high-quality, visually aesthetic, fully automated app. Its rank is backed by impressive feedback with thousands of positive reviews.

This app is suitable for any business looking for a simple review app. Thus, stores that mainly receive bulky reviews will enjoy the unlimited review feature.

The app offers everything to make your store truly stand out. From fonts to emails, text, and color! There are lots of advanced customization options that perfectly match your brand.


• Loox has got beautifully displayed widgets that showcase customer reviews on multiple pages.
• The app also has powerful integration capabilities.
• There are rewards and referral programs to keep your customers coming back.
• It automatically collects customer reviews via email, Facebook, SMS, and Aliexpress.
• You get unlimited reviews in the premium plan for an extra fee.
• The review app offers a reliable review function, including public replies to reviews.
• There is access to marketing and sales insights through integration with Google Analytics.
• The moderation function allows you to handpick the reviews to be displayed on your site.


• A lot of the cool features are only accessible in the premium plans. A good example is the referral program and video reviews.
• The reward program is pretty basic and does not match up with others.
• Trending features such as Analysis tools and shoppable Instagram are not available.

stamped app review

Stamped.io is a top-rated product review app in the Shopify market, and here’s why. Besides the basic features expected from every product review app, it also has unique ones that set it apart.

The app helps you boost your SEO with structured data and rich snippets. It even enables reviews to appear on Google Shopping.

This app is suitable for businesses with fewer than 500 orders monthly. But at the same time, they would like the advantages of a full-featured app. It is also ideal for store owners having a dedicated technical support team.


• It allows easy collection of reviews from common sources like email, SMS, Facebook, and Aliexpress.
• Several displaying widgets allow reviews to feature on your store’s most important pages.
• Moderating reviews is a breeze with its large-scale moderation feature. You can prevent sensitive words on a separate list.
• Its best selling point for more user-generated content is the Shoppable Gallery feature. It curates Instagram content with tags linking to your website.
• A powerful AI-driven analytics tool gives you invaluable insights for understanding your customers. It also has a Net Promoter Score feature that rates customer satisfaction.
• It is easy to integrate with a lot of apps. Moreover, it allows customers to ask questions through a Q&A section on your product pages.
• The customer service is impressive. This app offers 24/7 customer support on all plans, including the free one.


• The free and cheapest plans are too basic. They miss vital features such as photo review and integration with other popular apps.
• Order reviews are somewhat limited, with the highest capped at 500.

ali-reviews app review

Ali Reviews is a mighty brand name to reckon with when it comes to Shopify product review apps. Its features have helped merchants build a solid reputation and increase conversion.

Ali Reviews has an easy-to-use interface. It makes leaving reviews an effortless task for customers. Merchants who are not tech-savvy can also organize the reviews with ease.


• It has one free and three paid plans to suit different budgets and business sizes, so no one is left out.
• The app also requests reviews from buyers through an automated email and SMS. It is common to forget to review products after buying them, making this a super helpful feature.
• Ali Reviews allows you to place featured reviews on various pages of your store, such as home or cart.
• The app has a reward scheme that provides its loyal customers with discounts. Also, photo reviewers can enjoy this incentive boosting engagement in the long run.
• If you have reviews in another app you would like to move, Ali Reviews provides an easy migration process.
• The app displays product reviews and ratings when customers view Google shopping ads. As a result, it encourages visits to your store.
• Editing hundreds of reviews one after another is exhausting. Luckily, Ali reviews app supports bulk editing.
• The app is fully responsive regardless of the device screen size or your store’s theme.


• You may have to pay more for the higher plans to enjoy some of its best features.
• The app does not support video reviews.
• Reviews are not shareable on social pages, but the app’s paid plans are underway to make it possible.
• Ali reviews app is suitable for mid-sized stores looking to get their brand name out there professionally.

judge app review

Judge.me is one of the most affordable options for your product reviews that actually works. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of fancy apps. Yet it functions effectively in its simplicity.

It also has extra features like scheduled requests and Google speed test consultation. But the cherry on top is that Judge.me has an absolutely fantastic free plan with functional features.

This app is suitable for small businesses operating on a small low budget but looking for a great app. It has a free plan, and with a low price, it’s almost free.


• It seamlessly integrates with other apps and offers support for 34 languages.
• This app provides 24/7 support for all plans.
• It has a unique review function, which is the deal clincher. It includes an average review badge and a range of review medals. These are based on the quality and quantity of reviews, a Q&A section, and CSS customization.
• The app offers rich snippets, Google Shopping integration, and full customization.
• It has a highly skilled review moderation team to handle review edits.
• Besides, it features a pretty decent analytics tool.
• It allows leaving unlimited reviews.


• The reward program is heavily lacking. It only utilizes coupon codes, plus you need integration from other loyalty apps to use it.

yotpo app review

If you’re a huge fan of Shopify, you may have heard of Yotpo. It is one of the leading Shopify product review apps out there.

While it might sound a bit pricey, it is undoubtedly worth every penny because the app is packed with many outstanding features. It is one of the experts’ favorite review apps.

This app is suitable for businesses looking for a comprehensive product review app to compete at an advanced level.


• The reviews tool is super solid and allows you to request reviews through emails and SMS. You can import data too.
• Users can enable multiple review options, such as site and multi-product reviews. You can even seek the help of AI for suggestions.
• It offers seamless integration with plenty of other apps.
• The review moderation system is up to the task. It does an excellent job using features like the help desk and profanity filter.
• Yotpo offers many display widgets. There is an averaged star review badge, Q&A, and high-converting snippets of your best product reviews.
• Prioritizes SEO by providing rich snippets and Google Shopping integration.
• This app has excellent social integration to social pages such as Facebook. It allows users to embed reviews and also redistribute them to other sites.
• Effortlessly manage all user-generated content from all your various stores in one workplace.
• You can enjoy full customization on the premium and enterprise plans.
• This review app also has a reliable customer support system across plans.


• The free and basic plans are inadequate, and you have to pay for higher plans to get the actual value of this app.

growave app review

Growave is so much more than a product review app. Customers can also create a wishlist and gift cards and join a loyalty program.

This app is suitable for stores looking for an all-in-one app with an attractive loyalty program and strong social media integration.


• It has a verification badge feature for users, which improves store credibility.
• Lightweight app enhancing fast site loading speed.
• Google snippet and Google shopping enabled.
• It offers a shoppable Instagram gallery with easy tag, link, curate, and embed features.
• This app allows easy integration into popular social media pages.
• It features an unrivaled loyalty program with various rewards, including referral and VIP programs.


• The best features are only accessible in the higher plans. The functions in the lower plans are too few.
• Orders are capped at 100 and 500 a month for basic and medium plans.
• No free plan.

fera app review

This app is built for simplicity and minimalist stores. It is basic, functional, and affordable.
This app is good for the minimalist store that wants an affordable option. So what else does it have to offer?


• Unlimited reviews on all plans.
• Both photo and video reviews are enabled.
• A reward program that gives users a choice of three incentives.
• Badge award for verified buyers.
• Google snippet.
• It features multiple display widgets with a moderator function.
• This app offers live support on all paid plans.


• Automated review requests are limited to between 10-100. That means owners have to do it themselves, which is tedious.
• Critical features for business growth, such as SEO and analytics, are missing.

vitals app review

Are you tired of installing various apps causing a lag in your site? Vitals is the deal.

It offers everything you need from the different apps in one. With a five-star rating from over 5000 users, it is clear that Vitals keeps its customers very happy.

This app is suitable for small and medium businesses looking for an all-in-one app.


• The app is 100% customizable.
• Lightweight with no interference to site loading speed.
• 40 apps integration saving you money.
• It allows automated review requests.
• Photo reviews, moderator filters, and verified reviewers’ badges.
• You also get dedicated customer support.


• The deal breaker with Vitals is that it doesn’t support video reviews which are essential in a visual world.
• The absence of a loyalty program makes it unattractive.
• Has a single paid plan; hence no choice.

lai-ali-reviews app review

LAI Product Reviews is a little app quickly gaining momentum on the Shopify App Store. It comes in handy for growing credibility and getting more sales through reviews.

These reviews are in text, photos, and video formats. Plus, it’s super simple and won’t break the bank for most Shopify store owners.

This app is suitable for small and medium businesses looking for visually pleasant widgets. Of course, with other essentials at an affordable price range.


• Super easy installation and the app automatically gets added to your store.
• It has 18 different layouts, plus a couple of custom designs and 12 color swatch templates. You’ll be spoilt for choice.
• Fully customizable product review widget that allows sorting, pinning, and other alteration.
• Sends out automatic review request emails after orders fulfillment
• It allows you to drive more traffic from social channels and Google. It is made possible with social sharing and Google-rich snippets features.
• Moreover, it also has anti-theft protection. The feature bars other pages from stealing and claiming your precious reviews.


• It could be better with in-trend features like shoppable Instagram. It also lacks analytics which is vital for business analysis.
• Video reviews are only available for expensive plans.

opinew app review

Opinew is a fantastic app that uses AI to give Shopify merchants many customization options. It’s a top choice for importing reviews from e-commerce giants.

It has a super handy Chrome extension with a reviews collection feature only a click away. The display is automated too.

Plus, it’s one of the lightest review apps out there. It won’t slow down your site and make shopping a pain for your customers.

This app can fulfill the needs of large and established businesses or those looking to grow. They could use the support of a customer success manager.


• Import reviews in bulk from popular websites like amazon and eBay.
• You get a choice of 8 customizable widgets that match any theme.
• Review requests are automated with coupons to encourage feedback.
• It features rich snippets and google shopping reviews integration that boosts SEO.
• AI-assisted sorting and display of reviews. Those with the highest conversion potential rank highest.
• Access to a customer success manager.
• What’s more, this app works with many languages.


• Its best features are only available on expensive plans. And while review requests and imports are available in the cheaper plans, the numbers are limited.

reviews app review

The Reviews.io app has come a long way from its inception. After improvements over time, it has become better with more incredible features and a great price.

This app is appropriate for stores that need to build strong social proof.


• Capable of importing reviews from other platforms.
• Easy-to-use interfaces.
• It can structure data to showcase reviews in the Google shopping feed.


• Lacks loyalty programs or any incentives to boost reviews.
• Widgets load painfully slowly, which may put off users.

okendo app review

The Okendo app is famous for its eye-catching designs with 100% customizable widgets. This app offers integrated solutions to help online store owners achieve higher conversions.

This app is suitable for medium to large stores


• You get an assortment of display widgets to choose from. There are 15 in total.
• Generate reviews from website purchases.


• The app doesn’t have a free plan. The plans available are also quite expensive.


You can aim for as many reviews as you can get. The more reviews, the better. According to research on the US online market, a product needs 100+ reviews to impact shoppers.

Anyone can put fake reviews on Shopify. But just because you can put fake reviews doesn’t mean you should.

You cannot afford to break the trust of customers in business. The damage can be irreversible. Besides, you may get banned if reported.

Simply put, you have everything to lose by putting in fake reviews.

The fastest way to get more Shopify reviews is to encourage customers to leave them.

You can do this by automating email/sms review requests. You can also use loyalty programs and discounts to make leaving reviews appealing to buyers.

Ratings and reviews are essential in Shopify because they influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Looking at reviews before proceeding to check out is typical consumer behavior.

That’s because reviews provide a clear image of whether it meets expectations.

Research proves over 80% of customers buy a product after reading positive reviews. Thus, reviews and ratings boost credibility and increase conversion to sales.

Market penetration can be extremely tough if a product has fewer reviews on Shopify. You may need other strategies to get reviews if you are just starting.

You can partner with influencers to market your products to their social media following. Another option is to give free samples to consumers for honest reviews.

Final Thoughts!

Can’t you wait to see those reviews trickling in? With such valuable information in your hands, you should be able to find the perfect Shopify review app.

Our post features only Shopify’s best product review apps, with free and paid options. Remember, there’s an app for every business model, including yours.

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