TOP 10 Product Research Tools Every Dropshipper Should Use

The online retail sector is massive. And, of course, it’s not just for the big players. That’s because dropshipping is one promising method for launching an online storefront.

Are you getting into a dropshipping business or already have one up and running? Then, you probably know that having a good idea for products to sell is crucial. Yet, it is also true that the time required to do this is prohibitive. It may take many hours to locate trending products.

You may find yourself admiring the competitor’s excellent product offerings. They must have an entire department whose only purpose is to research and choose the trending products. At the same time, you will keep spending hours discovering upcoming trends and winning items.

Worry not! A product research tool designed for dropshipping businesses can significantly assist you.

To begin, let’s define a dropshipping product research tool. And what are the top-notch resources available today? The answers to these queries will be addressed in today’s blog article.

What Does a Product Research Tool for Dropshipping Mean?

Product research tools are nothing but software that scout out promising new items on your behalf. It may go through all the vendors in a specific time frame and pull out the products that have sold the most.

The time you’ll save utilizing this application will be substantial. So the only task left for you is to upload these goods to your store.

In a nutshell, it would provide a fully automated approach to product research, making the process easy even for novices.

Even though this seems like a minor subject, there are excellent resources available to help you thoroughly study items before investing in them.

Why Should You Start Using a Product Research Tool for Dropshipping?

You might think conducting product research requires no special equipment. Well, if you’re looking to save time and effort throughout your product search, such tools can do wonders.

Dropshipping product research tools primarily aim to identify profitable items for any given online shop or market. In fact, you should consider utilizing a product research tool to do the things listed below.

1) To Research Several Markets

Remember, dropshipping businesses rely heavily on product data. Data helps you make informed decisions about whether or not to provide a specific product in a particular region.

You can find new products to sell in your dropshipping business by exploring other online marketplaces. The more data you can collect about a product’s reception and sales figures in various markets, the better.

An advanced product research tool can help you do this task.

2) To Conduct a Wide-Ranging Product Search

There’s a solid reason why so much effort is invested in product procurement by many dropshipping company owners. Well, to run a successful company, you need to find things that sell well. It may, however, be a lengthy procedure.

A versatile dropshipping product research tool can streamline the product sourcing process by quickly and easily scanning several goods at once. It also helps you develop comprehensive lists of products that are worth exploring.

3) To Quickly Assess the Competition

Regardless of how large or tiny your dropshipping company may be, you must master the art of analyzing your opponents and their items.

You can quickly sort through thousands of items with product research tools to see which ones are the most in demand. Besides, you can save money by not spending your funds on frivolous products.

In addition, you can see the products offered by rival businesses, along with their ratings, customer feedback, and more.

4) To Get an All-Inclusive Solution

Many drop shippers feel overwhelmed because there are so many tools available.

But a product research tool usually contains everything under one roof. So drop shippers don’t need to buy different tools for different activities.

5) To Get a Better Picture of Profit

Offering a clearer picture of your projected costs and profits is yet another essential feature of a product research tool.

At first sight, goods with high price tags may appear attractive, mainly if you can generate good revenue from the sales. However, you must also consider the costs associated with selling these products.

Dropshipping doesn’t need a significant initial investment as brick-and-mortar shops do. But it does have ongoing expenses like hosting and advertising. Domain names, web hosting, themes, apps, marketing efforts, etc., all have their costs.

You can decide which items to dropship if you thoroughly understand your costs.

How to Identify the Right Research Tool for Finding Products to Dropship?

Using manual search methods would be impractical for the product analysis. Similarly, using many different product research tools will never yield results.

That’s because some tools may be more helpful to you than others. Thus, trying out several approaches is crucial until you discover the one that gives you excellent results.

Here are some things to consider while selecting the tool that best serves your company.

A) What Features Are Covered by the Product Research Tool?

Each product research tool has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

If someone suggests a specific tool, that doesn’t always make it the greatest option for you. You’re the one in charge of running the store. Thus, you must know what tools would make your business operations easier.

  • What specific data do I need about the product and market?
  • Does the product research tool offer this data?
  • Does the tool assist you with any other parts of the product research?
  • What unique features are covered by a particular product research tool?

This way, you can narrow down the options for the best tools.

B) Is the Product Research Tool Free, or Does It Come With a Cost?

Most of the better tools we’ll describe below are free to use, while others have a price tag attached to them.

You must now determine to what extent you can afford the tool you have selected. Some perks are included in the amount you pay, but you may ignore them if you don’t need them.

In short, consider your budget constraints and the features you want from a tool.

The last step is to choose a tool that fits your requirements and budget. With your search narrowed down, it’s time to look at each product research tool in further detail.

The 10 Best Product Research Tools for Dropshipping

Because dropshipping is so common, many resources are available to both seasoned entrepreneurs and those just starting out in the field.

This section will describe the capabilities of each tool and any available price tiers. It will let you make an informed decision about which tools will work best for your company. Take a look at these top 10 dropshipping product research tools.

1) Niche Scraper

niche scraper
niche scraper

Suitable Platforms

· Amazon

· Ebay

· Shopify

· WooCommerce

Top Features

· Product scraper

· Hand-picked

· Video Ad maker

· Store Analysis



Niche Scraper is so far the most excellent tool to find the best goods to offer. It doesn’t matter whether your shop is hosted on Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other platform. You can utilize this powerful SaaS tool on various platforms.

The free edition of this tool is also helpful. It comes with a Product Scraper to provide a curated list of what’s sizzling on AliExpress and Shopify.

Moreover, it also offers reputation ratings, progress and competition graphs, and more.


1) Fantastic services in the free version

You can get the free version of this tool if you are reluctant to pay money for similar product research tools.

2) Hand-picked items

It is one of those resources with fantastic features to help you locate beautiful things. Moreover, it also regularly updates hand-picked items to motivate you.

3) Low-cost options

As of this writing, it is one of the most reasonably priced options available, costing just $49.95 a month.


1) Lacks thorough sales information

The features available in the free edition are, of course, somewhat restricted. As we know, seasoned drop shippers need more product data.

But, Niche Scraper provides enough information for newbie drop shippers.

2) Sell The Trend

sell the trend
sell the trend

Suitable Platforms

· AliExpress

· Amazon

· Shopify

Top Features

· The Nexus

· AI Brand Builder

· TikTok Viral Ads Explorer

· Dropship Product Explorer


· $39.97/month (Monthly plan)

· $32.97/month (Annual plan)

· 7-Day free trial

This tool continues to gain popularity rapidly despite being a new tool. That’s because it has many valuable features for drop shippers. Its ‘the Nexus’ feature is one of them.

Sell The Trend uses AI to display trending items across several platforms. This function is one of the most valuable features required in product research tools.

Using this tool, you can locate the perfect product for your shop from the millions offered by AliExpress, Shopify, and Amazon.

Adding items to your dropshipping business is as simple as clicking a button after this tool gives you a product list.


1) The Nexus

Its AI engine, which employs an algorithm to display the goods popular among all e-commerce retailers, is one of its most powerful features.

2) Ample data

This tool has a vast amount of information on various shopping websites. Plus, you can filter results by ‘dropshipping’ to see just retailers that engage in this business model.

3) Easy to use

The most popular goods are not always the ones that have won awards. Thus, users can perform their own research using various methods available in this tool.

4) Excellent AI

This tool features an AI that creates brand-appropriate copy for social media adverts and product descriptions. It’s been optimized explicitly for dropshipping!

5) Facilities for order processing and management

Even dropshipping orders can be handled with their assistance. This tool integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce and currently supports AliExpress on the supplier side.


1) The cost

The most significant drawback of this tool is that its prices may be too costly for you. Their current monthly fee of $39 is relatively high for a startup.

2) A large quantity of information

Even if you’ve been using the tool for a long, it might still seem complicated at first.

3) The tool provides a few optional add-ons

Its monthly membership gives you access to a number of features. But you’ll have to pay more if you are interested in any of the premium features.

3) Thieve


Suitable Platforms

· AliExpress

Top Features

· Supplier Finder and Image Search

· Store Search

· Niches and keywords explorer


· $29/ month (Dropshipping plan)

· $99 /month (Pro plan)

· 14-day free trial

Thieve.Co, the third tool on the list, asserts that its product list is personalized. It is chosen and compiled by specialists in the field rather than just consisting of the greatest sellers.

It also provides a conversion score. This score represents a prediction of the list’s conversion rate.

This tool uses a technology that compiles a list of highly profitable items. It does so by analyzing data from millions of purchaser behaviors.

In addition, this tool can facilitate the development of supplier-side product photography.


1) Motivating tool for newbies

The free edition of this tool helps brainstorm potential goods in your market segment.

2) This tool often updates new features

For instance, this tool has just announced a fantastic Chrome add-on. This add-on is designed to make product research easier.

3) Numerous ways to sort and filter the results

There are numerous possibilities for narrowing your search with this tool. It is a fantastic method for locating goods that match your business well.


1) It is available for AliExpress only

Yet again, this may not be the tool for you if you don’t work on AliExpress.

2) There is no opportunity to test it out beforehand

The free version is available; however, there is currently no trial for drop shippers who want to test their premium features.

4) Dropship Spy

dropship spy
dropship spy

Suitable Platforms

· Amazon

· Aliexpress

· eBay


Top Features

· Aliexpress Winners Research

· Social Proof Products

· AliExpress Hot Products



· $39/month (Monthly)

· $119/year (Yearly)

Dropship Spy is an excellent tool if you want a solution that gives you a wide range of data and analytics related to drop shipping.

It includes the usual components of research tools, such as the ability to locate successful items across various social networking sites and online retailers. Besides, this tool offers unique information, including supplier statistics and an Instagram influencer list.

Thus, the depth of its analytics puts it much ahead of the competition. It’s an amazing all-around tool for newcomers.


1) Target the correct audience

This tool gathers a lot of information about your intended audience.

2) Consistent updates

This tool often updates its product database. So, this tool might be helpful if you need information about new products.

3) Useful to AliExpress users

This tool has recently implemented a new feature that provides real-time information on product sales on AliExpress.


1) Selected items are given priority

If you need a tool to do product research on its own, this may not be the perfect one for you.

2) The Free version lacks features

Nonetheless, it’s a considerable improvement over previously! They didn’t even have a free or trial version at first, but they do today.

3) Poor ratings

Trustpilot users often report being charged again, even after terminating their membership.

5) Ecomhunt


Suitable Platforms

· Shopify

· Amazon

· Ebay

Top Features

· Hand-picked products

· Lots of resources


· Free – $0

· Basic – $23/month

· Pro – $39/month

· Suite – $49/month

With Ecomhunt, you can discover items that have been hand-picked by a team of specialists. You can keep tabs on your sales and stats and even spy on Shopify shops and Facebook advertisements of your competitors with the help of Ecomhunt.

Also, you can only see ten currently trending goods and participate in three product tracker exercises with the free edition of Ecomhunt.

With this tool’s Basic package, you can get all of the data, product-specific statistics and analytics, a higher limit on the number of current trending items, and product tracker sessions.

This tool also has a Suite package. It includes unrestricted access to AliExpress data and extra product statistics. Lastly, the Pro option of this tool offers you a personal eCommerce and dropshipping professional adviser.


1) This tool has a wide variety of goods

If you’re stuck for ideas or just have no idea what to promote, this tool may be able to assist.

2) You can start with its free version

This tool offers a free account option with some outstanding features.

3) Insightful data

This tool provides a lot of background knowledge on the things they add.


1) Selected items are the major emphasis.

This tool only offered carefully curated items in the beginning. But, they have recently begun to provide a broader range of helpful resources to help you find products on your own.

6) AliExpress Dropshipping Center

aliexpress dropshipping center
aliexpress dropshipping center

For new drop shippers, this tool is a must-have for researching products. The best part is that it’s totally free, and it provides invaluable information on best-sellers.

You can see which goods are popular and the various metrics for them by browsing the ‘Hot selling’ section.


1) Free to use

The best part is that using this tool doesn’t cost anything.

2) Tool for everyone

You can still utilize this tool even if you don’t perform dropshipping via AliExpress.

3) Amazing product analysis

This tool features a ‘Sponsored Products’ section to get some ideas.


1) Limited to AliExpress exclusively

If you have any issues with using AliExpress as a shopping platform, you should go for any other research tool.

7) AliShark


Suitable Platforms

· AliExpress

· Banggood

Top Features

· Live results

· Regular updates

· Product trends


· $20/month

AliShark is a tool that helps those who run drop-shipping stores with AliExpress and other marketplaces.

Dropshippers can use this tool to get real-time data on items and a detailed report on each product to make an informed decision.

You may research the product’s past success, analyze its international success, and locate similar items so you can buy with confidence.


1) Useful filters for effective product research

In this tool, almost every criterion you can think of is available for filtering.

2) Low-cost trial

You can enjoy a free trial of this tool before committing to the monthly plan’s cost. The only catch is that you’ll have to shell up a dollar to try out full features for only two days.


1) The absence of curated goods

Although many won’t consider this a drawback, it may not be the best choice for you if you’re hoping to find a resource that provides daily recommendations of items that fit your needs.

2) No support for audience targeting

Unlike other products on this list, they don’t assist with audience targeting on social media, especially Facebook.

8) Dropship


Suitable Platforms

· Shopify

Top Features

· Sales tracker

· Competitor research

· Top products

· Products database



· 7-Day free trial

· Basic – $29/month

· Standard – $49/month

· Premium – $79/month

You can locate fantastic items for your dropshipping business with the aid of Dropship, a product research tool.

This tool has a product database with millions of goods from other e-commerce sites. Well, it is only one of Dropship’s many helpful services.

This tool first selects products using a sophisticated algorithm and then gets them reviewed by experts.


1) Fantastic tool for studying the competition

Dropship is an excellent tool to use if you ever wonder about your competitors, like how many sales a particular store gets, its products, etc.

2) Best research on new products

Most products offered by Dropship have detailed descriptions.

3) Many Free tools

This tool offers some unique free tools, including a profit calculator.

4) User-friendly interface

Interface is very good, which makes it easy to use even if you’ve never used such a tool.


1) This tool puts much emphasis on locating products only

You should be aware that, at the moment, this tool primarily focuses on displaying items from other online retailers rather than from supplier sites.

2) Expensive

This tool is a little bit on the costly side.

9) Sale Source

sale source
sale source

Suitable Platforms

· Shopify

· AliExpress

· eBay

· WooCommerce

Top Features

· Competition comparisons

· Trend assessments

· Product analysis


Starter – $89/month

Professional – $98/month

Advanced – $399/month

Elite – $999/month

It is a unique marketing tool that analyzes products, evaluates trends, and compares businesses. All these services facilitate the rapid and safe growth of online shops.

Moreover, it’s helpful for business owners since it provides them with several ways to determine which items are the most in demand.


1) Offers detailed information

With this tool, you can find the best online stores to buy from. It allows you to see where a specific product is now being sold.

2) Product metrics

This tool lets you see what items have been consistently selling well.

3) Competitor analysis

You can analyze competition information, including earnings, top-selling items, visitor counts, etc. Besides, this tool also provides market data to find items with the potential for getting viral.


1) Difficult to use

There is no easy interface designed in this tool.

10) Pexda


Suitable Platforms

· AliExpress

· Amazon

· Shopify

· eBay

Top Features

· Targeting suggestion

· Data-driven research

· Incredible support


· $1.95/14 days

· Standard – $14.95/month

· Premium – $24.95/month

· Ultimate – $99.95/month

It is a well-known product curation software that provides you with daily product research for six potential new additions to your shop.

Pexda’s many helpful features make it quick and easy to use. With this tool, you can search for top-performing products.


1) Advanced analysis

This tool analyzes different marketplaces to provide reports for its consumers. Moreover, it also suggests goods with solid conversion rates.

2) Daily updates

This tool offers the day’s most innovative, high-quality winning items. Thus, you can spot trending items before they explode in popularity.


1) No tutorials to use this tool

Unlike other research tools, this tool does not provide webinars and tutorials. So you might need to explore Pexda on your own, without any help.

How to Do Product Research Manually?

There is no universally applicable approach to product research. However, dropshipping has been around for a while, and plenty of company owners have developed streamlined processes.

It’s also undeniable that there are exemplary procedures to follow. After all, without proper dropshipping product research, your well-designed e-commerce site and marketing plans would amount to nothing.

Keep in mind that these methods may work for some. Also, you may need to experiment to discover what suits you.

1) Try to Gauge the Current Market Scope

The size of the potential market for a specific niche or product is notoriously difficult to pin down. But you can still get some information from the volume of related keyword searches.

To determine whether there is a sizable market for the product, you may use online tools to discover how many people are searching for the keyword.

Google Trends shows you the most popular search terms over a specific time. You can see how popular your chosen product keywords are using this tool.

2) Look at the Current Trends

Checking out what’s hot on popular shopping sites is a quick method to get a feel for the market. You can check out popular marketplaces to see what items are doing well in various markets.

You can anticipate a large market for trendy products. The only difficulty is setting your store out from the competition.

3) Participate in Virtual Groups

Social media groups are gold mines for learning what items specific demographics require. Here, you can learn about real-world issues from actual customers and find out which items might really benefit those customers.

Be aware of the members’ location while joining online groups so you can better reach your intended audience.

4) Be Aware of the Competition

When promoting a product, it’s crucial to be aware of the competition. This part is vital if you want to sell popular items.

Finding out what kinds of items your competitors are providing is as simple as doing an online search for them. You can estimate the market size by looking at the ratings and sales data publicly available on most sites.

5) Get in touch with a Trustworthy Dropshipping Agent

Your dropshipping company will fail if you can’t depend on your suppliers. You can’t get away with late deliveries or low-quality goods. Word of mouth spreads, and soon your website is flooded with negative feedback.

Thus, to do worthwhile product research, it is necessary to track down trustworthy providers of the items of interest. It also includes considering shipping dates and prices for clients in various locations.

Product sourcing is the best option to get rid of all these complicated activities. Being a reliable dropshipping agent, Fulfillbot can help you find low-cost providers of the products you need.


You can use a paid program to help you locate a winning product. Else, you can also find items yourself for free.

We suggest beginning with market research to identify unattended needs, hot issues, and unique sectors. After that, you can use premium services to refine your list of top-selling products further.

We suggest utilizing free tools like Facebook’s Ads Library. Besides you can also try Google Trends if you’re strapped for cash.

If you are a seasoned drop shipper, consider investing in a product research tool. However, you can get more-personalized services from a dropshipping agent. And that too at the same or lower price than these tools.

A dropshipping agent can offer many more services than product research tools. In most cases, an agent already knows what items are trending and what are the best sources to buy those products.

Final Thoughts!

We hope our list of the top 10 dropshipping product research tools has been helpful to you. We believe you will get a strong return on investment with any of the methods above used for product research.

Researching products is essential no matter what kind of online store you have. The e-commerce industry is dynamic. Therefore, businesses must keep up with the latest pricing changes, supplier resources, market developments, competitors’ tactics, etc.

These considerations are handled by a reliable product research tool, which removes any room for error.

Well, you can also devise your own way of doing research in addition to the methods described in our post. You can also consider hiring a dropshipping agent to handle everything involved in running your company. So, contact the Fulfillbot team immediately for more information about our offerings.

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