Ship from China to Canada Ultimate Guide

The increasing trend of e-commerce in Canada has drastically expanded the export for China. Shipment from China can be made through different resources. But the reliable and trusted way to know about the costs, load, and the help one needs for shipment is made easy by the sourcing agent.

This guide has compiled various methods, details, and tips related to shipping from China to Canada. Shipping is not a complicated procedure, though consulting an agent makes it more reliable and stress-free.

Once you have sourced the product in China, all you need to do is contact a freight forwarder or purchasing agent and ask them to assist you with shipping goods to your address.
sourcing agent or freight forwarder helps organize the shipment, whether the shipment has to be done through air, sea, or highway, from point A to point B. Point A is the manufacturers or producers, and point B could either be a customer or the market. 
sourcing agent organize the storage and the shipping on behalf of their shippers for merchandisers based on their experience of the export market trends, cost-benefit analysis, and best route knowledge. 
they provide these services:

  • Transportation tracking
  • Making sure that the cargo picks up and drops goods on the scheduled tie
  • Negotiating the freight charges
  • Shipping and export documents making
  • Warehouse booking
  • Carrying out the cargo insurance
  • Collecting the goods

They oversee customs clearance, customer documentation, and custom insurance. With preparing the documents and helping with the customs clearance issues, the sourcing agent also helps with the carrier documentation, lading bills, warehousing, and payment method.

All these services and help come in the second step. The first thing to decide with freight forwarders is the mode of transportation. They find us the best way to ship from China to Canada at reasonable prices. In other words, if you want a cost-saving shipment and want to save time, then considering a sourcing agent is a must.

What Is the Best Way to Ship from China to Canada?

  Exporting goods from China and importing them into Canada is now an easy task. Different shipping methods are available, including express mail, air freight, and sea freight.

What mode is the best to ship from China and Canada depends upon various factors like

  • The nature of the goods being shipped
  • Load of the goods being shipped (size and weight)
  • Time requirements
  • Budget allocation

Choosing the best way to ship from China to Canada vastly depends on these factors but sending the goods through the proper channel and the perfect steps can only be possible through a sourcing agent.

Going for a China-based freight forwarder has many advantages over a Canada-based freight forwarder or managing the shipment yourself.

These advantages include

  • You can obtain negotiated rates for the Chinese market using freight forwarders.
  • A variety of shipping options can be available to you that best suit your timeline and budget, which means we are experts in providing complex logical requirements.
  • You will be getting least rates with the guided imports here.

E-Commerce Logistics

It is referred to the process in which an e-commerce brand gets orders out the door and delivers them to the customer’s doorstep. It is also known as e-logistics. After the order is placed, it is packed, shipped, delivered, and sometimes returned. 

Ship to Amazon Canada

The rising business of e-commerce has made it easy to transport goods from distant places. Amazon Canada is becoming more popular for such purposes. From China to Canada, the shipment has been made simple and easy with Amazon. But the process is not straightforward because every link is essential and directly linked to the profit of your Amazon business.

You can entrust your supplier to send goods to your Amazon address, but there involves a sourcing agent who will be looking after the transportation of your goods. So, know more about E-commerce logistics when you need to use a sourcing agent and those requirements that they will be demanding.

Require Picking up or Consolidating Your Goods

Your sourcing agent is the one who will pick up your ordered goods by contacting your supplier from the factory and then help you to store your goods with him until you want. If the goods are picked up from different addresses, the sourcing agent does that for your convenience and sends those goods in combined or unified packaging. It will save you time and labor.

Products Inspection

For your Amazon business, the most important thing is your reputation. Quality, damage-free products, and timely delivery are your assets. When you ship goods from China, you will require an agent to inspect your products before exporting them to China.
You can check the photos and outer box inspection to fulfill all the quality and quantity requirements. So, communicate well with your sourcing agent so that you will be inspecting your products. This communication also helps you to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your products to the amazon center.  

Amazon Preparing Services

Amazon has its own rules for product shipping. It is recommended to rely entirely on a sourcing agent company for additional services (if you are new in the e-commerce business) because sourcing agents is experienced and have a vast knowledge of all the rules that will fulfill Amazon’s requirements.

Therefore, in the Chinese warehouse, you must make the prior preparations, like

  • FNSKU labeling
  • Packaging
  • Poly bagging
  • Bubble wrap

It will save you cost and time lately.

Choose Your Shipping Method

The factors that help you to decide the best possible mode of transportation are the:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Delivery time of your products

There have 3 ship models you can choose :

  • Express
  • Air freight
  • Sea freight

You can learn about these three modes of transportation in the following article.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every mode of transportation for Amazon Canada; you need to understand them and let your sourcing agent recommend the transportation mode, either air freight, sea freight, or express delivery.

It will eliminate the risk of losing money and time. The customs clearance and documentation for Amazon will be looking difficult, but it can be made easy by hiring a sourcing agent from China. 


Importing products from China is increasing with every passing hour. Sellers worldwide prefer to import from China to save money because it is economical compared to other countries like Europe and America.

China, the largest country exporting goods, provide fast and quality products worldwide. Investors and startup businesses are much interested in dropshipping from China. The dropshipping module has helped investors save costs and increase their profits. Now, many entrepreneurs are cooperating with a dropshipping agent in China.

All you need to do is store your inventory in the sourcing agent’s warehouse, so you will not worry about inventory and order management. Trust your sourcing agent and cooperate with them. They have their system to interface with e-commerce platforms.

As soon as your order is placed, the agent will help you to ship the goods to the clients immediately. 

Door-to-Door Shipping(DDP) from China to Canada

In DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), the seller bears all the costs related to the cargo delivery. It includes transportation and insurance costs. This method is popular in shipping goods from China to Canada, and businesses widely use it in various industries.

Door-to-door shipping from China to Canada can be done in several ways:

  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) air freight
  • DDP sea freight

When the product needs to be delivered, we offer a wide range of transportation and logistics services from China to Canada. We can pick up the goods from the factory and transport them through an airport or seaport, whichever is your authorization.

The door-to-door shipment includes:

  • Custom clearance fees
  • Trucking fees
  • Cargo insurance

DDP can be flexible as it cuts down the shipment cost, and you can be stress-free about the taxes and duties. It saves time and money. The cargo is sent for customs clearance in China before it is exported. You can send it to our warehouse or hire us to pick it up from the factory. 

DDP Shipping Cost from China to Canada

The weight limit for DDP shipping ranges from 11kg to 21 kg. The maximum gross weight for each waybill should not exceed 30kg. 
The minimum chargeable weight per shipment is 20kgs. Shipping cost for air freight and sea freight varies with the weight of the packaging being delivered.

DDP sea line charging by weight .
Volume weight and weight are billed according to the larger.(Volume weight: (L*W*H)/6000)

DDP Shipping Time from China to Canada

  • DDP Air freight from China to Canada can take 5-10 days.
  • DDP Sea freight shipping from China to Canada takes 30-35 days by LCL

Express Shipping from China to Canada

Express shipping is the most accessible and frequent mode of shipment from China to Canada. It is the fastest way to ship goods from China to Canada compared to air and sea freight.

Forget about the stress with express shipping from China to Canada because duty payments and custom clearance will not be your headache. You can track your parcel at any time and plan accordingly.

Find an express company that best matches your budget. You should choose a reasonable and less time-consuming company to get the goods to arrive at your defined destination within the given time frame. 

What Is the Process of Express Shipping Service?

Choose the right express company according to your product
Frequently used express are FedEx, UPS, and DHL
Electronic products usually use DHL and common products use FedEx. Even if they are the same company , they have differences in price, which leads to different delivery times.

What Types of Goods Are Suitable for Express Shipping from China to Canada?

Ordinary products can be shipped by any express company.
Electronic products are usually sent from China to Hong Kong then ship to you.
Battery products have capacity limits for safety reasons.
liquid products is difficult to ship, few express can ship

Express Shipping Time from China to Canada

  • Economic Delivery: It takes almost 8-10 days to deliver with economical delivery. It offers economical prices and the transportation mode will be according to the requirement of the goods. The delivery time will be low. in this type of delivery, you are not allowed to cargo oversized, dangerous, or temperature-controlled goods.
  • Standard Delivery: In this delivery, you get your goods in 4-7 days with affordable prices and in a shorter time
  • Emergency Delivery: This delivery reaches its destination in 3-5 days, where speed is the foremost priority, and it is suitable for sensitive goods like perishable goods’

Cost of Using Express Shipping

The express has 3 charging models.

  1. File 
  2. Express bag 
  3. Package 

The unit price of the goods is higher than transportation by sea, but it depends on the product’s requirement.

Volume weight and actual weight according to the larger to calculate shipping costs.

Suppose your product package size is 50*50*50 cm. Its actual weight is 10 kg.
You will pay for 25kg instead of the actual 10kg while shipping from China to Canada.
The express company calculates it in this way: (50*50*50cm)/5000=25 kg).
The cost is dependent upon the load or size of the shipment.

Air Freight from China to Canada

The second fastest shipment method is air freight from China to Canada. The airline carriers move the goods during an air freight shipment. Air freight is best suitable when you need urgency in time. The unit price of the goods is high, but the quantity is small, like 300 to 500kgs. 

Air freight is not a door-to-door service, nor is it an express delivery. When using an air freight service, you need to remember these points of responsibility:

  • Transporting goods from the factory to your departure airport
  • Custom clearance upon arrival
  • Duties upon arrival
    Transporting goods upon arrival to the destined area

The benefit of using air freight from China to Canada is its speed compared to sea freight. You can easily send fragile items because they are less likely to get damaged. Opting for air freight for sensitive goods is the best option, and it is the economical shipping method when the load is between 300 to 500 kg.
The disadvantage of using air freight is the cost. The added logistics and customs clearance costs and requirements are complicated and take time. 

If you haven’t taken the quote that said all-included, then air freight does not include these:

  • Logistics from your factory in China to the airport
  • From your destination airport in Canada to the final shipping point
  • Customs clearance on arrival to Canada

How Long Does Air Freight Take from China to Canada?

Air freight from China to Canada is the fastest way to transport goods. The typical transit time for shipment from China to Canada is between 5 to 10 days.

How Much Does Air Freight Cost from China to Canada?

Air freight costs depend on variables like the season, current demand, the type of load sent, and the chosen seed of transit. The standard air freight is the cheapest freight rate for the shipment between 150 and 500 kgs.

The lightweight shipment is charged on its dimensional weight rather than the actual weight. Express air freight is a more expensive one. The air freight rates vary from freight forwarders, and the price fluctuates regularly. So, when you opt for air freight, calculate your freight with the ongoing rates per the quotation agreement. 

Sea Freight from China to Canada

The third and last option for sending goods from China to Canada is by sea. When the speed is not the priority, and the volume of the goods that need to be shipped is too high, then opting for sea freight is the preferred choice. With the high volumes, airfreight is not an economical option.

Sea freight provides three options for the importers:

  • Less than container load shipments (LCL)
  • Full container load shipments (FCL)

Let’s discuss these shipment methods ahead.

LCL from China to Canada

LCL (less than container load shipments) are the shipments that involve shared containers.
LCL Charging by CBM.
The goods are sent in the shared containers of other importer’s goods. LCL shipments are more convenient and economical than air freights. The goods being shipped needs to be between 1 to 15 cubic meters.

FCL from China to Canada

FCL (full container load shipments) are the shipments for your goods that are stored and shipped in your container.

FCL charging by container .

This type of shipment is ideal for those goods that exceed the 15 cubic meter range. There are various container sizes available for you with FCL shipments.

Container weight, interior dimensions, and open doors are the standard consumer product container features that are checked. 20 ft, 40 ft, 40 ft HQ, and 45 ft HQ types containers are available for FCL shipment.

It just takes longer to deliver (around 30-45 days ). The characteristics of choosing this method are that it is convenient and mainly applies to e-commerce sellers, small buyers, and buyers who do not need tax refunds.

How Long Does Sea Freight Take from China to Canada?

The sea freight from China to Canada may take 14 to 37 days. Various factors impact time on how long the shipment may take. These factors are as follows:

  • The port of origin in China
  • The export requirement in China
  • What shipment type do you need to choose, LCL or FCL?
  • The destination port in Canada
  • Import requirements in Canada
  • Duties in Canada
  • If your goods are door-to-door or port-to-port
Shipping from Shanghai (CNSHA Port)Shipping from Ningbo (CNNGB Port)Shipping from Shenzhen (CNSZX Port)
Shipping to Vancouver14-16 days23-34 days26-37 days
Shipping to Montreal25-27 days26-37 days26-37 days
Shipping to Montreal25-27 days26-37 days26-37 days

How Much Does a Container Cost from China to Canada?

The container costs from China to Canada largely depend on the shipment requirement, whether a door-to-door or port-to-port shipment is needed.

The expenses shown in the below table are the port-to-port peak season FCL shipping rates. These rates are the average rates of FCL shipping.

Shanghai (↓LOW↓)Shanghai (↑HIGH↑)Ningbo (↓LOW↓)Ningbo (↑HIGH↑)Shenzhen (↓LOW↓)Shenzhen (↑HIGH↑)

Also, there is a rate list for your understanding of LCL shipping routes from China to Canada. The pricing sample on averages is listed below for port-to-port for the load of 200 kg/1 cbm:

Shanghai (↓LOW↓)Shanghai (↑HIGH↑)Ningbo (↓LOW↓)Ningbo (↑HIGH↑)Shenzhen (↓LOW↓)Shenzhen (↑HIGH↑)

Tips for keeping the cost down from China to Canada shipment

We have prepared a list of tips that will be effective for you and help you keep the costs low and make your shipment on time.

  • Book in advance
  • Ship off-peak
  • Get your documentation in order
  • Know your HS codes
  • Compare quotes from different providers
    Understand what’s included in your quote (door-to-door or port-to-port)

FAQ China ship to Canada

Usually, the shipping time of goods from China to Canada requires 15 to 35 days by sea. Air freight and express freight are the fastest shipping methods that take 5 to 15 days (depending upon the factors like regulations and freight options, i.e., standard shipping and urgent shipping).

The off-peak season costs less for air freight and sea freight. If we talk only for sea freight, shipping a 40 ft container from the Chinese port (Ningbo) to the Canadian port (Vancouver) will cost $1218. During peak season, on average, a 40 ft container will cost $2445. Also, book your goods during the last two weeks of the month because it will save you money.

Importing goods from China to Canada will cost you custom duty and GST before you send them to another country. These costs are applied in various conditions, like when you are importing goods single-handed without freight forwarders or quotes that do not include customs duties and taxes. Therefore, research before you import.

You need to be aware of the local holidays of the country where you wish to ship goods. Be mindful of the Chinese holidays. Secondly, choose those companies that are well reputed and has to experience with the shipment. Experienced sourcing agent will ensure that your goods are packed well and loaded at the port in time. They will provide the best shipping solutions.

Avoiding time delays upon arrival is another task that can either save you time and money or it can cost you both in various ways. So, we recommend you complete the clearance paperwork correctly and recheck it. Choosing the right sourcing agent can complete your paperwork without any mistakes. Also, have your documents ready. Documents like:

  • Canada customs invoice or commercial invoice (keep two copies)
  • Bill of landing
  • Packing list
  • Customs bond
  • Arrival notice
  • Commodity-specific documentation
  • Cargo control document (CCD) (2 copies)
  • Shipper’s export declaration (SED)
  • Import permits
  • Certificates
  • Licenses

This is not required, if the value of the goods is high, then you can consider buy it.

Shipping costs are increased if you get your goods insured. Insurance can save you money for your shipping goods if your goods get damaged or lost. You can get your goods insured through a freight forwarder or sourcing agent. The insurance cost ranges from 0.3 % to 0.5 % of your commercial invoice value (the amount you have paid for the goods).

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