Dropship.io Review: Read This Before Using It!(2024)

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Are you in need of a trustworthy resource for product research? What do you think about Dropship.io? Finding high-quality items to sell is crucial if you want to be successful in dropshipping. After all, robust offerings facilitate company growth. You can identify such game-changing items with the aid of product research tools.

Dropship.io is one of many available research tool options. Well, this tool is not like any other standard product research site. It offers many extra features like a sales tracker, portfolio, interest explorer, etc.

Hence, this tool deserves to be the subject of today’s review. You’ll learn all there is to know about Dropship.io in this analysis! You can determine if this tool is right for you by weighing its benefits against drawbacks.


Dropship.io – What Is It?

dropship.io is an online database of worldwide sellers, especially all dropship providers. Since its start in 2020, this service has altered the dropshipping business.

Dropship.io was founded by Nawras Ganim and his brother. They are experienced dropshipping practitioners, so they understand the needs of dropshippers.

Nawras Ganim
Nawras Ganim

If you want to learn more about dropshipping, you can visit their YouTube channel. @nawras

This AI-powered automated solution is excellent for dropshipping business owners. It eliminates the need to search for a product manually. This tool contains a broad database of products and robust programs. Thus, it lets shop owners identify fantastic items to add to their collections.

Furthermore, Dropship.io dedicates its team to delivering outstanding services. Its staff upgrades product collections quite fast.

You may find thousands of goods in various sectors by using Dropship.io as an analysis tool. You can find lucrative goods that are in great demand with ease. All credit goes to its sophisticated filters and intelligent algorithms.

This tool has expanded tremendously since its launch. It is now the service of choice for dropshipping business owners all around the globe. This platform has a large clientele. It is evidence of its success in facilitating the growth of dropshipping businesses.

What Are the Unique Tasks You Can Perform With dropship.io?

You can do the following activities with the help of dropship.io.

  • Learn about trending dropship products
  • Examine your competition
  • Examine a product’s sales history
  • Determine what Facebook users are interested in
  • Check out the latest sales figures
  • Make a profit and loss statement.

Remember, dropship.io is a paid service. But, it is more efficient to pay a nominal membership fee for this service. It is better than wasting time searching for providers by yourself. Besides, you can try it out risk-free for a whole week!

Is dropship.io a Legitimate Service?

When it comes to dropshipping platforms, dropship.io is well-regarded. We can analyze the legitimacy of this platform through various indicators.

  • Extensive product catalog
  • Experience of previous clients
  • The reliability of market analysis resources
  • Domain name age
  • A secure HTTPS link
  • Website recognition
  • Domain status

The site has a trust rating of 58.6 out of a possible 100%. It signifies that the company is currently operational. So, we can assume that this website might be an excellent resource for finding the right products.

Users like their extensive product collection, which allows them to identify popular items. It feels great to find trending goods at crucial times without doing much preliminary study.

Additionally, it also offers many drop shipping features that are great for running a business. You can figure out your margins and keep tabs on what your target market is looking for. In short, this tool is worth a go.

What Are the Unique Features of Dropship.io?

What is the secret behind the popularity of dropship.io? Let’s have a peek at their four most unique features to find out!

1) An Extensive Product Database

Our first topic of discussion may be the Product Database. Dropship.io advises starting your product search with this feature.

This database includes a big collection of items offered by various Internet retailers. Not only that, but each item in this record has a wealth of information. You may check at the product’s monthly earnings, cost, launch date, and more!

Don’t worry if you believe you’ll have to filter through a lot of information to get what you’re searching for. You may narrow down your results by price, profit, industry, and other criteria. It has a robust filter system to help you discover relevant articles.

2) Examining the Competition

The capacity to investigate potential competitors is the platform’s most valuable feature. Dropship.io also features a competitor research tool. It is the location to investigate the market for a certain product or potential rivals.

You may discover the strategy and nature of your competitors. Competitor study might also help you determine their respective benefits and weaknesses.

3) Sales Monitoring

The next feature on this list is the Sales Tracker. And it’s perfect for keeping tabs on the competition. Use this feature after discovering a product using the Product Database. You can use Sales Tracker to know its popularity and decide whether it’s worth stocking.

From the Sales Tracker submenu, you may watch many different shops at once. You can also observe sales information for the present day, yesterday, the last seven days, and the previous thirty days.

4) Portfolio

The Portfolio is another fantastic feature. It gives immense worth, and you aren’t even required to do much! Each week, this platform will add 40 possibly winning goods to your portfolio. And these aren’t some strange registry items, either. The platform selects these items using a sophisticated algorithm. Moreover, the dropship.io team reviews them before adding them to your portfolio.

5) Vendors

You may locate what you need on AliExpress and have the provider get your URL. The vendor then verifies the product’s inventory level at his storage facility. So, if the item is in stock, the vendor will send it anytime you wish. The prices are much lower than those on AliExpress.

This feature may be discontinued in furture.

Dropship.io Review: Pros & Cons

Now that you know everything about dropship.io, it’s time to consider its benefits and drawbacks.


1) Useful for Surveying the Competition

Dropship.io is a fantastic resource for learning about your dropshipping competition. So, you may learn a lot about the tactics of your rivals. You can observe how fast your products sell. Besides, you can analyze how the market is doing. You can do all these tasks with the help of the Sales Tracker and Competitor Research tools.

Utilize the built-in competition research tool to investigate competing websites. It will supply information on how competitors run their items, pricing, and promotions. Use this data to identify profitable product ideas and make sound business choices.

The sales tracker is also helpful for monitoring how your competitors are doing in the market. Customers benefit from this feature in the market. You get real-time information on sales trends, best-selling products, and price plans.

2) Broad Product Offering

The portfolio section gives dropshippers several fresh item ideas. This powerful feature offers a diverse range of items. It also contains supplementary information that may be helpful throughout the research process.

The Portfolio feature is beneficial since it shows high-resolution photos of your items. Using the Portfolio, you may explore a variety of products and choose the ones that seem to be the finest.

It also includes a list of products supplied by other comparable businesses. It aids you in comprehending your possibilities.

Another useful feature is the incorporation of pre-existing advertisements. You may get ideas for your ads and understand what others are doing by investigating their adverts.

Moreover, it gives information on the level of interest in each item among the target buyers. It is an excellent tool for dropshipping business owners who sell their items on social media. Users may improve ad performance by tailoring advertisements to client preferences.

3) Excellent Dropshipping Tools

It provides free information to assist your company in succeeding in today’s environment. The Interest Explorer is one of these resources.

It might help you find new and lucrative product sectors to enter. Users may find high-demand things to add to websites by searching for trending items.

4) Ad Spend Return Calculator

This platform also includes a helpful ROAS tool. It aids in estimating the return on advertising investment. You can improve the efficacy of your advertising campaigns.

You may also use a Profit Calculator to assess the product’s potential profit. Product profit margins may help dropshippers make better selections. Enter expenses such as product prices, transportation, and advertising.

5) Simple Design

The ease of this platform attract many users. The website’s design appeals to both seasoned and newcomer drop shippers. It is so straightforward that switching between different tools is simple.


1) Hard to Identify Suppliers

The absence of a specialized supplier search is a significant drawback of this tool. Are you searching for a list of dependable dropshipping providers? Then, you may have to do your search manually.

This platform is also separate from other dropshipping service providers. It does not provide links to supplier websites or pricing at the moment of sale. Thus, users have difficulty determining if this service is reliable and appealing.

2) A Slightly Higher Price

You may contrast the price plans of this platform with those of other research tools. Dropship.io is somewhat more expensive.

Naturally, this platform provides a free 7-day trial for consumers to try the service. However, the premium plans may be beyond the reach of others.

How Much Does Dropship.io Cost?

price plans
price plans

It has three price levels to accommodate clients’ demands and budgets.

Well, the $29/month Basic plan is a great place to start for those new to dropshipping. In this pack, you may do a restricted number of searches and see just a subset of the available items.

Another package costs $49 per month and is appropriate for users who desire additional services. It gives customers greater freedom to experiment with and expand their online businesses. Furthermore, it offers more items with less restrictions.

The last choice can cost you $79 per month. It includes premium advantages and features. In this package, you may do as many searches as you like and view any product in the catalog. Additionally, customers can access various useful dropshipping tools and information.

Remember, this platform provides a seven-day free trial period with all plans. You may test the water, monitor sales, and evaluate the website’s performance over time.

Dropship.io Alternative

As you know, each online tool has a handful of competitors. And dropship.io is not an exception. So, what are some other tools for product research? We will examine all reasonable options below.

1) Ecomhunt


First, it is a useful resource for experienced drop shippers. This tool provides many resources to assist potential drop shippers in learning the ropes. It offers comprehensive data and information for all market commodities.

Many reasons make this tool a major competitor of dropship.io. It provides drop shippers with a fair cost structure. You also get vital advertising information. The website has a winners club where top sales get rewards and other benefits.


• A simple structure and uncomplicated style make it ideal for first-time users.
• Great platform to learn about new and exciting products
• Users may discover and investigate the aspects of profitable product groupings.


• The free plan provides you with a restricted number of product options each day.
• You can choose from $23 per month Basic, $39 per month Pro, and $49 per month Suite plans.

2) Sell The Trend

sell the trend
sell the trend

Sell the Trend is the most major Dropship.io alternative. It’s a vast website with a sophisticated AI to assist you in finding things. Its algorithms can distinguish between popular products and those that will not sell.

There are millions of items available for purchase on this marketplace. Furthermore, it is handy for more than simply identifying things to dropship. Sell the Trend employs one of the most cutting-edge AI algorithms for this purpose.


  • Supplier database
  • One-click push to store
  • Shop automation
  • Product explorer
  • Marketing tools


  • Essential – $39.97 per month
  • Pro – $99.97 per month

3) Trend Rocket

trend rocket
trend rocket

Trend Rocket is an analytics tool for direct-to-consumer enterprises. It lets you find ad copies and web pages that are doing well against your competition. Both struggling online shops and those doing well might enjoy this solution.


  • Scaling scores
  • Advanced search
  • Brand reviews
  • Product database


Trend Rocket has two different price tiers to choose from. It includes $32 per month Basic and $49.5 per month Pro plan.

4) Tradelle.io


Tradelle is an indispensable resource for drop shippers looking for new items. It is a one-stop system with many useful features and tools. You can try this tool as an option to dropship.io.

This platform is suitable for doing market analysis and making strategic decisions. It provides valuable information to customers. Even more, you can access a wide range of products available on other platforms. It helps you filter products based on sales, price, and performance data.


  • Assistance to new learners
  • Large database of products
  • Learn about trending products
  • Easy integration with other sites


You can choose between a $39.99 monthly membership and a $29.99 yearly plan.

5) Adserea – A Product Research Tool


Well, it is impossible to complete this list without addressing this platform. It is an ideal option if you cannot afford Dropship.io. This platform is an exclusive shop for expanding your dropshipping service. It offers excellent items and helpful insights.

The best part of their service is a fair cost on all premium plans. Besides, the simple design of this website separates it from the competition. You get detailed information on each winning product to help you make choices.


  • Get two trending items per day.
  • Audience search feature
  • Perform product analysis
  • Enjoy trend insights
  • Check competitor data


This platform has three different price tiers, the cheapest starting at $19.95 monthly. Their 6-month plan costs $14.99 per month, while the 12-month plan costs you $12.50.

FAQ for dropship.io review

Yes. Dropship.io’s prices can change depending on your selected package and the extras you need. It is essential to check their pricing page for specifics. Remember, some of their plans may include recurring or per-transaction costs.

It is a platform that facilitates the incorporation of goods into your platform. When a consumer buys from your online store, Dropship.io handles the order processing.

Dropship.io integrates with many major e-commerce platforms, including:
Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce, Shift4Shop, PrestaShop, Squarespace and so on.

Their partner suppliers fulfill orders, but this functionality may be removed in the future.

They are not the suppliers themselves, but they have partnered with suppliers.


Dropship. io provides access to thousands of products in various sectors. You can use its product research capabilities and filters to find profitable items.

It has a virtual assistant feature to help with processing orders and keeping track of stock. In the cutthroat market, its virtual assistant and product catalog are invaluable.

But Dropship. io’s price plans can be a turnoff for specific customers. That’s because they are more expensive than those of competing services. Despite the drawbacks, it’s a good choice for anybody trying to start dropshipping.

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