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  If you’re an entrepreneur visiting China, don’t consider skipping Yiwu.

It’s common knowledge that the Yiwu market is a goldmine. Here you can get everything from innovative designs to unbelievable discounts on production costs to low minimum order quantities (MOQs).

That’s why the Yiwu market is on the minds of almost every import/export business owner. You can get anything from jewelry to handmade toys to fabrics and beyond! After all, it is the world’s greatest wholesale market for all goods, both big and small.

However, working with a Yiwu agent is a smart option to get bulk items from this market. An agent is helpful if you are unfamiliar with the process of importing and exporting products.

Hiring a Yiwu agent is a smart option if you own an online store. An agent can aid you in sourcing products, organizing your inventory, and clearing customs.

Please read on as we show how to hire the most capable Yiwu agent for your store.

What Exactly Is the Yiwu Market?

Centrally positioned in Zhejiang Province, Yiwu developed from a rural place to a bustling commodities trading center.

This province accounts for over 15 percent of China’s total international trade. Yiwu serves as its distribution hub because of its convenient central position.

Yiwu gives you access to a hundred thousand vendors in various sectors.

If you’re in the market for sports equipment, for instance, you have your pick of a dozen various suppliers. Each supplier will have specific quality standards, pricing points, packaging options, prepayment policies, expected turnaround times, etc.

Where to Look for the Perfect Products in Yiwu?

In reality, the word ‘Yiwu market’ is rather broad. The Yiwu International Trade Mart (also known as Futian Market) is the most well-known marketplace in the city.

Besides, Yiwu is not a unified marketplace but rather a collection of smaller marketplaces. Here you’ll notice that the roads are lined with wholesale product stalls. Thus, the entire city may be thought of as a marketplace.

What Can You Discover in This Place?

The wholesale market for goods in Yiwu may be roughly broken down into the following categories:

  • Wooden crafts
  • Toys,
  • Stuffed animals and dolls
  • Electronically operated equipment
  • Pet supplies
  • Puzzles and jigsaw
  • Garments,
  • Metal toys, games, etc.

Remember, there are several shopping centers and buildings in this area. Thus, locating the right product supplier in Yiwu takes work. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of all the big shopping centers available in this area.

We’ll now mention the floor numbers and product types below.

District 1

There are five distinct commercial zones inside District 1 of the Yiwu market. It includes;

  • Main market
  • A direct marketing center of production firms
  • The commodity purchasing center
  • The storage center
  • The catering center

On the first floor, you’ll find flower and toy stores. Likewise, you’ll find jewelry and decorative items on the second floor.

The third floor comprises shops selling handicrafts and presents. Direct sales facilities for SMEs and small stores are on the fourth floor.

In the east, sourcing service centers are allocated for international trade businesses. Around 2,500 stalls are spread out in a large area of the East of District 1.

District 2

In the Yiwu market, District 2 has many high-quality product vendors. Besides, this district is well-established, with over 8,000 stalls and 10,000 vendors.

This district’s second and third floors are dedicated to a tourist retail area. Moreover, it also contains a historic exhibition space illustrating the growth of China’s tiny city for commodities.

District 3

Digital photographs, diaries, eyeglasses, pencils, pens, and household goods are all for sale on the ground level of District 3 at the Yiwu market.

Merchandise for sports and athletics can be found on the second floor. Also, cosmetics and beauty supplies shops can be found on the third. Furthermore, you will also find fasteners and similar products on this floor, like hooks and zippers.

District 4

District 4 of the Yiwu market is the most visited place of all. The hosiery, garments, and related items are on the first floor.

The second floor is dedicated to everyday items, including gloves, caps, spindles, cotton, footwear, ties, etc.

This district’s third floor contains footwear shops, including laces, shoes, socks, etc.

You can visit the fourth floor to import undergarments, including bras, buckles, shawls, etc.

District 5

District 5 of the Yiwu market comprises stores selling high-quality goods. Here you can find stores for home furnishing items, clothing, weaving materials, and components for the automobile industry.

The first floor of this district is dedicated to imported goods. The second floor of this district is dedicated to home goods like sheets, blankets, towels, etc.

You’ll find fabric, textile, and sewing raw materials on the third floor. Likewise, you can buy spare parts, vehicles, and motorbike accessories on the fourth floor.

The fifth floor of this district is separately dedicated to online trades. Here you can find an E-commerce shopping center and other online services.

What Potential Challenges Can Arise While Making Purchases at the Yiwu Market?

Many aspiring import company owners delay taking action out of concern that they may have difficulties communicating with their Chinese suppliers.

We’ll discuss several issues you could face with Chinese vendors at Yiwu.

1. The Lack of Initiative on the Side of the Provider

That suggests the vendor is skeptical of your business plan or the quality of your offering. While importing new goods from Yiwu, this is a common occurrence.

You might notice the supplier’s affirmation of your every request. But you may soon discover that the speed of development of the goods to your specifications is painfully sluggish. Over-configuring a product causes this problem frequently.

Replacing the logo is the simple part when creating replica products. However, new moulds must be created if you wish to alter the item itself. So you may find that the process drags on for weeks or even months.

A genuine Yiwu agent can address this issue and solve it.

2. Not Getting a Supplier Who Can Fulfill Your Quality Standards

Sometimes, your suppliers in Yiwu cannot deliver an item that meets all of your quality requirements. Before order placing, it is imperative that you choose a vendor that can meet your quality requirements.

In your order, be sure to include that you want error-free manufacturing. The secret is to have everything spelled out beforehand.

3. The Supplier Can Increase Prices at Any Random Point

It is one concern with Yiwu providers that commonly happens when you browse for sellers and eventually wind up picking the lowest-cost one.

You might deposit a 25% amount to the cheapest vendor and officially conclude the deal.

From then, you’ll be inundated with letters explaining why they can’t honor the initial pricing since the cost of ‘raw materials’ or ‘core parts’ has increased.

Sometimes, you request a minor change in the packaging and discover that the entire cost of the product has increased by 10%.

4. Delay in Shipping Times

The time to get your purchase might seem interminable if you choose the wrong Yiwu provider or place an unusual order.

If you place a modest order with a big corporation, you can expect a delay since they won’t begin working on yours until there’s a break in their other, bigger orders.

The same holds true if the complexity of your order exceeds that of a typical manufacturing process.

5. An Unknown Manufacturer Works on Your Order

It also happens more often when working with Yiwu suppliers. This issue arises because there is the possibility that your manufacturing might be completed by a third party rather than at the provider’s primary factory.

Solving this issue is as simple as notifying the provider that production must occur at a well-established factory.

It will make the supplier aware of the possibility that an auditor may visit his business at any moment and discover the fraud.

6. Communication Issues May Arise as Most Vendors Speak Mandarin

The most fundamental obstacle you’ll have to overcome is the inability to communicate effectively. Most of the vendors at the Yiwu marketplace don’t understand or speak English.

You may need to spend additional money on a translation to speak effectively with them.

Why Should You Use a Sourcing Agent When Buying From Yiwu?

Let’s say you’ve never shopped in Yiwu before and want a simple, stress-free experience. Then, finding the best Yiwu Sourcing agent is essential.

With this approach, shopping at the Yiwu marketplace will be a breeze. You can streamline the process with the help of Yiwu product-sourcing service providers.

Remember, there are many moving parts when purchasing goods at the Yiwu marketplace. No major market vendors are fluent in English. Thus, an interpreter is required for interaction.

Everything from searching for items to shipping should take place within their purview. You also need help to have the correct price notion and make a good deal.

In a nutshell, a trustworthy agent takes care of the most work in the supply chain.

What Services Does a Yiwu Agent Provide?

An agent’s presence will streamline sourcing items from Yiwu. That’s because they will handle matters such as purchases, inspections, and transportation on your behalf.

1. Seeking New Sources of Supply

It is a common and standard service offered by all agents. An agent finds and selects product suppliers who are qualified to serve buyers.

The next step is a round of negotiations when the final assembly specifics and cost are settled. An agent negotiates the price on your behalf.

Moreover, a Yiwu agent also provides information about the suppliers. Some retailers, though, wonder if they truly need information about their suppliers.

2. Order Processing

After finalizing the order’s specifics, the manufacturer will work on your product. The next step is to check in on the progress of your purchase.

A Yiwu agent often visits the supplier’s plant throughout manufacturing to ensure nothing bad happens with the final product.

3. Examining

A Yiwu agent plays a crucial role in setting up manufacturing. An agent specializing in sourcing will guarantee a timely and high-quality production of your products.

When manufacturing completes, a quality check will be performed. A Yiwu agent will collaborate with the quality control and assurance staff to achieve this goal.

Remember, expertise of the highest kind will be required for the last phase of the process (the expedition). A Yiwu agent will not only find you the best possible shipping rates, but he will also notify you of the certifications and paperwork required by customs.

4. Assurance of High Standards

Of course, one can determine a product’s quality with a virtual inspection. But quality control is one such task that must be performed through multiple visits.

Quality control is one of the essential services a Yiwu agent can provide clients.

You can rely on Yiwu agents, who often have years of knowledge and resources. As a result, you get the most thorough quality control inspection service possible.

5. Storage

An agent often puts his China-based warehousing at your disposal, free of charge. The services of some Yiwu agents are very adaptable and of high quality.

6. Amazon FBA

Those who want to sell on Amazon might use an agent’s exclusive Amazon FBA Prep service. A Yiwu agent assists with sourcing, product collection, quality inspection, labelling, branding, repackaging, bundling, and shipping to FBA warehouses globally.

7. Clearing Customs and Making a Declaration

After the products have passed inspection, some agents allocate teams to load the container for you. To facilitate Chinese declaration, a Yiwu agent prepares transport schedules and containers for transport.

Documentation plays a larger role in this process. An agent handles the order invoices, contract forms, quality certificates, bills of entry, etc.

Your items will be loaded onto the ship as soon as China’s customs office approves the forms.

8. Shipping

The logistics services provided by the agent let you explore several options for exporting products out of China. It includes all workable routes to whatever destination you may choose.

If you need help with delivery, an agent always comes to help.

How Much Do Sourcing Agents Charge in Yiwu?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard and fast answer to this intriguing topic. Remember, the agent’s commission rate in Yiwu varies widely.

The hundreds of Yiwu-based agents charge different rates for their services.

Pricing varies based on factors such as the desired service’s complexity, the chosen approach, the nature of the product, and the quantity ordered.

The fees charged by Yiwu sourcing agent firms range from 3 percent to 10 percent of the order value. But as said above, it depends on the number of items and ancillary services the buyer requires.

A) A flat rate

Some professional Yiwu agents will charge a one-time fee for the following services if you appoint them as your sourcing agent:

  • Searching for an appropriate factory
  • Factory audit
  • Inspecting Products
  • Talking to suppliers
  • Price negotiations
  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping

B) Commission

When you contact Yiwu agents to make an order for you, they often do it for a commission. Depending on the specifics of your order value, the fee they want is anywhere from 3 percent to 10 percent of the overall amount.

Remember, their commission decreases when import volumes increase. Naturally, Yiwu agent firms have their method of determining commissions.

How to Look for a Reliable Agent in the Yiwu Market?

We hope the following steps will assist you in making an informed decision for your company.

# 1: Figure Out What You Want

The first thing to do is get familiar with your buying agents’ and suppliers’ requirements. You can create well-written directions and begin your search for a Yiwu agent.

Check for – your preferences in terms of service scope, linguistic proficiency, geographic proximity, professional expertise, preferred payment system, etc.

You can also specify your expectations about the factory, the materials used, and the expected quality level. Also, ask how long the shipment might take, how it should be used, etc.

#2: Make a Financial Plan

The second stage involves thinking about money. What are your desired unit output, budget for the product, and the amount you can offer the buyer?

Since there will be surprise costs, it’s better to be flexible. You can establish a scale of allowable spending rather than a specific fixed amount.

#3: Choose a Yiwu Agent

As you know, many distinct categories of retailers are available in the Yiwu market.

Think if you’d prefer to engage with an individual agent, a major product sourcing firm, or a logistics provider that offers a comprehensive range of services.

#4: Evaluate and Compare

You may now begin your search for a Yiwu agent after you fully grasp your specific requirements.

Use a site where you can compare the services offered by various agents. Choose three or four prospective agents who satisfy the criteria established in the first step.

#5: Request Quotations

Get pricing information from the Yiwu agents now. Make sure you request a thorough quote. It will include not just the total cost but also the individual costs of every service you need.

Then select the best Yiwu agent that fits your requirements and price range nicely.

#6: Bargain the Prices

After you’ve decided on a seller, you’ll need to discuss the payment terms with a Yiwu agent.

Pricing at big sourcing agencies is often set in milestones. However, individual agents may often bargain lower rates for their clients.

Do you want the service fee to decrease gradually because of constant orders? Clarify it with your Yiwu agent.

#7: Document the Terms of the Agreement

The last stage is to put your agreed terms into writing. Both sides should agree and verify the payment method and quantity.

Thus, in the case of a dispute, you will have something in writing to refer to.

What Are the Ways to Get a Reliable Agent in Yiwu?

The entire process of importing products from Yiwu will be simplified with the help of a highly skilled sourcing Yiwu agent. Below are some ways to find a reliable agent.

1) Search Online

You’ll get a lot of results for ‘Yiwu Agent’ on Google, so it’s crucial that you narrow them down. The time and cash you save by hiring a genuine agent will be substantial.

You can get in touch with them and explain your situation to see what help they can provide.

2) Go Offline

You may check out the Yiwu market on your own time if you’re already in town. The marketplace is too huge for newcomers to perform a thorough search.

There are usually posters providing information at the market’s entrance. These posters have the contact details of guides available in Yiwu.

You may also try approaching any shop owner. They’ll set you up with a consultant who can show you around the local market.

3) Ask Around

If you are a business with several cooperating colleagues, it’s time to ask around. They might know the best Yiwu agent.

You can expect excellent performance and specialized support when you get an agent via recommendation. Moreover, the agent might approach you like an old client.

Top 17 Best and Reliable Yiwu Agents Comprehensive List

We have done the legwork and have compiled a list of the top 20 Yiwu agents and sourcing companies:

1) Fulfillbot

For getting professional Yiwu agent services, Fulfillbot is your go-to online platform. It offers everything from one centralized location.

Moreover, it has a solid reputation among its clientele thanks to years of service offered to wholesale buyers all around the globe.

They are an excellent Yiwu agent and the greatest firm out there. That’s because they’re not restricted to a single item. Whatever you’re hoping to import or purchase, you can do it with the help of Fulfillbot.

They are not exclusive to a certain region either. Fulfillbot can help you import goods from Yiwu, regardless of where you are located or the quality of the product you want to get.

2) Union Service

Union Service, the best Yiwu agent that opened in 1997, strives to be its clients’ most preferred company in China. This agent offers various services, such as product sourcing, transportation, and dependable after-sales support.

3) Trendimius

It is a domestic product sourcing agency in Yiwu. It has served the market and fulfilled sourcing needs for over eight years. You may check out their website for a clearer understanding of their costs and be assured that they are a reputable business.

4) Jing Sourcing

This company caters to the whole Chinese market, including the Yiwu market. It offers efficient services, free storage space, and accurate price quotations.

They help source goods, negotiate fair costs, monitor operations, and check for quality control and delivery.

5) Golden Shiny Trading

It is a tiny sourcing firm that depends significantly on retailers outside China. Besides, it provides several options to customers who want to import goods from Yiwu.

6) Amanda INTL Groups

This group employs over twelve interpreters to aid its non-Chinese customers, who make up most of its clientele. That’s because this group focuses on global imports and purchases.

Amanda includes product sourcing from different Chinese markets among its offerings.

7) Meeno Group

It is a modest Chinese sourcing firm with international reach. They can assist you in locating rare items with a restricted supply.

8) Sourcinglite

To put it simply, Sourcinglite is a small firm handling low orders. They’re based out of Yiwu and can handle orders of any size. Contact Sourcinglite if you’re interested in purchasing a product in a smaller quantity.

9) YaChina sourcing agent

YaChina is a genuine agent in Yiwu, assisting businesses with tasks, including product procurement, shipping preparation, and virtual office assistance.

The organization has far over Twenty years of sourcing expertise. They assist small, midsize, and big businesses grow in the Yiwu market.

10) MySourcify

My Sourcify is a top-tier Chinese sourcing platform. They can ship anything made in China to any nation. They give excellent help and a wide variety of services. Besides, they may also serve as your quality control team throughout manufacturing.

11) KMH Promo Company

This company has been operating as a procurement agency in Yiwu for over a decade. They have subsequently expanded operations in both Yiwu City and Gu Town.

12) JustChinaIt

JustChinait is a well-established sourcing platform. It offers product-sourcing solutions from the Yiwu market and other online sourcing platforms. This Yiwu agent has over two decades of sourcing experience.

13) SisterSourcing company

This company was founded in 2015. It is based in the heart of Futian Market in Yiwu City. This Yiwu agent aims to help small retailers and companies from abroad.

Although this agent’s primary clientele are seasoned retailers, the firm has always been committed to supporting newly established, small companies, regardless of size.

14) Yiwu Sourcing Agent

This company is one of the genuine Chinese intermediaries in Yiwu. From goods distribution and quality assurance to packaging and transport, the organization has you covered with different services.

You may contact this agent if you need a manufacturer or an agency for sourcing Chinese goods.

This agent’s starting commission rate is very low, almost 2%. However, the agent is a trustworthy and expert source for all your sourcing needs in Yiwu.

15) Top ease sourcing agent

It is a renowned Yiwu-based import/export firm. The agent’s broad product selection and focus on diverse categories simplify the sourcing experience for retailers seeking goods.

16) Linkyiwu

This agent is a Yiwu-based sourcing firm that opened for retailers a few years ago. The agent offers the most prominent product sourcing and other E-commerce services.

17) GoodCan Trading

This agent is an established corporation with its headquarters and distribution centers in Yiwu. You can contact this agent to find high-quality goods from Yiwu.

The agent provides several options for customers who want to get goods from Yiwu.

What Are the Best Ways to Ship From Yiwu?

The time it takes to deliver a shipment from Yiwu and its cost might differ depending on the logistics approach used.

As a result, it’s important to use the most economical approach. You need a shipping agent to assist you in gathering your items in Yiwu and sending them out together.

Here are four options for getting your purchases from the Yiwu market to their final destination.

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Regular Post
  • Train Freight


The Yiwu marketplace is unique because it sells almost anything a buyer might want. It supplies many goods sold at discount shops like Walmart and online platforms like Amazon.

In the Yiwu market, stalls start operations at 08:30 and are open until 17:30 daily. So, these are the recommended times to visit the Yiwu market.

Since most stores open at 9 am, you should arrive at the market at approximately 10 am.

Yes. This market has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS. It is like any other ordinary online shop app that we access from a mobile device.

It’s name “Yiwu Gou”. all market store in this site.

Let’s say you’ve decided to label the items and repackage them. It is another service that some Yiwu Agents may provide. Remember, most sourcing agencies will outsource the repackaging to a third party.

You may have your items repackaged with Fulfillbot. This way, you don’t have to engage a third party. Moreover, we can coordinate with manufacturers to get the goods rebranded with your company name and logo.

The Yiwu marketplace is so busy that it remains open all year, which is a huge plus. Unlike Canton Fair, this market doesn’t have set opening and end dates during which visitors must plan their trips.

You may shop at this marketplace whenever it’s most convenient for you.

There is more to discover about Yiwu and the agents available in this place. Similarly, several sourcing agencies provide sourcing services at different costs.

Fulfillbot, on the other hand, provides services that are superior to those of its competitors. We provide many sourcing-related services at significantly reduced rates.

Do you need a trustworthy, low-cost, high-quality agent to help you purchase in the Yiwu market or elsewhere in China? In this case, Fulfillbot is the optimal solution.

Final Thoughts!

We hope we have provided a comprehensive overview of Yiwu City and the market. This post can help online store owners and drop shippers who want to enter the Yiwu market.

This market is too large to see everything in one day. Hence, dealing with the correct local agent is crucial.

A competent Yiwu agent can research the company’s financials and evaluate potential vendors.

Before visiting Yiwu, if you have questions about how to make purchases from this market, contact us. We will usually be delighted to answer them for free.

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